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KerryMaxCook: Death Row Inmate Freed After 22 Years!

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 1:16 PM

This is a fine example of how patriarchs do things. This man was sentenced to death in Tx. for a crime he did not commit. After 22 years of torturous abuse inside the prison, he is now free, and exonerated. DNA proved he was not guilty, and this evidence was withheld from the original trials. This is worst case of ptriarch methods within our prison system. 

It is a miracle that KerryMaxCook survived at all. Who helped within the prison? Only the women. Matriarchs who knew better, and protected him during his time there. This is how he survived, and was able to maintain some sort of hope for his release. Hoping for honesty within a dishonest system. Women made sure he lived to tell his story. I'm not at all surprised by this, and I'm certain had women been in charge of the whole situation from the start, he would have never gone to prison in the first place.

KerryMaxCook has endured the worst abominations, and torturous acts of violence and sexual abuse in our own prison know...the one we elected. Remember the electorial campaigns of the lovely patriarch politicians? Well these are the guys who were responsible for this crime against KerryMaxCook, and against humanity. They seem to proudly display their brute force when it's convenient but, then hide when it all falls apart. What a game they play with people's lives. I welcome the change that is happeneing now. It is way over due.

I am relieved he lived to tell his story, he has written a book called: Chasing Justice. There is the movie about this as well: Exonerated. Everyone needs to know about this monumental case of horrifying injustice angainst one of our one people. It could have been you!

KerryMaxCook will be discussing the actual events that took place within the prison, and they horrifying things they did to him. Keeping in mind that after 22 years of being abused his mental state was affected, his opinion of himself was greatly affected. He suffers from the affects of the abuse, and he is embarrassed by this. It's exactly like being held hostage for an extended period of time, you become brainwashed, and begin to act as you are told. You have no way out, and if you don't cooperate, they beat and abuse you endlessly, among other horrible things.

Unfortunately there is no  exact science to fixing the mind once it's been conditioned in this manner. He was kept as Kerrianne the sissy prison punk. Today WE are trying to help him shed these conditioned feelings, so he may salvage some what of normal life.  We celebrate his life, and survival, and will be working together to overhaul our prison system, as well as our collapsed society. 

This is the turning point in our history. Many events are happening at the hands of patriarchs. Our societal collapse has brought a wrath of evil deeds upon our people. Watch as women of our world correct this, and revamp everything quietly, while working beside these culprits.

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L-O-V-E Love Over Violence Enshrined

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