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Matriarch Growth In Current Society...We're Already There

Posted on February 24, 2010 at 10:53 AM





Don’t Fight it, Embrace it 

Marks article


Female Led Relationships, Female Superiority and the inevitable march into a Matriarchic and Gynarchy Society


Much has been written on the history of societies and the proof that Matriarchic societies existed centuries ago and still do today, these are well documented and written about by such organizations as Academy Hagia, Gifteconomy, Gynarchy Graduates, Gura Rasa and William Bond to name a few, so I won't cover that ground. I am in the process of signing up for the University Hagia 2010/2011 Modern Matriarchy course, am looking forward to reading more and listening to speakers at the conferences, as well as signing up for the Gynarchy Graduates.


I owe a lot to Barbara Wright Abernathy and Elise Sutton for some of the content contained within this article.


I read William Bond’s articles often and really like one of his introductory paragraphs, I quote him as a reference because in no way do I want to plagiarize other works on this fine subject. He states…


“If you take a cork and hold it underwater it is very easy to hold it down but it will only stay there while you keep holding it in that position. If at any time you arm gets tired or you get fed up with keeping the cork underwater and let go. The cork will automatically rise to the top. This concept gives a good metaphor of what is happening today in the politics of Female power”.


A fine analogy I think to the growth and force of Female Led Relationships, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy, no matter how much it’s pushed down or tried to make invisible, it surfaces constantly and in the not too distant future will take over our society.


All of the signs are there, according to UK government figures for 2006; the ratio of newly qualified Female to male teachers under the age of 25 was approaching seven to one. The introduction of coursework and modular exams is believed to play to traditionally Female strengths. Regarding intake the UK reported in June 2009 that Women have been entering university in greater numbers than men in recent years - with the participation rate for young Women standing at 49%, compared with 38% of young men and the overall picture shows a consistent trend in Women substantially outnumbering men and growing.


The number of degrees awarded to men is dropping and those to Females is growing, both at a high rate. In degree grades, Women are more likely to gain "good degrees" - taking first class and upper seconds together - while men are more likely to gain lower seconds and thirds. In fact one of the most intriguing aspects of the evidence is that boys' educational achievement is actually going backwards as Girls reach new academic heights.


According to projections by the National Center for Education Statistics in US, in 2017 half again as many Women as men will earn bachelor's degrees. In the early 1990s, six Women graduated from college for every five men who did so; today, the ratio is about 4-to-3. A decade from now, it will be 3-to-2—and rising, on current trends. This is not only in the western world but also in developing regions and countries. Why is this, a number of reasons really; Females tend to be more methodical while boys tend to follow high-risk strategies such as cramming the night before an exam, Females apply themselves much better to tasks, challenge their lecturers more, have much higher morals, Female brains work in different ways to men to retain information and increasing their intelligence, they understand concepts and ideas much more easily and faster.


The sheer weight of numbers has the clear consequence that it is only a matter of time before hierarchical professions such as medicine and law are dominantly feminine – and most certainly for the better. Increasing the speed of this growth further is the downturn in the economy which places an even higher premium on good degrees in the jobs marketplace, enabling more Women to launch careers that go all the way to the top. With the inevitable happening where future Female leaders smash the male-dominated networks that cling onto power.


But the future Female Supremacy is already here, where Females have secured more senior roles and particularly in the professions of law and medicine as well as running companies in senior management. The Chicago Tribune reported “The change in the medical profession has been swift and dramatic.  Since 1975 the percentage of Female doctors has nearly tripled, from 9% to 25%.  And the wave is far from cresting: 38% of doctors under age 44 are Women, and half the students in US medical schools are Women, a change that is expected to intensify”.


As further evidence of the growing stature of Women, the number of Women millionaires is soaring as they utilise their degrees and better business ability to outsmart and out-earn men. Record numbers of Women are making multi-million pound fortunes from starting their own businesses, research has revealed. As the Daily Mail in the UK reported in 2006, for the first time, about one in four people who appear in the annual list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs are Women. When the list, published each year by the magazine Management Today, started in 2004, there were 25 per cent fewer Women included than today. If this trend continues Women are on their way to beating men to becoming the country's most successful entrepreneurs over the next few years. More than one million Women in Britain are now running their own companies, according to official figures from the Office for National Statistics. In 2007, the Daily Reckoning reported that for the first time, Women account for almost half the millionaires in the UK. What makes it surprising is that the number is growing by a hefty 11% per year, which means that Women will overtake men within a very short time frame


Over in the US, in a recent study of Massachusetts businesses 42 percent of the 237 companies in the study, of which 100 were run by Women, expanded by more than 5 percent, easily outpacing the overall economy, according to a survey to be released Monday by Babson College's Center for Women's Leadership and the Commonwealth Institute.


"This tells me these Women are employing very good management skills, given the questionable economy over the last two years,'' said Aileen Gorman, executive director of the non-profit institute, which advises Women in business.


Proof of this is aptly described by Paige-Harrison in one of her articles:


“About 5 years ago, things in the workplace started to change. At companies big and small, there is a shake-up, and the culture is different.  Men are increasingly being told to move down the ladder and make room for Female bosses.  A recent client of mine told me, he felt, "a strange feeling of being marginalized," when a Woman was promoted to a management position over him. This trend began in the early 1990's and the pace has accelerated in recent years.  This trend has been facing many for a long time, but many refuse to admit to what has been happening.  To the former He-Men and Masters of the Universe, being demoted and downgraded after decades of upward mobility can be a bitter pill to swallow.  However, it is reality.


The message is clear, men had better learn to adapt. Navigating this ambiguous and unfamiliar terrain can be tricky.  Last summer, I met with a male executive who shared with me that he was devastated when he was demoted and his job was given to a younger Female.  He did retain his $125,000 salary until the end of January.  At his outplacement session it finally hit him.  It was time to move on and he needed to accept that things had changed.  For another of my male clients in banking who had survived a dizzying sequence of restructurings and mergers, he got the pink slip in early 2005.  His boss, a much younger Female delivered the news in a telephone call from Los Angeles.   He told me that she had told him that he did not understand his role, to collaborate, and that he needed to pick up and move on. 


We are at a point today where it's no big deal to have a Female boss. With a more progressive approach to diversity and a greater number of Women helming organizations, Women are beginning to feel comfortable enough to use their natural management style, which tends to be more communicative, relationship-oriented and team building in nature.  Women have greater verbal aptitude and verbal comprehension than men, and are more emotionally and spiritually intelligent.  This gives them the potential to be more understanding bosses than men.


A Female boss is a different breed of leader than her male counterpart.  When the person calling the shots is a Woman, men often feel intimidated by Female co-workers or bosses because they don't speak the same language and men are worried that they might say the wrong thing-or the right thing in the wrong way.  We are soon coming to a point when more and more Women will be in roles as the Dominant gender as the world is evolving towards a Female Dominated society”.


In July 2009 accounting giant Ernst & Young pulled out charts and graphs at a recent power lunch in Washington with Female lawmakers to argue a provocative bottom line: Companies with more Women in senior management roles make more money. The studies Ernst & Young rounded up show that Women can make the difference between economic success and failure in the developing world, between good and bad decision-making in the industrialized world, and between profit and loss in the corporate world. Their conclusion: American companies would do well with more senior Women. And it's not only one study, but at least half a dozen, from a broad spectrum of organizations such as Columbia University, McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs and Pepperdine University, that document a clear relationship between Women in senior management and corporate financial success. By all measures, more Women in a company means better performance.


Pepperdine found that the Fortune 500 firms with the best records of putting Women at the top were 18 to 69 percent more profitable than the median companies in their industries. McKinsey looked at the top-listed European companies and found that greater gender diversity in management led to higher-than-average stock performance. Gender stereotypes aren't politically correct, but the research broadly finds that testosterone can make men more prone to competition and risk-taking. Women, on the other hand, seem to be wired for collaboration, caution and long-term results.


According to a 30-year study of fund managers released last month by the National Council for Research on Women, Female investors and professional money managers used more measured strategies. They didn't take huge risks, but they also didn't lose big. Their returns were consistent. Men took larger risks and wound up with results that varied more widely. A study by the French Fund association found that funds managed by Women had more consistent results over one-year, three-year and five-year measurements.


Women are taking this senior management further and filling far more Board positions today; where Norway for instance hit its target that 40% of Boards is filled by Women by end 2009. It is also why Iceland, after its embarrassing financial mess, put major banks and its government in Female hands and Hermes, the only French company to outperform expectations during the recession, also has, you guessed it, a management structure dominated by Women. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, some of the most interesting discussions revolved around whether we would be in the same mess today if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters.


All this is reflecting in increased remuneration for Women, back in November 2007 Reuters reported that Female directors in corporate America earned median compensation of $120,000, based on the most recently available pay data, compared with $104,375 for male board members, research group The Corporate Library said in its annual director pay report.


Industry itself has noticed the rise of competency, education, skill sets and intelligence of Women where in the recent job fall-out a full 82 percent of the job losses have befallen men, who are heavily represented in distressed industries like manufacturing and construction. “Given how stark and concentrated the job losses are among men, and that Women represented a high proportion of the labour force in the beginning of this recession, Women are now bearing the opportunity of being breadwinners,” says Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the Center for American Progress.


As the male-dominated layoffs of the current recession continue into a deep and prolonged recession, this will change not only household budgets and habits; it will also challenge longstanding gender roles, which given Women’s increasing education levels will prove irreversible.


The next logical step of having Women at the head of and in senior law, medical, businesses and Boards will be to move in and take over political roles and govern countries, a move that has started in earnest in many countries around the world.


Outside of the actual business domain itself, manufacturers and service providers are increasingly targeting Women in their marketing campaigns, Jane Cunningham, founder of Female marketing consultancy Pretty Little Head - who was interviewed for a comprehensive trends survey, said: "There's an increasingly interesting commercial opportunity in marketing to Women, "Not only do they dominate household spending decisions, they are now significant in categories that have been traditionally viewed as male such as technology, cars and financial services." The report said: "Women are becoming more important in the global marketplace not just as workers, but also as consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors.


The benefits of Female Supremacy and Matriarchy is endless and the sooner this can be brought about by forward looking Women and men that understand where all this is heading, the better we will all be.


Further evidence shows that the time is much closer than we think, take for example the patriarch system in Japan where in 2008 shocking reports showed almost half of Japanese men urinated while sitting down in their toilets at home, instead of standing to piddle as is customary among males. A survey of Japanese men in their 30s to 50s by Matsushita Electric Works revealed that 49 percent sit down to wee, a staggering threefold increase on the 15 percent who reported the same proclivity when the company first conducted the poll back in 1999. “A 2004 survey showed there was clearly a growing tendency for Japanese men to sit while urinating," a Matsushita Electric Works spokesman told Sunday Mainichi. "In response to that, our company in 2006 came out with the industry's largest toilet seats to make it easier for men to sit down and relieve themselves in comfort”. This proves that companies are now manufacturing goods that support the growing feminisation of men as a reaction to the growing superiority of Women. This was further proven in late 2009 in Japan when “bras for men” were introduced and became an instant hot seller.


Men are definitely feeling the pressure; in a UK report from 2008 men discovered that their libidos are in freefall, prompting a 40 per cent increase in males seeking counselling for impotence problems. Their existential angst worsened when British men discovered that they have the most unequal paternity rights in Europe. According to Nicola Brewer, chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, fathers in the UK are seen as 'not essential for parenting'. The same month saw the publication of a medical study that proved the quality of men's sperm declines to such an extent after they hit 45 that the chances of a partner's miscarriage are doubled. It is no shock then to learn that men account for 75 per cent of all suicides. They are twice as likely to die from the 10 most common cancers that affect both sexes and, typically, develop heart disease 10 years earlier than Women.


Even more solid evidence that Matriarchy is just around the corner as reported by Reuters in 2005 where Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build the world's first "Women's town," where men get punished for disobedience. The 2.3-square-km Longshuihu village in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing municipality, also known as "Women's town," was based on the local traditional concept of "Women rule and men obey," a tourism official told Reuters.


"Traditional Women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism," the official, surname Li, said by telephone. The tourism bureau planned to invest between $26 million and $39 million in infrastructure, roads and buildings, Li said. The motto of the new town would be "Women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse Women's requests," Chinese media have reported. When tour groups enter the town, Female tourists would play the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by "kneeling on an uneven board" or washing dishes in restaurant, media reports said. The project, begun in the end of 2005, was expected to take three to five years to finish.


The tradition of taking the males surname in marriage is also showing sure signs of breaking down, more double-barrelled names appear daily in the newspaper wedding reports and in the US in 2008 Michael Buday wanted to take the last name of his wife, Diana Bijon, when they married. He eventually achieved his goal but it took two years, a lawsuit alleging sex discrimination and a change in California law before he picked up his new drivers licence in the name of Michael Bijon.Laws are being changed and this is just the beginning.


The dramatic recent changes in Women’s roles in society are of course leading to a turnaround in the whole family set up. Women will be better educated and there will be many more better educated Women than men, and consequently Women will be pairing off with lesser skilled, educated and lower earning men, leading to the natural role of men taking their place as home-makers and, where agreed with the Female, raising the children. More likely though, Women run organisations will provide young children support centres at business workplaces to provide better education and care than their fathers ever will. Allowing their offspring at a very early stage to be influenced, educated and cared for in a Female environment. Men will continue to hold lower, menial positions and be used for example in construction projects and producing/repairing automotives, aircraft and trains but under the leadership and supervision of Women.


As a punishment for destroying the global economy early in the 21st century men will be banned from owning or operating bank accounts. Mothers of boys and unpaired men will administer their bank accounts until they are paired off with a Woman at which point the Woman will assume financial control. Girls will be provided with accounts as soon as they attain their maths marks, usually at seven years old, preparing them for their financial management role ahead..


Boys from puberty will be placed in chastity by their mothers to avoid any hand/penis contact and to train them for their future submissive roles. Once paired off their Woman will maintain the chastity key and hence their freedom.


Schools will be segregated for boys and Girls so that boys do not hold back the Girls from their speed and depth of learning. Schools for Girls will focus on fast track learning to bring them to a degree level earlier and prepare them for entry into business life.


Additional courses on Female Led Relationships, Female Supremacy, Matriarchy and the role of the male will be included as well as history of the awful mess that patriarchy left the world in early in the 21st century. The schools for boys and clubs for men will be vastly increased in their current number to improve men’sobedience, cooking, cleaning, ironing, gardening, sewing skills, manicure, pedicure, massage skills and help us run the household finances.


Women will then decide how to integrate and socialise the males from their youth. The men will be educated as best as possible in these areas, as it is these skills that Women will look for when choosing suitors to pair off with or, if wanted by the Women, in marriage.


Men will also establish support groups to bond and learn from each other correct cultures and behaviours and where applicable to re-train for those positions that Women will no longer fill such as secretaries and PA's.


A truly positive side will be that money can be redirected by countries away from arming themselves with weapons to attack and defend each other, because Women in control of countries will settle disputes amicably and to everyone’s benefit without the need for violent or threatening macho behaviour. The vast saving on military spending can then be diverted to furthering Women’s education, improving further their skills and forever widening the gap between Women and men.


Socially, Women will turn the bastion of men’s society upside down by closing down the men only clubs and forming Women only clubs for instance in golf, squash, gym’s, free-mason’s, swimming, business forums, etc.


Men will retain their traditional sports of football, rugby, cricket, etc but these will be relegated to far lower levels of participation, due to men’s increased participation and focus in household management. Sponsorship to sport currently enjoyed by men based sports will be diverted (as Women will be at the head of those donating organisations) to Women based recreation activities such as monthly exotic business leader vacations, Women relaxation centres, competitions such as the male with the cleanest house, Women’s cultural societies, the establishment of clubs for men to parade and prove their skills to potential Women suitors and male discipline courses.


In their new roles men will also lose their macho image and settle down to a life of support and devotion to their paired partner. As business expands, global business will become even more important and Women will find themselves running companies that span continents and time-zones. To support this structure countries marriage laws (top lawyers and policy makers will be Women) will change allowing bigamy and thereby multiple marriages for Women, or establishing a simple process of “pairing off”, enabling them to establish homes and families in all their countries of work. The Woman as the "breadwinner" will ensure that each family unit is able to live a happy and secure life. Through their support groups men married to the same Woman will communicate and swap notes and ideas on how to provide strong, stable support to their partner.


In such a violence free world, prisons will no longer be needed, the very few men that do commit crimes against the state will be sent to retraining centres, and clearly as the new Female Superior Matriarchy society will not require such men a process of administering hormones will be applied to feminise them and roles such as beauticians or hairdressers will be provided for their post training program. Again without the cost of prisons globally, more money will be available to continue the structure and strength of a Female Led society.


In summary, this is already very much underway and will be upon us much sooner than later. Today’s economic crisis is driving the growth of competent young Females, degree educated Female senior management, the rapid decline of men and the readiness for Women to take on and be successful at Female Led Relationships, Female Superiority, Gynarchy and Matriarchy.


It is becoming clearer to men that they no longer want to be a part of or the results of a patriarch society and ready to embrace Matriarchy and Gynarchy, this author being one of them, the challenge is how we can work together with Women to make this integration smooth, fast, efficient and effective. It’s going to happen and it’s going to happen soon.

Many thanks to Mark, for his contribution, and support of our Society, etc. It's important to read, and understand what is happening here. Knowing the facts, and acknowledging the changes upon us, allows for more intelligent decisions to be made. Here I go again...It's all about the Math! I doubt I'll ever stop saying It's true, and when you stick to just the mathematics of it...You reach the conclusion of: Us...A Universal religion, society, and lifestyle in a self sustained environment. The mathematical, fool proof system of what truly works. It's not a's love, facts, and math. I prefer to stick to what is indisputable. I love that you can't argue with math. It's so cut and dry.


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Reply tom
11:08 PM on October 1, 2010 
Steve Lowell says...
I find this posting very inspiring. I had no idae that gynarchy ws taking place as rapidly as this posting states. As as submissive male i wait for this day earnestly. I only hope that it will take place in my lifetime.
The world of patriarchy has brought too much violence, so much bigotry. A society based on Female leadership will be a much less noxious kind of societ;y, one in which males will no longer have to prove their "masculinity" but will seek affection through their service to Females. In such a society men will find their true role as enablers of Female Superiority.
What is necessary to bring Matriarchy closer is a theology which upholds Mother Goddess as the exlusive source of all being and where males find their place as supporters of female rule.
I so hope that worship of this kind can become "mainstream".
When it does we will have trnsformed religion and society.
Reply Steve Lowell
4:09 PM on August 13, 2010 
I find this posting very inspiring. I had no idae that gynarchy ws taking place as rapidly as this posting states. As as submissive male i wait for this day earnestly. I only hope that it will take place in my lifetime.
The world of patriarchy has brought too much violence, so much bigotry. A society based on Female leadership will be a much less noxious kind of societ;y, one in which males will no longer have to prove their "masculinity" but will seek affection through their service to Females. In such a society men will find their true role as enablers of Female Superiority.
What is necessary to bring Matriarchy closer is a theology which upholds Mother Goddess as the exlusive source of all being and where males find their place as supporters of female rule.
I so hope that worship of this kind can become "mainstream".
When it does we will have trnsformed religion and society.