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Love Will Unite Us As One... Joining With Logic

Posted on March 22, 2010 at 10:21 PM

Logic is the prevailing ingredient to a successful society of people. A society that is based on the needs of the people, rather than the needs of corporate profit. This is what we are, and what we stand for...the Planet, and her people...period.

It's high time we woke up and actually started taking action on behalf of the planet and people. It's over due, and critical we start now. The magnitude, the mathematics of this damage is wide spread, and incomprehensible. It makes no logical sense in any way, unless you're the one profiting from it. It destroys the planet, the people, and enhances the secondary death market to profit.

In one of my other hubs, "Death Profits...A One Way Ticket", I write about this to help educate people on what is really going on. I'm one of the nerds who study, and research many subjects people know nothing about, and or pay no attention to at all. 

Being that I had to race against the clock to educate myself in naturopathy to save my own life. Which I did, allowing me to be here today to pass on my education. Documenting it in history to guide the future properly.

I am seeing terrible things going on all over the planet. I am watching, observing, notating, and researching what is pertinent to humanities survival. The survival depends on working together, and unity. We are all children of this planet, and must remember from where we came. Our Mothers are the rulers of our race. Without them there would be no race.

Our mission is to instill better standards of operation, production, and community growth around the globe. Our website traffic demonstrate people are looking for answers, and new options for their sudden change in life. Very abrupt, and with no notice of poor management being an issue. Life just fell apart. That's how Americans see it, and they are not taking kindly to it. I'm seeing an increase in depression, violence, and death rates, among other things.

It is the most critical time in humanities existence to pay attention now. What is presently taking place, has never happened before. What do don't know will hurt you now, and danger lurks around every corner. The melt down of society is before you, and it will take you with it unless you adapt accordingly. Plans have changed.

This entire situation just reinforces what we're doing, where we're going, and the time in which we'll get there. The scales have tipped, and the timing is perfect. What do women usually do when men create a mess...they clean it up. Only this time, will be a historic turning point. We will not allow it to happen again. Prepare for take off, and hold onto your hat. In your life time you are to bear witness to the most subtle, powerful, while you were sleeping kind of take over.

In spite of what's happening in the world... there is hope... there is strength... there is 'good' power, that is non harmful to humans, or Mother Earth. It's working right now, and will never leave. Society has already been infiltrated by women, and they now hold the ultimate power, and strength to divide and conquer. It's actually par for the course if you track history like I do.

Right on schedule, only centuries It's a failed system that got in the way. However the movement is here, it's happening now, and there is no turning back. The clean-up is immense, the task at hand is insurmountable, and the event will not soon be forgotten in history. We are history... Now and forever.

We are seeking people who wish to join in strength and knowledge to unite with the ultimate plan for humanity. Imagine a society that was actually designed, created, and geared for the people, and small merchant. A beneficial, productive lifestyle that is self sustained, and positive. As opposed to being a detriment to our planet. Sound like a dream? It's not... there are all kinds of green Earth friendly communities popping up all over the place. It is the future of mankind, and Mother Earth.

Our time is now to involve all our brain power together to accomplish the greatest task of all... To save Earth, and Humanity. How much Love do you have saved up? We want you to join with us now... It's right for everyone... with Love as the guide, and driver.

Many blessings from us to you with Love.

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