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Working With Non Profit: Financial

Living and Working in a Self Sustained Community

  1. Variety Of Memberships

  2. Live-In/Work-In Farm Community
  3. Live-Out Farm/Religious Member
  4. Farm-Religious Volunteer
  5. Farm-Religious Member-Spokesperson
  6. Farm-Religious Member with/Farm
  7. Farm-Religious Sponsor Member/Non-Member
  8. Corporate Sponsor Member/Non-Member
  9. Farm and Land Sponsor Member/Non-Member
  10. Food/Farm/Equipment Sponsor Member/Non-Member
  11. Farm Co-op Member (Local Community)
  12. Farm Co-op/Religious Member (Live-Out)

Part of our methodology involves variety in work choices. We allow everyone a chance at what they may wish to try. Plus whatever skills are already present, are always of value too. There are many areas of work to choose from. More precise information is being added to the site weekly. Stay tuned in, and turned on for the updates! with

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    just need pray lost home to foreclousure but still here trying to keep it hope they say yes if not just wanting to be lead in the right direction....

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