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Making A Difference Now...When It Counts

Posted on November 22, 2009 at 9:54 AM

Making The Right Moves...

We've been touching on many negative subjects lately, due to pressure on the people to make a move. Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcies, and Job Loss. These are the prevailing subjects in most families right now. I would like to shift the focus to what CAN be done, as opposed to what we've lost.

You have to walk before you run...The point is to forge ahead, in spite of the pending disaster that surrounds you. Once you've adopted this attitude, you can advance forward. Wallowing in despair is not the answer to any problem. It is a common human trait to become depressed when things fall apart. However there is a choice, and it's a good choice to make the switch to what is right.

What is right? Sustaining life is right. Growing safe food, and supplying our communities is right. Helping people find their way is right. All you have to have is a plan. The plan of life. The plan to live that life. This is where the path went astray. More focus was put, in the wrong places. Now the people are left to suffer. It's quite obvious the people were not even a consideration.

When you omit particular facts from the upbringing of your offspring, they are not armed with the necessary ammo to sustain a proper nutritional life. The FACT is we are a Plant Based being, who needs the nutrients from our Mother Earth to sustain life. Just because big industry brain washed many into believing otherwise, does not make it right!

Our Beautiful planet is in jeopardy, along with her people who are literally starving. I am witness to the endless so called government bodies, who verbally claim they care, but yet do nothing. I like to call that fluffer-Nutter....because that's what it is. There is nothing viable being done for the people of America, and or the entire planet. I am watching (from the inside) the Fall Of America. It's happening right before my eyes, and it's not getting better.

All we need to do is to join forces, with the common goals, and focus on the things in life that actually matter. People, and the planet. That's all that matters. The big pharmaceutical companies, the well accepted bilking of people for non-paying insurance, the smog-pollution industry, the fat pockets of corporate not matter. Why do they not matter? Because they never once stopped to care about the people they were poisoning. They took the money, without a thought of remorse, or care of the people.

As long as the people continue to patronize that way of life, they will absolutely have nothing. As they have right now. This is the historical impasse that needs to be identified, and embraced. Now there are options that are developing daily, within this society, and lifestyle. This is a positive, life enhancing, people promoting, planet saving way of life. No damage should have ever been allowed to happen to the planet, and our people, yet it did.

According to the medical industry...Everyone should be on these wonderful drugs they're pushing, right? The more dysfunctional you are rendered, the more momentum they can gain at over powering you, and their final stop, for you? The cemetery, compliments of the wonderful drug lords of our time. If what they say was actually true, you wouldn't have hoards of people dropping like flies on a daily basis. This is how to kill a people. It's a firm undeniable array of facts, and math that cannot be disputed.

In science, usually the simple answer is the right one. Occam's Razor, lends good application here. Aristotle said something I definitely agree with, "Nature operates in the shortest way possible". Utilizing the principle of simplicity, can expose the solutions needed to correct the problem(s).

Keeping Things Simple! It's a rule that works for everyone, and everything on this planet. Buying only fresh fruits, vegetables, and not the garbage! People need to wise up, and start paying attention to what they're putting into their bodies. This tainting of the food, is how the infiltration of good health is being attacked. If people are healthy, they cannot make money on your plight. They can't make you sicker to make more money.

If you get this fact, then it should be very easy to decide  which way to go. You either want to live, or you want to die. Which statistic would you prefer?

This is a divided population of people. One side is for the healthy, one side is for drugs. Just because you're not buying them on a street corner, does not make them safe! The men in white push way more drugs into the people of our planet, than the illegal drug lords. They kill more people too. Check out the death index, it's all there.

It's time to wake up, realize this is not what life was meant to be like, and join in the cure for humanity, and our planet now. No Farms...No Food.

May the truth of Life settle deep in your heart permanently...Many Blessings for our people...Ama'

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