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Self Sustained Green Farm Communities: Global Plan...Go Green With!

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 8:56 AM A Nationwide Non Profit Corp. In Cooperative With Boetec Consultants, and Life Centre’s Inc.


Self Sustained Green Farm Communities: Global Plan


The Communities


Structured self sustained green communities able to provide, and reestablish social disciplines, with the system, and principles of an interdisciplinary approach. Focused on the personal, social, and economic development of, within, and for communities. Each community will produce food, jobs, housing, alternative health care, and waste management, as well as play a direct role in continuous community advancement, and development.


Rapid global expansion is necessary, and appropriate in which the need, desire, and demand of the population, is catered to as a whole. The cost effectiveness, and reliability of each aspect of the entire global expansion is indicative.


The vast development of each aspect incorporated into this structured community plan is carried out by several entities who are committed to the creation of reliable self sustained, productive communities around the world . Our purpose is to regain, and implement life enhancing methods, and processes to reinstate abilities for people to navigate consistently, and positively in our current world status. Solving world hunger, and preserving our planet, at a level of dictated urgent necessity.


The many technologies, processes, methodology, combined with the skills of highly qualified individuals is unprecedented, and historic. A most formidable nucleus of professionals committed to the goals of enhancing the lives of our people, and planet.


Community Infrastructure


Scientifically developed, and formulated to enhance our abilities to be a productive functioning society. With focus on, agriculture, nutrition and health care, renewable energy, waste management, and tourism, advancement is inevitable. It is designed to be environmentally sound, without harm to the planet, or population. Cost effective technology that affords global expansion, economic cash flow, growth in small business, and improved health through expanded and affordable means. A multidimensional methodology to correct, and improve the economic structure, and preserve the planet.

Community: Enhancement and Development Plan


The benefits to all communities will be in the areas of interaction with the many farm complexes they can visit, and play a direct role in developing. Each farm will provide their source of fresh fruits and vegetables, life centre/health care, merchant shops, amenities, farm education, tourism, pet adoption/petting zoo, entertainment, social interaction, and more. Prompting a natural automatic response of involvement by the communities. Elements of increased profits from outside corporations, (community corporate infrastructure) will also be focused on in a manner of analysis of existing, distressed, and dictated appropriately.

Agriculture: Specialty Crops


Each farm will house hundreds, to thousands of people, (depending on the size of the farm), and facilitate life enhancing, cost effective opportunities for the population to function as a loving, nurturing society. Catering to the needs of the people, and planet. Geared to enhance the development, and ability to handle the current populations burdens. Scaling to size, (dictated by need and demand), the estimate of speed in development, and ability to grow rapidly in any area globally is indicative.


Each farm will be set up according to the appropriate aspects that are dictated by each region. Indigenous agriculture will be focused on for the main crops, followed by the wide variety of specialty crops that will be produced. For areas that are not rich with crop growth, the specialty crops appropriate to the communities by an analysis of their current health care needs. Communities found to be deficient in particular areas of health, will be identified, and appropriately incorporated into the main crop produced. A cost effective approach to improving the health of the population, and focusing on their rapid advancement to sustainability.


Farm Co-Op


All communities will be provided a direct access to the farm co-op at an affordable cost. All members can have direct involvement of the many processes, and attractions implemented on and within the farms. From a working environment to a tourism environment. All farms are open twenty four hours, prompting an automatic increase of what is provided for each community. Additionally a point system will be implemented for all communities. All purchases within the farm co-op will earn points that can be used for tourism, purchases, and other redemption.


Agriculture: Production


Increased production of all specialty crops will be a main aspect of each farm. The production is increased approximately four times the current average harvest of crops. Application of improved green technology, and methods of growth have been implemented to eliminate the issue of regional, and global indigenous crop growth dictation. Any climate or region will be able to grow and produce (without limitation) all specialty crops, with focus on all nutrient deficiencies which may currently be present within the community.

All growing techniques, and grow structures have been geared to be operational twenty four hours per day/seven days per week. With low climate risk, and increased annual harvests, they are specifically designed and developed to be completely sustainable. While instituting the opportunity for rapid advancement, and swift correction of each communities ability to grow, and flourish economically, and beneficially.


Life Centre: Health Care


Life enhancing facilities catering to communities. Applying a naturally based multidimensional approach to improving health care globally. In cooperative, and complimentary to other elements of medicinal processes, and beliefs around the world. With a vast array of technologies, methods, and alternatives made available to all members of the community twenty four hours per day. Establishing a nutritious healthy lifestyle, and harmony within, and for the communities.


Combined Technologies: Scientific Cooperative


With over one hundred and fifty technologies combined globally, and working cooperatively for the purpose of reestablishing global community infrastructure, and self sustainability. Direct application of science, and social disciplines have been combined with a multidimensional, interdisciplinary approach. Focused on the solutions for rapid community development and advancement. With focus on renewable energy, waste management, purified drinking water, purified top soil, combined with agriculture, affordable housing, and stable jobs, prompts the rapid automatic advancement for communities.


Renewable Energy and Waste Management


Combined technology in renewable energy, and waste management: Application of this technology provides a sound, cost effective, eco friendly solution to our ever growing waste problem. With the abilities to provide purified drinking water, purified top soil, and energy credits which can be sold on a regular basis. The processes applied in  renewable energy technology will be affordable, and easily adaptable for communities, as well as the corporate infrastructure.


Extended Community Benefits and Bi-Products


Automatic extended beneficial results of this strategy include energy credits, establishment of eco friendly standards, life enhancing methodology, planetary preservation, and improvement, and a structure formulated to support communities around the world, regardless of their region or climate. Combined, and structured strategically to facilitate rapid advancement and growth globally., D. Sears, Copyright All Rights Reserved 2010




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