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Humanity WILL Save The Planet and Her People

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 10:06 AM

Humanity is a society within itself, aside from the current patriarchal order that currently prevails. Humanity can steer this any way they want to. It is the people who hold the greatest power of all. The precipice is upon us, and it's time to jump into action to protect humanities Right To Survive, and the Right to Protect Earth.


Each type of society around the world whether by design, or force has it's own set of results. Prompted results that are par for the course. Many derivatives of what humanity was supposed to become have developed as a result of variables in developing civilizations currently, and in our past. Now the world is ever changing and we are too, right along with it. Everything we knew, will never be the same again. All that we have lost as a race, and alleged civilized society, will not be returning. Although we do possess the power to re establish, to correct, to improve, we allowed all of our growth to be steered to corporate profit. This is now a standard of value over and above human life, and or planetary destruction. We are gathered here today, at that very impasse called the "precipice"...the last moment of time where it can be turned around, but not without hast, and immediate action. The precipice is supposed to prompt people into action before it's too late.


To have foresight of future results, prompted by historic actions, and creations of destruction by a patriarchal society completely focused on nothing but profit. Geared only to operate as a capitalist money making factory of humans. Causing entrapment, a strangle hold, a form of dictation, enslavement, loss of purpose, depression, and so much more. It is the result of the structure within a patriarch society. We are right on schedule for the destruction of humanity and our planet, if we do not get this right, once and for all, immediately. According to our world genius, Stephen Hawking, it may already be imminent.


We are ALL currently facing radiation damage, and severe health problems no matter where you live! Anything released into our air, and atmosphere travels, and contaminates EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE! As I write this I know more death, infection, murder, rape, suicide, child molestation, and more crime than I can list is happening. A burden of this type of societal structure, par for the course, and even anticipated, and relished about by the forces who prevail at the top of heap. It's similar to a salmon swimming up stream, for people.


YOU are a "Sun Dial"! Look at the sun, and watch your shadow. Time is what humanity decides, not some clock on the wall! It is the people who hold the greatest power of all... LOVE for Each Other!...Stand in the sun to tell time, decide how to direct how your time is managed, to control our own time, and to eliminate time poorly spent, and time monopolized, or stolen from you by outside sources of mental invasion. It's OUR TIME! To stop what is absolutely wrong, and implement what is absolutely right. This is humanities mission to save our race, and our planet. The thought of so much life being born, to lose it all due our own blatant negligence would be the worst catastrophic event of all planetary history.


The negative impact of what has happened to our people, planet Earth, our economy, and our future options is what we are now living. It is a forced scenario of blatant negligence, and indifference for all life forms, that has brought us to this impasse, and conclusive end result. Mathematically this is an equation forced upon humanity with the knowledge of anticipated affect, and consequences. The consequences we are living with today...together as one people. Now since it has been clearly demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt, our carefully manipulating corporate world had failed so badly that they may have indeed caused the end of humanity, and the existence of life on planet Earth. Nobody ever blew up a 6 reactor plant, to test what it would be like. This is blind process, and unfortunately we are now all contaminated to a degree. Some more than others, and especially the weak. The elderly, and infants, and temporarily sick are at risk for affect from this. It will be gradual, and you may never actually make the connection to it. Which is usually how it's handled by the medical industry.


In my many experiences with the medical industry I have found the majority to be completely indifferent to anything outside the realm of drugs, and invasive procedures. Fifty years ago when they were doing lobotomy's, shock treatment, deprivation therapies, and other tortuous things to people, it was viewed as a scientific break through, a medical miracle, "new technology". Today these procedures are looked upon as barbaric, and absolutely inhuman. As history has demonstrated over and over again, today's procedures will be looked upon as substandard tomorrow.


I personally fault the medical industry for having a forced, taught tunnel vision approach. To not allow the real facts into what is learned, is preparation for blatant ignorance, in the developmental process. To not even acknowledge the existence of nature, natural chemical compounds, earth based healing, and obviously more, is to publicly display a choice to remain ignorant. All they're missing is the signs hanging around their necks. The FACT is YOU CANNOT make a well informed decision on ANYTHING without ALL THE FACTS. This is not emotion, opinion, hypothesis, or limited to any one person, it applies to everyone, and everything...It's called MATH. Simple, factual, indisputable MATH. You cannot argue with it, and you cannot bargain with is non negotiable, cut an dry. Should you choose to ignore the MATH, you will indeed SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF! I write these FACTS because I AM THE LIVING PROOF OF THIS! I said NO to drugs, and repeated surgeries with more thought about the damage to me, the planet, and US as a people...together.


The point to this is WE CAN TURN THIS AROUND TOGETHER! Working as ONE massive team of loving people. It's the best place to start the wave of correction that needs to take place in order to succeed in saving our planet, and the human race. People need to FOCUS on: Self sustained agriculture...FOOD, Alternative Energy, Solar transportation, safer non harmful production. A back to basics approach, utilizing natural elements instead of toxic ones.


People need to FOCUS on activities that spend TIME. Are you being productive, or are you a drone to habitual routine? Boil it down to first comes good health, then comes better thought process, and physical ability. Then comes what your purpose is, and will be. Then you move into a pro active position, and begin the journey of your part to save OUR PLANET, and RACE.


EVERYONE has a part in this, and if people ignore this, and choose not to do their part...the planet, and human race will not survive, at their own perilous hands. A rebound effect of their own actions, and choices. Love for the planet, it's precious creatures, and all of humanity can be productive on their own, if the logical methods, and simplistic adaptation are applied to their survival from this point forward.


Don't become a product, or burden upon the state, make an effort to focus on healthy solutions that are inexpensive, and adapt to what is happening now, instead of later. Time is of the essence to take preventative action for the future of all mankind, and everything that revolves around our planet, and it's inhabitants. If the PEOPLE demand better results, they WILL get them! Show LOVE not Hate! YOUR FUTURE IS AT STAKE! Respect OUR PLANET EARTH, and ALL LIFE UPON IT! The true message for humanity is Love...period...Find it...Respect it...Keep it Safe...and Never Let It Go! You will have the greatest power of all...LOVE.

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