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The Superior Female Goddess ... They're Everywhere
By BrainFire

All Women are Goddess like. They are the Supreme Being, given the ability to bear offspring. Nature would find a way, if men were not available in the process of new life. It just so happens that men supply an important part of our current procreation chain. Therefore they are a necessary component to life here, at this time, on this planet.

Our future is dictated by what we are doing now. Tomorrow will change from today, because of what we had done yesterday. Nothing will stay the same, and things that change are not always for the better. Fore thought needs to be applied to every aspect of life, how you live, where you live, and why you live. What is your purpose?

Today our children will follow our example for the future of their tomorrow's. Today is passing quickly, as time grows short to correct the mistakes of today. By tomorrow, those mistakes will have taken root, thus alter history moment by moment. It is a vicious cycle once caught up in it.

Women are the superior being of the human spectrum because they would never have allowed any of this to happen. None of what is currently going on our planet would be happening, because it wouldn't have even been a consideration.

Completely divided from her male counterpart, and able to logically see order, and solution in any given situation. Natural Instinct to implement action to resolve a problem. Instinct to care, and nurture. Objective, and logical in any situation. Non violent in nature, and abundantly loving.

Many people have lost sight at just how important women are. We are in a sea of madness, and it's the women trying to pull everyone out. Men are busy fighting amongst themselves, flaunting their muscles, and slashing and bashing the other guy. This is very

I find all of this nonsense to be a huge waste of precious time, and our lives dangle in the balance due to the negligence of the allegedly qualified men in positions they shouldn't be. Back tracking would expose the facts, and show wrongs, on top of wrongs do not make a right.

All of this nonsense going on our planet right now is by the hands of men in charge. There was no consideration for the huge population, and how it would affect every-one's life. Every aspect of life has been greatly altered, and will remain in a negative status until the control is properly placed, and order is restored.

Every aspect of life is consumed, and deluged with constant negativity from a host of suppliers. The discoveries coming out into the public eye are astonishing. At the Hands Of Men, irreversible damage has been done to the people as a whole. Everything the people have worked hard for is literally gone. Our fabric has unravelled, and people are suffering.

Families are falling apart. They're starving, and homeless. There is no way out according to their methods of operation. The current efforts at hand are inevitably going to cost the people, not the culprits who have caused this entire house of cards to collapse. It's guaranteed, if you build it weak, it will fall.

Women "are" Mans Weakness. Which is one of the reasons they should not be in charge. What a mans mind revolves around, a woman's does not.

Women are Natural Leaders, and rightfully so. Bearing offspring, bears a huge responsibility triggering instinctual nature. It is the natural order. It's important to remember from where you came. You could be born of a woman only.

Secretly many men worship women, even though the outer shell displays the opposite. Many men openly worship women, because they see clearly to what love truly is. If only to be near it, and feel it.

Men are of the benefiting side, or retaliatory side of women. They either see, and join, or rebel, and fight. To fight, is to be of Hate. To Live, is to be of Love. Life is made up of Living it.

Our lives are currently consumed, and dictated by what many "men" have created in the eye of greed, and wealth. Meanwhile, we see what has resulted in the grand scheme of things. A world completely mismanaged by men.

Unfortunately it will take incredible strength and endurance to live through this, and attempt to survive. Ironically the entire economic flow of funds is paralyzed, and the people will carry that burden into their altered future lives.

Plans have changed abruptly, this is how the men of authority do things. None of the verbal diarrhea, or mud slinging on the TV matters, it's fluffer Nutter, and has absolutely no place in your life to tie you up like this. America is in paralysis, and hand cuffed.

Every Business I speak to is struggling. People are not spending money, there is approximately $195 Billion in underground money, (held privately, not in banks) floating out there, entire banking, mortgage, and lending industries are literally collapsing, the majority of people cannot qualify for a mortgage, nor can they afford it.

The people were so busy trying to play by the men's rules of the game, while they were being deceived the whole time. The greed, and gain was more important than the body of people. Yet the body of people lend support to the powerful men in charge. Hoping what they say will be honest and caring for the people. We can see we are not even close.

Our life as we know it, at the hands of men, has changed forever. It will not be as you once remembered it to be. The general topics of conversations will be regarding impending financial ruin amongst friends, associates, and people you meet. Companies you deal with will close. Many people will be arrested. Many more will be homeless, and without work. People you know will be losing their home.

It's sad when you think about it. None of these results were ever thought of, or cared about while the acts were being committed. I read countless articles on people in the banking, and mortgage industry who are being arrested, and charged with fraud all over. I'm thinking it's a little late for that, as the damage is done, and the people are suffering.

Economic flow has halted, and it's causing things written into law to be used, that have never been used, or implemented before. I keep hearing the mention of Mad Max: The Mel Gibson Movie, and Marshal Law. I do not see anyone in charge making any kind of strategic, logical, sensible moves to solve any National problems, or global ones.

Greedy men decided it was far more important for them to gain huge sums of money rather than do things right. What would it matter anyway, they'll never find out, and if they do, it will be gone, or hidden. Personal agendas have always prevailed in a society run by men. It is run by male greed.

The people can ultimately decide what should happen here. Joining forces, and not accepting the cards being dealt would be a good place to start. The sheep need to say Nahhhhh... and move on to the next choice.

Women in the position of power would not have allowed this to begin to go this way. No less continue for years, and years until the final collapse of society. The position of Power is to Love, guide, protect, and allow prosperity among your people. Otherwise you basically have nothing, with a very desperate situation, and disorder erupts. Complete chaos.

This will not only monopolize the people's current time of "their" lives, but all time of our planet will be monopolized by the absolute, mismanaged disaster of men in charge. The current time will be spent, hearing, seeing, and experiencing the consequences of all of the actions, and non-actions caused, and created by men. Instead of being on schedule, to live life, we are set back 100 paces in time.

If the World was divided up into it's large cities with an appointed female in charge...everywhere, there would be no famine, and war for starters. It would never have been allowed to continue for people's life times. I grew up knowing there are people starving everywhere. We are conditioned by this, when we're told to eat "all" of our dinner. It's been incorporated into daily life as if it were OK!

I do not find it common place to know, or feel people starving. I do mean feel it, to feel the pain of the starving people who do not deserve to go through this. Especially when we have every ability to stop it. Which goes right back to the greedy men in charge who stand idly by watching, and gaining fatter pockets. For what? To buy the whore, or date the princess, or wine, and dine the hot blond, and there's more!

It's all about men getting what they want, no matter how they have to get it. A whore, if you want to get technical is still a Goddess, she is sought after by countless men non stop. Very important men I might add. They revolve around sex, and it's the driving force in conjunction with the greed. Hand in hand, or should I say hand up skirt?

It's the manly man mechanism of the facade they have created to greedily acquire what they want, no matter how many lives are taken, or affected. Our lives now will be very different from here.

The goddess, our Mother Creator has been watching the whole time. Our status is undeniable, and looking back is fruitless. Going forward, and making the effort to direct where the power should be placed is where it needs to start. People need to make the right choices, and choose the women who are best suited to handle solving the global issues at hand.

This is what women are extremely good at. Wasting those abilities, through total denial, and macho-ism is ridiculous. We have no time to waste, and time is running out. It's time to restore order, and focus on what really matters here...Our beautiful people. That's what makes a planet.

Allowing your people to be scammed, deceived through food, made ill by the medical industry, and then shipped off in a coffin, leaves who to run and control? Is it cemeteries men wish to control? They are growing, and expanding in leaps and bounds, they should have a nice crop soon to manage.

Women need to be in the position of power, protecting our people, and affording us the human right to flourish. We are so far from that, it's alarming to put it mildly.

Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives ... Which way do we want it to go. Should people just follow the leaders into the grave? We're in the pit the men dug for us. Getting out will require the help of women. Should that fail to take place, life will proceed to our own peril.

I personally believe all people can wake up, and say hey wait a minute Women could indeed run our Countries better, and drive it that way. This is the way it should go. A Life, and Living "Is" created by the Woman.

For The Love Of The Many...

This is not an attack on men, or a man bashing festival. I happen to love men. I am relaying a well founded, fact based opinion of my own, (joined with many men, and women who agree with me) beliefs, standards, and proven strategies in life.

I've been on the inside of the financial industry in many different capacities, and have seen more than I care to remember. I'm not saying I wasn't successful, I was, and still am. It was very difficult, with many odds against me. In most Law Firms, Banks, and Like type firms, I was treated very badly, constantly sexually harassed, abused, undermined, sabotaged, and more... I am a woman in a mans industry. I basically ignored most things, and became even more driven to succeed.

The reason it went this way is because they were not happy that I was very good at what I do. I managed large groups of people in Manhattan companies, who did listen, and also became successful beside me in the industry, honestly, with integrity, and respect.

Many women came, and went in the industries I work, it's not a welcoming atmosphere for women, with many embedded unpleasant memories I will live with for the duration. It was a terrible career choice, although I did make use of all that I learned, it was literally torturous for me, (a Matriarch) to work in a Patriarch industry.

It's no secret either, it's actually common place, and the women who do complain, or take action are shunned, slighted, harassed, retaliated against, and abused, or set up. I know for sure beyond a shadow of doubt, because I was one them. I still am.

I am the business developer, and I also do a host of Legal work for my family. Financial Restructuring, Commercial Project Financing, All levels of Financial Consulting, Investment, and Charity work, just to name a few.

It's a matter of hands on experience that can be recognized by a man, who has the ability to listen to a woman, and follow. The same applies to the complimentary skills we share, and pool together, to function as a whole. Thus proving it works.

Man and woman do have a harmonic balance. A Patriarch Society does not allow for that natural harmony to occur. Therefore we have the results, and consequences we are currently living. Forethought could have been applied, to determine that the current system will inevitably fail. There are many well educated people who predicted this, are aware of this, and agree things should change drastically.

The point to this extra section I decided to add, is for the purpose of addressing the current issues with bodies of mainly male authorities, who are not, and have not been doing things correctly, fairly, or productively on behalf of the people. This started long ago, and is likely to continue for many years to come.

In spite of everything I have personally been through, witnessed, and negatively endured, I still respect men. I work with many men every day, and I my heart is still warm, and loving. The men who know me personally, know I care a lot. I make a conscience effort to treat everyone with love, and respect, including all men.

The men who choose to set themselves aside from a respectful outlook towards women, are the ones typically going without life in general. In turn causing dysfunction, and negativity within their own life. Bringing no positive results to balance it out. Violence is usually present, matching the macho attitude, and possible history of abuse of some kind. These men lead very troubled, dysfunctional lives, never advancing to their fullest potential.

Anyone reading my hubs will see a wide array of trauma, and tragedy present in my life so far. I can still manage to maintain a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and a beautiful outlook on life, and what it can become, and develop into. I am right on destiny's path, and quite possibly right on schedule. I stopped to smell the Flowers on the way, too!

I happen to love all people, who want to be loved. It's not a sexual thing, it's a State Of Mind, and a Way Of Life. Quality of life is what makes a population thrive. Prosperity, and love for each other is imperative. We share this planet, and we all need to hold hands, and not let go.

To demonstrate how I really feel about being sexually harassed. I see sexual harassment, as a form of worship. There is certainly a plateau where you can cross the line. A man is willing to stick his neck out, and risk it all, to touch, and feel that woman. Not all cases of course, but many. A normal attraction, and scenario. Within acceptable parameters.

A request to have her grace him with her presence, to afford him the opportunity to win her heart. It's called Courting. Fencing was the method in ancient times, and may the best man win. What does he win? The highly worshiped Woman, of course. Willing to fight to the death, to hopefully win a life time with her. To serve her highness, and recognize her needs, and desires. That's what I call risking it all.

Verses grabbing her by the hair, and dragging her off to his cave to mate with her, and claim her as his own...civilized life is a little more acceptable. Realizing there are some brutal cases on record, over all in general many cases stem from a normal law of attraction. Male approaching, female. Fewer cases exist where men file against women, or men against men, or women against women.

The point is that Sexual Harassment is a Normal Human Trait, that will always be there. Man took it out of the normal realm, and created the present distortion. I always look at the side of statistics on how many women didn't file a case. There are more that didn't file suit, than did. Hmmmmmm...something to think about.

I think with the right attitude anything can be accomplished, and successful. You have to have a plan, know where you're going, and with whom you will join with. Your personal array of love, and support. Chosen for the qualities of their individuality. Chosen for the need, and desire of whom you wish to become.

I look at sexual harassment (as it so called these days) as mathematical. A male has just indicated he wants me. This means, he has now handed me his power. I feel that a man willing to risk everything to be near, and touch a woman he is attracted to is completely normal. Noting of course that line can be crossed with poor behavior.

In general, overall it is the ultimate compliment, meaning this male individual, probably thinks about having sex with you all the time. He is acting naturally by making gestures of wanting to be near you. Taking huge risks to chance a moment of love from you. I'm actually putting it mildly, I've seen much more elaborate scenarios, of male effort to win the heart of a woman.

The point is, being a Matriarch, in charge, and control of many does not mean men are slighted, or treated badly. Men are treated as an essential part of our existence. With love, care, and nurturing to a positive, productive side.

It is love that drives everything. It can mend, and heal the many. Men can balance out their position in society, by realizing there is so much more to "life" than all that they are tangled up with now. It is extremely beautiful, satisfying, and positively reinforcing for life itself.

Life can abruptly change for the better too. Adopting the appropriate attitude, and allowing natural order to thrive, and drive is where it will start. Love who you are...and be loved for who you could become. with

Goddess Theology: By William Bond

Goddess Theology by William A. Bond

For the last five thousand years we have lived in a world of chaos, violence, war, poverty and widespread suffering, and we think that this is normal.  If we believe in god then we believe that this is happening because god is punishing us.  Or if we reject this then we believe that there is no god at all and we are at the mercy of blind chance.

In our world today we have a choice, of believing in a male god who gives us conditional love or to become an atheist and not believe in a god at all.  Both choices are not very appealing.

In Christianity and Islam we have gods who judge, condemn and punish us.  It is true that Jesus Christ attempted to put forward the concept of a loving Father God, but most Christians still believe in the punitive Jehovah god of the Old Testament.  For this reason many people prefer not to believe in a god at all and become atheists but this is not much better, as we then live in a pointless and meaningless universe.

But before people began to worship judgmental male gods, people did once believe in a different deity called the Great Mother, whom gave us all unconditional love.

In ancient scriptures from Greece, India and South America they write about a Golden age where everyone lived in peace and harmony.  This has been confirmed by archaeology where they have discovered ancient Neolithic civilizations, where they cannot find any evidence of conflict, violence or warfare.  These ancient people worshiped Goddesses.

In the religion of the Great Mother, we are all her children, and because of this she gives us all unconditional love, and not only that, she gives us everything we desire.  Which would be a surprise for most people who live in poverty or violent communities.

So if the Great Mother loves us unconditionally and gives us everything we desire, why are we not receiving this?  It is not because she is withholding this from us but because she also has given us the gift of freewill.  We are free at any time to receive her wisdom, guidance and abundance or we are free to reject her, and she cannot go against our decision.  She has given us freewill and will not attempt to take it back from us.  Unfortunately through our freewill we have rejected the Great Mother.

At first sight this seems to be crazy, why would we reject our Great Mother, who gives us unconditional love and will give to us freely?  The reason is that we have collectively turned our backs on the Great Mother to find ourselves, to exercise our own freewill, and so if we were to return to the loving arms of the Great Mother we will have to admit we haven’t done a very good job of ruling our own lives without her help.

Between about 6,000 to 5,000 years ago many people began to reject the wisdom of the Great Mother and go their own ways.  Instead of calling on the Great Mother for understanding and wisdom, they tried to work things out for themselves, and this led to disaster.  At the time women, ruled the world and men were their faithful servants or slaves, and many women decided that this was unfair.  They began to reject the service from men and attempted to teach them to be equal to women.  Unfortunately these women didn’t understand that men were created by the Great Mother to be women's faithful servants, and so, these women were attempting to make men different from the way the Great Mother created them.

Men are programmed by the Great Mother to want to serve, obey, adore and worship women.  So when women began to reject this service, men looked around to find anyone whom they could serve and obey instead, and they could only find this in other men.  A few men took on the alpha position and began to tell other men what to do, and men gladly obeyed and served them.  Unfortunately men were not created by the Great Mother to be leaders, and so this power quickly corrupted these alpha men, and they began to abuse their power.

These alpha men not only wanted power over other men but power over women, and they found they could achieve this through violence.  They found they could intimidate women through violence and threats of violence.  So they encouraged and trained the men under their command how to be violent towards women, so they could intimidate and dominate them.  So through this, women now found themselves being forced to be men's slaves and servants.

These alpha men then began to use violence to conquer other communities taking over peaceful matriarchal communities through violence as well as fighting other alpha men for power.  So the more successful of these warlords became kings.  This great power so corrupted these alpha men that they began to set themselves up as gods and had the people worship him as such.  Through this, a priesthood was created who produced a creator god in the image of violent warlords and kings.

So people were then forced to worship this new god and reject the worship of the Great Mother.  But in the worship of these false gods, the people then lost completely their contact with the Great Mother and were left at the mercy of the god/kings and their priesthood.

This didn’t happen overnight and women seeing their mistake fought back.  Unfortunately they attempted to rectify their mistake themselves and not call on the wisdom of the Great Mother.  So some of them became Amazons and tried to become as violent as what men were, but men being physically bigger and stronger always had the advantage.  Other women set up their own rival Goddess temples and tried to lure the people back to the religion of the Great Mother.  To some degree women were successful in this and Goddesses like Isis, Inanna, Diana, Freda and Aphrodite all became strong rivals to the new warrior gods.

Yet women finally lost out to alpha men simply because they were not willing to admit their original mistake, that the Great Mother created men to be women’s servants or slaves.  And so women were still not taking men away from the tyranny of the alpha men and getting men to obey and serve women instead of alpha men.  What women didn’t understand that men were created to obey and serve and if they were not allowed to serve and obey women, then they had no choice but to obey and serve alpha men.

For patriarchal to exist, the patriarchal priesthood has had to brainwash men and women to be very different to what they really are.  For instance in Islam countries where the patriarchal priesthood is still going strong, they have a ‘honour’ system, where a man is ‘dishonoured’ of a woman disobeys him or doesn’t show him respect.  So to retain his honour the man has to beat up and even murder the woman, to regain his ‘honour’.  Men have been forced to kill their wives, sisters and even their mothers to retain their honour.

The very fact that social pressure has to be put on men to behave like this, and that women have to forced to be obedient to men through violence, suggests that this is not natural behaviour for either men or women.  Simply because if it was natural for men to be the dominant sex and for women to be submissive, then laws, violence and intimidation would not be needed to make men and women behave this way.

Although in Christian countries there used to be a similar ‘honour’ system, where a husband wasn’t considered to be a ‘real man’ unless he could dominate his wife through violence.  This system broke down during the 19th and 20th centuries through the decline of Christianity and men no longer wanting to beat up their wives.  This has given women more freedom in the west and has allowed women to demand their rights.  Unfortunately women today, are making exactly the same mistake they made 5,000 years ago.  Feminist Women are stating that men and women are equal, which sounds sensible and reasonable, but doesn’t take into account the true nature of men.

Men have been created by the Great Mother to serve and obey.  This can be see clearly in the military where a general can use his men like pawns in a chessboard.  A general can order his men to make suicide attacks on the enemy to gain a tactical advantage knowing full well that his men will obey without question.  In the World War Two, the Japanese military ordered their airmen to make Kamikaze suicide attacks onto enemy shipping and no airman refused to do this.  In more modern time many terrorist groups also use suicide bombers and men willing do this, to serve a cause they have been brainwashed into believing in.

If women are not willing to allow men to serve and obey them, then men have no choice but to obey and serve alpha men, who abuse their power over men.  So until women are willing to accept the alpha position over men and allow men to serve and obey them, we will always be living in a world of violence and chaos.

By William A. Bond

Reprogramming The Brain: How Men Can Learn To Love

How men can learn how to love

by William Bond

It is a well-known fact that females are programmed to love from a very early age.  Little girls like playing with dolls and pretend to love and care for them.  They also like to love and care for animals as well.  Then when they get older they have a powerful desire to have children so they can love are care for them.  

Love and nurturing is normal for women, so they not only care for children but others as well.  The caring professions like nursing, social work and care for the elderly, is mostly done by women.  Women have also been known to give unconditional love to abusive men.  So loving and caring for others becomes normal for most women, but what about men?  Where and how do men get to learn to love and care for other? 

In a traditional patriarchal society men do not get chance to learn how to love and care for others and this behaviour is actively discouraged.  For instance, if a boy was to start playing with dolls, his parents may be concerned that he will become a wimp or a homosexual when he grows up.  He would certainly be jeered at and ridiculed by other children, if he was to take a doll to school and play with it there.  It would be considered to be far more ‘normal’ if a boy was to play with toy guns and pretend to shoot and kill other boys.  This means that from a very early age boys are not helped or encouraged or taught how to love and care for others.  

As boys grow up they are encouraged to learn to be ‘tough’ and macho, they are also taught that to be caring or sensitive for others feelings is a ‘weakness’.  The role models in films, comics, video games and books for boys are generally men of violence, like cowboys, spies, detectives, criminals and soldiers.  This means that in a traditional patriarchal society men are not only not given an outlet to learn how to be loving and caring, but are actively discouraged from doing this.  

A man can learn how to love and care for others by loving and caring for his children, but some men cannot handle this.  Many young men will leave their wives or girlfriends when she has a child.  Or if he is part of a traditional patriarchal household he will go to work and not take part in bringing up his own children.  Certainly ambitious men who work long hours, or men who like to go out in the evening and weekends leaving his wife to look after the children, will hardly ever see his children at all.  

This is now changing in the Western world with the rise of Feminism.  Some Feminist mothers will encourage their sons to play with dolls and teach them to cook and do housework.  A man who marries a Feminist wife will find he will be expected to witness the birth of this children, to change their nappies, (diapers) or feed them, (from a bottle) and cook and help out around the house.  

So although this is a big step forward and some men can learn a lot through caring for their own children, many Feminist wives still complain that the primary care of the children still falls onto them.  So although in Feminist households men are now far more likely to help in running the house can caring for the children, the mother is still expected to take maternity leave, or leave her job.  Then later to take a part time job, so she can take her children to school and it will be her who will take time off work if any of her children are ill.  Whereas the man is still expected to take on the role of main breadwinner and is free to pursue a career.  The reason for this is not only patriarchal tradition; it is also the fact that women have a far stronger maternal instinct than men.  So the average women will still have a stronger commitment to care for her children, than the average man. 

Yet there are men who do end up as the primary carer for their children and these men are called househusbands.  Some men have volunteered to do this job, but mostly it is forced on men through economic circumstances.  Some couples have found that the wife has a better paying job than the husband, so it makes logical sense that the man should give up his job to care for the children rather than the woman.  In some case, the man might of lost his job and is not able to find another one, while his wife is still working, so again it makes sense for him to look after the house and children while he is at home.   

Yet, Feminists are uneasy about the role of househusbands, mostly because it doesn’t fit in with the Feminist doctrine of sexual equality.  Feminists back in the 1960s said it was unfair that patriarchy imposed on women, the role of looking after the house and children, while the man went to work.  So is it now equally unfair that the father has to now look after the house and children while the mother goes to work?  

This then is the weakness of the Feminist argument, that the sexes should be equal.  A man who becomes a househusband becomes totally dependent on his wife’s money to live.  The house, car and everything else is paid for from her money and belongs to her.  It is she who can dictate how much he has to spend to look after the children and what pocket money he can spend on himself.  So in this position, will a wife with a househusband expect him to have a meal on the table when she comes home, and wait on her?  

This then in the dilemma for Feminists, because Feminists themselves admit that in a Feminist marriage a successful career woman has to be a superwoman.  She has to work long hours to further her career, she when she comes home she has to help out with doing housework and looking after the children.  This may be possible when the children are old enough to go to school but not so easy when they are infants and need 24 hour a day care.  Career women are then forced to give their children to child minders, which is not the best solution, as they then find that someone else is bringing up their own children.  Also there is generally a disagreement between men and women in Feminist marriages about what is fair.  Many men don’t understand what is involved in bringing up children and don’t do enough to help their wives.  This is because as women mostly have a stronger maternal instinct than men, find that the ultimate responsibility for the children always falls on her.  

It is true that wealthy women can pay for nannies and people to clean the house and even pay someone to cook for them.  But for women who don’t have rich parents or a rich husband and have just started their career, this is not an option.  This means that for any ambitious career woman, a househusband is the perfect solution.  He can stay at home looking after the house and children and she doesn’t have to pay out for child-minders, or cleaners.  Also becoming a househusband can also benefit a man as well, it can teach him how to love.  

Once a man becomes a househusband he finds he has to take on the role of primary carer for this children.  So he then has to take on a greater degree of responsibility for his children than ever before, where he finds himself sacrificing his life to care for both his children and his wife.  So he then learns unconditional love for his wife and children, and from this he can also learn how to loves others in the same way. 

With the collapse of patriarchal traditions in modern times, another group of men can also learn how to love unconditionally, and these are men who are strongly attracted to dominant women.   

There is a mystery in the Femdom scene about why so many men want to be dominated by women.  But the solution to this mystery is love.  As mentioned before in the patriarchal society we live in, men are not allowed or encouraged to learn how to deeply love others.  So a Dominant Women who wants men to serve and worship them gives these men an opportunity to learn how to love these women deeply.   

The problem for men with women who play the traditional patriarchal submissive role, is that she is giving to him all the time and so he has very little opportunity to demonstrate his love for her.  The relationship is all about her demonstrating her love and he receiving it.  Whereas when the roles are reversed like in a man’s relationship with a Dominant Women, then his opportunity to give her unconditional love without expecting anything in return are greatly increased.  So through this type of relationship a man can learn unconditional love.

Writings Of William Bond on Matriarchy

Why Men Are The Submissive Sex

By William Bond 

      We have been told for thousands of years, that men are the natural dominant sex and Women are naturally submissive.  And this is confirmed by the fact that men dominate every government in the world.  We still have only a minority of female politicians and a very small minority of female leaders of countries.  The same is also true in business, law and religion, Women, are in the minority anywhere, wherever there is power and status. 

      If we look back in recorded history the situation is even worse.  Very few Women have ever achieved power.  We can think of a few Women like Cleopatra, Elizabeth 1 and Catherine the Great but the vast majority of rulers have been men.  And if we go back before recorded history we are told that men were even more dominant.  The caveman, we are told, was an aggressive brute who dominated cavewoman through extreme violence.  So the picture we are given, is that man, always has and always will, dominated Women. 

      It is true that Feminism claims that men and Women are equal and the same, but this claim doesn’t square with the facts.  There has never been a time in recorded history where men and Women have been equal, and Feminism can only point to a few stone-age tribes where this might of happened.

      So with all this overwhelming evident that seems to prove that man is the dominant sex, how is it possible to claim that man is the natural submissive sex?  The reason is, is that man’s natural submissiveness is the reason why alpha men rule our world.

      Throughout most of history there has always been powerful warlords, kings and emperors whom have gained power through violence and warfare.  The origins of all countries and empires have been through warlords who have conquered other people and ruled over them.  Much is written about very successful generals like Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Cesar, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Napoleon, but not a lot is written about the ordinary soldier who fought for these successful generals. 

      Whenever the military talks about attributes of being a successful soldier, what is put at the top of the list, is always discipline.  A successful general has to know that whenever he gives an order, he has to have instant and unquestioning obedience.  Successful generals have to be able to use their men like pawns on a chessboard, and will willing sacrifice thousands of them, to gain a tactical or strategic advantage. 

      An example of this was in the Zulu wars between the Zulus and the British in the 19th century.  Chief Shaka, to demonstrate to a visiting dignitary, how his men were so obedient, ordered a troop to march over a cliff to their deaths.  Then the Zulus won the first battle with the British, in the Battle of Isandlwana.  It was only the discipline of the Zulu warriors that made this possible.  Although they were only armed with spears, they continued to attack British troops armed with modern rifles, until they finally overwhelmed them.  The Zulus finally lost the war when they simply ran out of men.

      In the 20th century, with the invention of the machine gun, war has become even more deadly.  In the First World War it is claimed that the ordinary soldiers were, “lions lead by donkeys”.  This was because all the generals in the conflict didn’t know how to fight a war with modern weapons like machining guns, modern artillery and poison gas and so millions of lives were sacrificed needlessly, for very little gain.  Yet, in spite of this, the ordinary solder still obeyed orders to come out of the trenches and face near certain death, in the face of enemy machine gun fire.  In the Second World War the Japanese took things even further by ordering their airmen to crash their planes into enemy shipping in Kamikaze attacks.  In more recent times many guerrilla groups like the Tamil Tiger in Sri Lanka and many Islamic terrorist groups use suicide bombers.

      This means that if you can train a man to risk his life or even commit suicide when ordered to do so, suggests that men are very submissive.  Yes, it is true that Women suicide bombers have also been used, but Women suicide bombers haven’t been so successful.  In the Palestinian conflict there are a large numbers of Women in Israel jails whom were sent out to be suicide bombers, but couldn’t go through with it.  Unlike men, Women have the sense, to see the stupidity of what they are being pressurised into doing.

      It is men’s complete obedience to authority that has paradoxically makes him the dominant sex.  The Feminists once had a slogan that, “the sisterhood is powerful”, unfortunately this hasn’t been the case.  Women have totally failed to create a powerful sisterhood.  It can be also said that men haven’t produced a powerful brotherhood either, but they have done the next best thing.  Men’s total obedience to authority allows alpha men to gain great power, by being able to mobilise large numbers of men, who do as they are told.

      A despotic dictator has great power over the people because he has an army of young men, whom if ordered to beat up, murder, rape or even torture any member of the public, will obey without question.  This means that the average man is not either very dominant or bossy but very submissive, because it is men’s very submissive behaviour in obeying those in authority, that keeps the whole patriarchal society going.

      The problem is that if you ask any man, “are you submissive?” he will deny it completely.  This is because men all over the world have been trained to think of themselves as dominant.  Or at least dominant as far as Women are concerned.  And the men who would most likely to strongly deny their submissive behaviour, would be soldiers.  After all soldiers do have a very strong machismo image, and to suggest they are submissive, would be like suggesting that they are wimps.  And if you pointed out that soldiers would always obey orders without question, he would claim it is discipline, and not submissiveness. 

      Yet whether a person is disciplined or submissive, the result is exactly the same, both types of people, do as they are told.  The only difference is perception.  So although macho soldiers are not a sort of people we normally associate with submissive behaviour, the reality is, is that their extreme obedience to authority, where they will risk their lives or even commit suicide, when ordered to do so, does make them very, very submissive.

      The same is also true in the civilian world.  Feminists have already observed how the whole patriarchal society is a hierarchal system.  Most men like to claim that they only obey their boss at work, because he pays the wages.  Yet, even though men may moan and complain about their bosses, or the politicians, or anyone else in authority over him, men on the whole, do as they are told.  And this instinctive obedience by men is the foundation of patriarchy, if men didn’t instinctively obey those he considered to be in authority over him, then the whole patriarchal system would collapse.

      This then is the basis of political power.  Because men do instinctively obey those in authority, then political power comes from being perceived by the population as the alpha male.  If we look at the patriarchal society as a whole, then men look up to and even sometimes hero worship those in he perceives as being above him in the pecking order, and will ruthlessly exploit those he perceives as being below him.  In all patriarchal countries nearly all the wealth and power of a country are in the hands of a few alpha men and the rest are poor and powerless.

      This is true for even a modern Western country like the USA, the top 1 % of the population owned 34% of the country’s wealth. Also, the top 20% of the population owned 85% of the wealth of the country.  Leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80% of people.  In poorer third world countries these figures would be even worse, where there is an enormous gap between rich and poor.  Yet in spite of the fact this causes great resentment in men all over the world, revolution doesn’t happen very often and as we have seen throughout history, revolution doesn’t solve the problem either.  The new rulers end up behaving as badly, or even worse, than the leaders they have replaced.

      To make society function smoothly, we are all taught obedience from a very early age.  Children are expected to be obedient to their parents and then later to their teachers at school.  The paradox is that as boys learn to play macho games in sport, the more he is taught to become obedient.  All team sports need the players to do exactly what their coach tells them, to become a winning team.  This is also true of individual sports as well, where most sports coaches act like sergeant majors on a parade ground.

      So boys from an early age are given two contrary messages.  The first message is that men have to be very strong and macho and be willing to ‘stand up for themselves’.  Yet at the same time they are taught to obey those in authority without question.  No wonder teenage boys when they grow old enough to think for themselves, become very confused.  As clearly both messages are in contradiction to each other, and so it encourages schizophrenic type of behaviour.

      So obedience and passivity is part of the human condition, but how boys and girls react to this is very different.  Scientific studies done on children show a distinct difference in how boys and girls react when given a project to do.  For boys they first have to elect a leader, who tells the rest of them what to do, but if they cannot do this then nothing gets done, as they continue to argue among themselves.  This is not true for girls, who are far better communicators and can discuss among themselves what needs to be done, with far less conflict and so can work together without a leader. 

      We can see this throughout the patriarchal society where leadership is all-important.  In business, under good leadership a company can thrive, but under bad leadership a company will quickly go broke.  The same is true for political leaders a bad leader can destroy a country as we see in the case of Robert Mugabe the leader of Zimbabwe he is a terrible leader but the people are still helpless in the face of this power and seem to be unable to replace him.  It is very true in war.  For instance Napoleon won every battle he ever fought in, until the battle of Waterloo, where he lost to another general that also had an unbeaten record.  The French army has never been so successful before Napoleon or after him.  It was his leadership that made all the difference.  In these situations the common soldier feels totally powerless, because he is totally reliant on the leadership of the army whether they will be successful.

      Another instance of the common man’s feeling of helplessness is the1929 Wall St crash that caused a worldwide Depression, the common people had no say in the decisions that caused the crash, but it was they who suffered the consequences.  During the cold war the USSR and USA had thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at each just waiting for someone to ‘press the button’, that would wipe out humanity.  The general public was very frightened of this situation, but were helpless to stop it going on.  The cold war only ended with the economic collapse of the USSR, who couldn’t keep up with the USA in producing more advanced weapons.  It didn’t end with both sides seeing the stupidity of what they were doing.

      What is very clear, is that to be able to work together collectively, men need to have a leader.  Unfortunately if the leader happens to be an idiot, then the whole group is in trouble.  In the past there have been cases of kings who have become insane like Ivan The Terrible of Russia, yet in spite of his insanity he was still allowed to rule.  It seems men will still faithfully obey their leader even though they know he is mad.

      Therefore political power comes from being in control over the majority of passive men.  About five thousand years ago alpha men learn to control men through violence, a small group of violent men were able to dominate a far larger group of less violent men.  Today they would be seen as a gang of organized criminals, or bandits.  These bandits then recruited more men from the general population to be part of their gang and so the leader became a warlord who used his power to conquer other areas around him.  In time these warlords became kings, pharaohs or emperors, where they ruled whole countries or empires and to ensure that the people respect them, they set themselves up as gods.

      Back in the Neolithic times archaeologists have discovered a lot of evidence to suggest that Women ruled these early civilizations, but the trouble is that many people find this hard to believe. After all, throughout history we have been used to brutal alpha males who have ruled countries by force and violence.  The problem is that what archaeologists have discovered is that warfare was unknown back in the first Neolithic civilizations.  When they excavated ancient cities like Catal Höyük in Turkey and Caral in Peru, or the Neolithic civilizations of Malta, Crete, Eastern Europe, Japan, China and the Indus Valley civilization in Pakistan, they couldn’t find any weapons of war. Not only that, they couldn’t find any skeletons showing any signs of violence, nor could they find any carved images of war and violence and any fortification protecting the towns and cities.  Whereas the evidence of war and violence was overwhelming in later Bronze and Iron age excavations.  With thousands of weapons of war being discovered, skeletons in graves showing signs of damage by swords, axes, spears and clubs, with very strong fortifications around all towns and cities, and carvings on walls of wars, acts of violence and torture.

      So how was it that all over the world civilisations could live in peace and harmony for thousands of years, but then suddenly these peaceful civilizations were swept away and replaced by extremely violent empires?

      The theory put forward by the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, was that warlike patriarchal tribes from the North conquered these peaceful Matriarchal civilisations.  Now, this makes sense of how some of these Neolithic civilisations were destroyed but it doesn’t explain where these patriarchal tribes came from, and why they suddenly turn to war and violence. 

      To explain this, some people have pointed out that the Sahara desert was once a wetter and greener place 6,000 years ago, and then is slowly began to dry up.  So it was suggested that the people living there faced years of starvation and it was this starvation that turn these people into warlike monsters that went out and conquered the world.

      I personally think this is a terrible idea.  First of all, the Sahara didn’t become desert overnight. Yes, things would be tough if the rains didn’t come for a few years and many people would starve to death.  But this is not unusual, and situations like this have happened all over the world, throughout history.  In this situation with the fertile lands turning to desert, the people will start to move out of the area.  After all it has taken thousands of years for the Sahara region to become desert it is today.  The process is still going on today, as the Sahara desert is still moving south.  So it means that the people living there had time to adapt or move.

      Also I am not sure that starvation does turn people into monsters.  Yes, starvation does stress out the whole community but in modern times charity workers that go into famine areas find the biggest problem, are people becoming lethargic.  Many of them lose all hope and sit down to die, just waiting and hoping things with change for the better.  Yes, some people will fight for life but not necessary will fight other people.  Human beings do have brains and they are more likely to use them to find alternative sources of food.  After all, humans are ingenious enough to even find food or water in a desert, as we can see with the present inhabitants of the Sahara Desert and with the Australian Aboriginal.  It is true patriarchal societies tribes in times of famine do fight each other and steal each other’s food, but I don’t think Matriarchal tribes would do this and would be more likely to help each other out of a difficult situation. 

      Why Matriarchy was overthrown is open to speculation but in my opinion this may of came about because of Women’s complacency.  Because men are so passive, Women may have taken their obedience for granted and perhaps tried to give men equality.  As the result they were no longer telling men what to do.  This created a power vacuum, where men looked around for someone, anyone, to tell them what to do, and alpha men then took over the dominance of men and filled this power vacuum.

      The concept of a power vacuum comes from patriarchal politics, where if there isn’t a strong leader ruling a country, then this creates a power vacuum and someone like a warlord ends up taking over.  This has happened in recent time in Somalia, with the collapse of its government in 1991, no other political group has been powerful enough to take power.  This has resulted is that the country is being controlled by competing warlords.

      A power vacuum only comes about because men are so submissive they need someone to tell them what to do.  So if no one is doing this, then it is open to anyone to adopt the alpha role and take power.  Because men are so submissive and were so obedient to Women, many Women got the idea that men were not a threat to them.  And because Women in general are fair-minded, some of them began to feel it was unfair that men were second-class citizens, and decided to give men equality. 

      There is some archaeological evidence for this.  Towards the end of the Neolithic age were previously archaeologists had found only images of Goddesses, then suddenly there appeared Goddesses with sons.  They at first were infant sons but then it seems the sons grew up and become the Goddess’s brother or lover.  So these images suggested strongly that men and Women are equal. This might sound very sensible and reasonable, but men didn’t know what to do with their newfound freedom and were still looking around for someone to tell them what to do, and this created a power vacuum. 

      If Women were not telling men what to do, then men looked within their own sex for a leader, so these alpha men filled the power vacuum left by Women.  Yet even then Women may not have done anything about this, they didn’t see the danger signs and let things progress.  They at first may of found it convenient that instead of telling a lot of men individually what to do, they just tell the alpha male what to do and he would organize everything for them.  And so it wasn’t a problem while these alpha males were still subordinate to Women.  It only became a problem when the alpha males decided they wanted to rule Women in the same way they were ruling other men.

      What many Women don’t understand about men is that equality is an alien concept to the masculine mind. If we look at male animals like stags, bulls or lions the males fight each other for dominance and the strongest male gets to mate with all the females.  There is no concept of equality, you are either a winner or loser, and the winner takes it all and the loser gets nothing. We can see the same in competitive sports which men really like, there has to be a winner or loser.  The same is true in war, with each side fighting to win, and it is also true of the patriarchal society, which is organized as a hierarchal structure.  Even when men set out with the purpose of creating an equal society like with communism and socialism they completely failed.

      So if men were not allowed to be subordinate to Women, because Women were claiming that man and Women were equal, then because the masculine mind didn’t understand equality, the only other option men had, was to dominate Women.  And they learnt they could do this through violence. After all, men being bigger and stronger than Women, always had the advantage in violent situations.  The problem alpha men had, was that normal men didn’t want to do this, so they had started a propaganda campaign to convince men that Women were inferior to them.  So by becoming convinced, through clever propaganda that Women were after all inferior to themselves, men no longer had any qualms about using violence against Women.  Starting a worldwide revolution where men have been dominating Women through violence ever since.

      Once one Matriarchal community become patriarchal then these new patriarchal men started conquering neighbouring Matriarchal tribes and civilizations.  The world didn’t become patriarchal overnight it is estimated that the first patriarchal tribe came into being about 6,000 years ago, but the last major country to become patriarchal was Japan, at about 300 BC.  Some areas of Matriarchy have clung on into fairly recent historic times.  Like the Basque people of Northern Spain and Southern France, the Czech people in modern day Czech Republic, the Berbers of the Sahara desert, the Gypsies and the Keralal people of India.  Some of Matriarchal communities have survived into modern times, like the The Minangkabau people in Western Sumatra, the Moso people of China and the Hopi Indians of North America.

      Therefore men have a choice of being ruled by alpha men or by Women.  I am aware that Feminists who prefer sexual equality reject this concept but they have to accept that men are very different to Women.  Feminism makes no sense to men, because it is about sexual equality, all they want to know is where they stand in the pecking order.  So if they are told that Women are inferior to him he will exploit and abuse Women, and if he is told that Women are superior him he will obey Women and expect her to exploit him.

      This is what happened at the beginning of the patriarchal age.  Men were told they are equal to Women, but this made no sense to men.  So in the minds of men, if Women were no longer superior to them, then they had to be inferior.  Once men accepted this idea, then it made patriarchy possible, but in modern times, if men were told that this was wrong and Women are superior to men after all, then Matriarchy becomes possible once again.

      For this reason, in every patriarchal society, alpha men have seen Women as a threat to their power.  Even today in Islam they have the ‘honour’ system, where Women are beaten up or killed if they are ‘disrespectful’ or disobedient to men.  Social pressure has forced men to kill their wives, sisters and even mothers.  If Women were the natural submissive sex then there would be no reason for men to use extreme violence against Women to keep them submissive.  Women would simply do as they were told without violence and intimidation.  The fact that, Islamic society has to encourage men to beat up and even kill Women to make them obedient, suggests that Women are not naturally submissive.

      It is like in slavery, the only reason why slaves where whipped, beaten and killed were because slaves resented being forced to work for no money.  So if violence is used to force anyone to obey, it means they are being forced to go against their natural behaviour.

      What is less known is that they had a similar though not so extreme system in Western countries.  Up until the 20th century a husband was considered to be ‘unmanly’ if he couldn’t dominate his wife.  So men were encouraged to ‘control’ their wives through violence.  Also Women were denied education and not allowed to have any job or career that gave them power, wealth or status.   So the very fact that the patriarchal society has to actively oppress Women to ‘keep them under control’ means that submissiveness is not Women’s natural behaviour.

      Patriarchal propaganda likes to claim that man was always the dominant sex, and claims that in prehistoric times men were violent brutes who dominated Women even more then they did in historic times.  Yet, there is no proof of this whatsoever.  Scientists know nothing of the social structure of pre-historic people, but that doesn’t stop them speculating about it and then presenting these speculations to the public as scientific fact.

      There is a lot of evidence from the large amount of Goddess statues discovered in prehistoric excavation that humans once held Women in very high esteemed.  But this fact is not told to the general public.

      What holds Women back from regaining power and dominance over men once more is patriarchal brainwashing that tells men and Women that men are the ‘natural’ dominant sex.  So that even today in the West, men still think they have to dominate their wives or they are not a ‘real’ man.  While many Women suppress their normal dominance over men, because they think it is ‘unnatural’ for Women to be bossy.

      The fact is, that the average man would be far better off living in a Matriarchy than the present patriarchal system. Simply because patriarchy doesn’t benefit the average man, it only benefits the very small minority of alpha men, who ruthlessly exploits the general population and do stupid things like start wars with other countries.  The average man would be far better off in a Matriarchy where the female rulers would care about the people they rule and wouldn’t be interested in fighting wars to settle disputes between countries.

      So it means that we all, (both men and Women) need to see patriarchal propaganda for what it is, just propaganda.  It is vitally important that we question the way patriarchy brainwashes our children to act against their natural instincts, so men can accept their submissive behaviour without feeling ‘unmanly’, while Women can likewise accept that it is natural for them to dominate men. 

      Academic Feminists, like Cynthia Eller, have been taken in completely by patriarchal propaganda completely, so they believe that if women were to demand Matriarchy or even a Goddess worshipping religion, men will react against them with violence.  Yet, if we look around the world, what we find is the opposite.  The greatest degree of violence against Women is in extreme patriarchal countries where Women have no legal rights whatsoever.  In Western countries where Women, legally at least have equal rights, is where there is far less violence against Women.  Men do not beat up Women whom they think are above them in the pecking order, they only beat up Women who they see as below them.

      Men only beat up, rape and murder Women because they have been brainwashed into believing that Women are inferior to them and they have to inflict violence onto Women to retain their place in the pecking order.  It would certainly help to get rid of the ‘role models’ boys and men see on films or in video games of extremely violent ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’.  These films and video games give out, the not so subtle message, that, “you can solve all problems through violence” and that, “a ‘real’ man is a violent man”.

      This means that both Women and men are victims of patriarchal brainwashing, and the sooner we can get rid of it and stop it being fed to our children, the better off we all will be.

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Some people in the Goddess movement honor the "Triple Goddess" of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden aspect of the Goddess shows women how to be independent and strong; the Mother aspect shows women how to be nurturing; and the Crone aspect shows that respecting elders is important and focuses on wisdom, change, and transformation.(Starhawk 1979)


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