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We are looking for Non-Denominational Ministers/Reverends to join our Congregation, as well as all  people. The faith is agriculturally based, in a self sustained environment. It's official name is AgReligion, meaning "Worship of the planet, and people". The plan is to set up self sustaining farms/communities around the globe, with additional aspects of amenities, Food Production, Jobs, Church Services, and more, on each farm, or large land tracts. This plan can be implemented on any farm 10 acres and up, anywhere, in any climate. It produces Food 24/7/365 for the communities, among other public services. 

We are a faith based Matriarch Church Of The Divine Mother and Non Profit Corp., focused on self sustaining communities. We are also a minority group, with endless viable projects. Projects that benefit people and the planet.

Attention: Female ministers, Reverend Mothers, High Priestess, and the like (all  faiths welcome), and people who can join in with us, to get this paperwork done for the grants. The entire plan, including the non denominational religious aspects (which is a universal methodology, and belief system) is a growing society of people who are green, honest, and tired of the destruction of people, and our planet. Part of the project (The Process/System) is patentable. We have received a lot of compliments on the plan, and would love to include professionals who have the same belief as us...that we CAN save the planet, and the people! 

It is a worthy cause, and lifestyle, and we would love to have you join, and help us find others who are able to help us implement our plan. We are looking for People who are educated in creating business plans, Grant writing, and non profit related things. We are looking for Green Investors who want to make land, and project based investments, as well as members to help us grow. Working together to scout out other opportunities to acquire land, farms, foreclosures, judicial properties, and more. We hope you will consider joining us. our congregation accepts all faiths, as we are non denominational, and our religion: AgReligion is the universal language of love, that everyone has room for, in their current beliefs. This is a society, and lifestyle 'for' the people, and the planet.

We qualify for millions in grants, right now. Many other non profits are going to be sharing in that funding with us, and we would prefer it be someone who wants to be a member of the congregation, wants a tax advantage being exempt in a faith based non profit group, and wants to make money setting up our systems of self sustained environments all over the globe. Each farm/land tract that joins, becomes entitled to monies they were not entitled to, before joining.

We are also looking for Green Investors to inject various amounts of funding into the non profit, and projects, for cost matching requirements in certain grant funding requests. All Investors are welcome to inquire on any areas of investment they prefer. There are endless opportunities for investors to make money with us, permanently, or short term. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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In Memory of Sasha: We Love Her So Much!

In Memory of Sasha...We Love You Baby!

My Baby Sasha...She acted like a puppy her whole life...
She used to prance like a horse, around the yard like she was in a show.
This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago
1998 - 2009/6/22

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