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Artist, Rev. High Priestess, Former NYS Realtor, Legal Assistant, Settlement Specialist, Former Banker, Originator, Commercial Broker, WebMaster, Nutritional Coach, and Business Mgr.

Love To Live...Live To Love!

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Religious Beliefs, and Vision: Divine Mother ~ Goddess Theology

Design for Mother Earth, and her People

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Burning Candles past midnight on a regular basis to research, and study many areas of life.The studying, and compiling, and researching, and verifying data never stops. Constant surveying, and fact finding is going on by us, and others we are aware of. The Change is upon us, and people are running towards it. This time they don't even have to look back at what they left behind...It was a fascade, and trickery. Evil leading every step of the way that  they could, by fooling the people.

Some of us are actually paying attention, and I'm sure this site, and lifestyle will be a fine demonstration of what the people really want, and what people really can have.

It's how it was meant to be, Farming was meant to stay the main Production of economic cash flow. Which I'll elaborate more about later in the forums.

For The Love Of The Many, and preservation on Mother Earth...I don't have to know Love You...

Email me any Subject you would like added to the Forums. It's ever growing. That's usually where you'll find me.

Fact Finding in Hobart: Australia: Tidbits about my Family

I am looking for information on my Great, Great Grandfather, and Grandmother.

Michael Joseph Kelly (360602) 1892 Tasmania, and Nora Welsh (293183) 1892..their Daughter: (my Great Grandmother); Lelia Mary Kelly (360414).

Michael Joseph Kelly worked on the Cunard Ship Line at that time. There should be some kind of record of his duties, and position on the ship line. They were all born in Tasmania. Other relatives include: Aunt Jane, Aunt Eileen, and Dudley Michael Thompson.

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