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Ag-Religion The Matriarch Way

Posted on February 3, 2010 at 4:22 PM

Worship of our Mother Goddess Earth, and her people is the message received, and acted upon. It's critical people pay attention to what is happening here, on our beautiful planet. On going studies, facts, figures, and mathematics have gone into the inception of this society, religious belief, and methodology. It's not about who, or what you worship now. It's about expansion.


It's about expanding your mind, and realm of belief, to include a firm commitment of dedication,and worship for the Mother Earth, and all people. A firm commitment for life to never cause harm to the planet, or people again. To worship the ground you walk upon, and receive the wisdom that our Mother Earth retains, and makes readily available to all.


Our religion is what you would call: Ag-Religion. A self sustaining environment, system,and lifestyle, that has a positive methodology to enhance the planet,and lives of her people permanently. We're actually patenting the system, and will be implementing our project, and system on farms, and land around the globe.

This entire plan, project, and system is what will stop world hunger, and allow all people to survive in a self sustaining environment all year round, without the question of where their next meal is coming from.


Through research, and studies we've reached the conclusion that all areas of worship can, and will expand to include the worship of our Mother Goddess Earth, and all people. A Love based society, and lifestyle based on the needs of the planet, and her people.

Not only did we research this, but we also researched from the position of other religions, and we're able to conclude there is room in all areas of religious belief for Mother Goddess, and all her people. To expand, is to grow.


Ag-Religion is a Self-Sustaining Agricultural Earth enhancing environment, with areligious Mother Goddess based methodology, system, and lifestyle. Allpositive, no negative. Traditional problems of society have been eliminated.


Our Global Project can now be discussed openly, limiting the details on trademarks, patents, systems, designs, methods, is an official Non Profit Corp. Dedicated to Earth, all people, and implementing self sustaining communities around the globe.


It our goal to solve world hunger within 10 years. It can be done, we've done the math, and our home work. We had not posted anything about our global project prior to now, due to sensitive details that cannot yet be released. People starving anywhere...keeps us up at night. It's wrong, and we know it can be corrected quickly.


We are reaching out to the public in several ways to Hold Hands around the globe. By holding hands tightly with other Non Profit Groups with the same goals, we speed up the growth, advancement, and process.

Our team of professionals are working day and night to accomplish monumental goals, which benefit the entire planet, and her people. When we are able to announce, everyone has been fed, then we know we've reached our goal, and will continue maintaining it.


We are now forming Cooperative Agreements with many other types of groups who work for the same simply feed our people! People of all walks of life,are dying every few seconds around the globe, from starvation. This is completely unacceptable, and horribly indifferent.

Which is why we're working hard to implement a sensible, logical system, that provides for everyone. This will allow us to grow, and advance rapidly, considering we are in a race against time to solve this disturbing, heart breaking crime against humanity.


Our Religious group is non denominational, welcoming all faiths. We ask that you expand your love, faith, and beliefs to include our Mother Earth, and her people. We believe that may be what's missing from society today. You never have to change your religion for us, just expand to include worship of our planet, and people.


This global re-creation plan was created based on huge amounts of study, data, statistics, on going global problems, and so much more. The conclusions, discoveries, and mathematics have certain dictation factors, which help identify, and bring us to the final project, which is now ground in stone. All feedback received from all directions, has been 100% positive.


We'll be introducing new groups, we will be working with, as they join with us. All religious groups are welcomed here. Working together to solve this incredibly heart wrenching problem, is what does work.

We are launching a huge marketing/advertising campaign very shortly, it's before the board now. We're looking for many people who can help, work with us, work for us, as well as volunteer in the commitment to Love, and affording the basics in life for all people.


Our children,and adults should not be allowed to die from starvation, this is a sin upon the people, as well as our leaders. Our people, can join together to solve it once and for all...Right Now! These people cannot wait, for it to be convenient for you. They need your help now! It's worse than a matter of life and death!


Make the commitment to Life...Donate money now to help stop this crime against humanity. The Love comes back to you, and you get to save lives!


May the power to Love, strike you like a bolt of lightning, and keep the eternal flame of life burning deep within you...Many Blessings from our Mother Goddess...Ama'

Female Ruled Society Of The Past ... And The Future

by BrainFire

For as long as time can track back, there have always been female Warriors, Clan Leaders, Queens, and more. Cleopatra was one that probably stands out in many minds. She tore the tongues from the mouths of men who failed to listen.

Although I find that to be barbaric,it was common place in ancient times. Many Cultures were successfully run by women, and later killed off, or bullied out of the new patriarch systems developing at that time.

It's certainly out in the open that it's a bit hard for Men to swallow, and admit that such Beauty, and Frailty could be so Powerful. It's either accepted, or denied, but the fact remains men will submit to women/a woman at some point in their life.

Some stats that stick out from memory, 60,000 Men looking for women...v. 6000 women looking for men. 80% of every Dollar in the US is spent by a woman. Over 50% of all women are single, and not looking to mingle. (Boy I hope that changes 111,000people were surveyed in a study and the results showed the majority will not be having babies. Ummmmm we're going backwards here... Let's stop, and rewind.

The reason I'm pointing out some things that jump out at me is that the society we're claiming exists ... really doesn't anymore, new rules apply. The entire traditional, so called American dream does not exist. It could possibly exist, I suppose if you live like Grizzly Adams...cut off from the outside world.

We are already a Matriarch Society, with much mental resistance present in the air. However it's swaying while you're sleeping. Change is happening, and it's coming out from the shadows now.

I'm also a Rev. for the group, (small right now, but growing). It will continue to grow because the plans are logical, cost effective, and make sense, and were mathematically based. Worshiping the people, and the earth.


Agricultural Religious Society, and Lifestyle run by women. A Self Sustaining Lifestyle. It's a people friendly atmosphere, catering to good health, and well being. People function well, and work well together for the same cause... quality of life, and the eternal pursuit of happiness,when they are healthy.

A conceptual plan created around people, and the planet, which caters to current times, needs, and problems.

As corny as it sounds... Love really is the answer. When the major portion of negativity is eliminated, the positive remains, and can be built upon. Foundation and strength can build a great Society of people if you can penetrate their ignorance.

True Love for ones self, and others can be shared, and cherished for more than a life time. Strong, powerful entities present for as long as time goes back can be read about, and verified. It's a simple equation of the power of pure Love. Deep, and penetrating, always remembered...truly unforgettable. To capture ones heart, and keep it safe.

Living in a Ag-Religious society has it's advantages for both women, and men. There is more trust, more togetherness, more involvement in life activities, and being pro active in health. It's non materialistic, and focuses on productivity of Life. Meaning you actually "Advance" in life, for the effort you make.

It revolves around its people, and the ground they live on. Those two factors are what drives the path, and cause to secure a self sustaining environment, that runs itself.


Operating through Love, which is a huge driving force. People feel it, and adapt. Sharing a Life, does not have to be limited to one person. There can actually be many deep relations in a society, if the right attitude is adopted. Which of course is required for it to work.

It's important to know that in this type society men are loved. Although they are not in charge, they are treated with love, and affection. They do join to serve the women, and or children, and to work towards being a productive person in life, and love.

The main aspects of this Society is freedom, health, happiness, and being productive, with many to share a quality life with.

A well structured, organized, loving, caring, productive style of living.It is actually "living". Which is different from merely existing.

Positive efforts can be implemented to adapt, and adopt a new routine for quality of life, for life.


Rev. HP D. Sears

Stimulate Your Brain... Smile! :)

Happiness IS A Choice!

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