Matriarch Church Of The Divine Mother and Non Profit Corp.

Matriarch Female Led Future - 516-847-2209 call for details

Church and Non Profit Services

Donation Programs: Nationwide Non Profit Corp. Feed

Farm and Church Needs

We Always Need Your Help and Support!

Donate Your Land or Farm to the Cause!
Gain Huge Tax Advantages, Stay on the Farm,

and Maintain Lifetime Rights to the property!

Farm Donations Needed:

  1. Monetary Donations-Angel Investors-Grants
  2. Seeds To Plant: Vegetables, Fruit, Mushrooms, Trees
  3. Farm Equipment: All Types
  4. Building Materials: Housing, Green House, Fencing
  5. Pro Bono Legal Services: For the Church, Society, Property, and Internal Needs
  6. Grant Writer: Experienced with Farms and Religious Groups
  7. Volunteers P/T
  8. Students who are studying Religion, Matriarchy, and or Communal Farms

Church Donations Needed:

  1. Monetary Donations
  2. Grant Writer: Experienced with Religious Groups
  3. Fund Raisers: Volunteers
  4. Carpenters
  5. Building Materials
  6. Vehicles
  7. Tents, Chairs, etc.
  8. Volunteers

Green Healthy Products