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Profit By Death...Big Business

Posted on October 27, 2009 at 6:28 AM

If you don't mind...


Please take this, and don't mind the side affects. Should it bother you...I'll call in a different drug, to combat it. I'll see you in 2 weeks. Sound familiar? Of course it does, everyone's heard this, from their doctor. Let's not mention pollution, diseases, flu, contaminated grounds, and waters, air, and plants...should I go on? That's just a brief list of what people deal with. All compliments of big business.


It's steady, it's never ending, it' always happening, it's never not happening....It's the business of Death. Death indirectly, or directly connected to your life. Death paths through Life are the trails one can take by choice. Driven to consume product, already known to be harmful. Across the board, in general, over all, we are all involved in this as a whole.

Our planet repels us, our lives are in involuntary mode, and our childrens lives are completely uncertain. Our future food source is unstable, and our local US farmers are being run out of town. Countless cases are popping up everywhere. It's sad to see what is happening all over the planet. A trickle down factor from Rampant fraud. The collateral damage.

Our people who are strong will survive this. Many will succumb to the end results of what is happening, but many will survive, and be that much stronger. A battle of smarts, and logic. What actually works, has a good chance of being implemented, should the people make this choice.

It is inevitably up to the people, and what "they" want. Not what one person in a government office wants. Should the people decide this is not the way things should go, they themselves can make the change. Nobody else.


The general public, typically does not know how to speak up, or speak out for themselves,and have it count. Therefore it's easier for a political figure to get a group to agree with a singular person, than to individually target one on one. People in general do not "know" how to take action on their behalf. This is a known fact. Hence we have attorneys.


Proper representation for the people, by the people. This is the concept at hand. It's simple, basic, caring, and people oriented. Based on priorities of actual need. That is if you want to live a fruitful, vegetarian, healthful, nature based life. Life of mankind... in harmony with Mother Goddess Earth.


Walking towards Love is a pretty easy thing to do. It's more monumental than any negative event ever encountered. It is what one will remember. It is what one will create themselves revolving around. A permanent mark in history. Either for it, or against it, it's permanent. Historically moving us to the next moment in time... to evaluate, and act upon. Each moment, only to be reflected upon, teaching us right from wrong. Educating as we go...if we're paying attention.


Right now our world revolves around taking drugs, and rendering ourselves useless. Toxic substances are not what our human bodies need. They need what is natural. Our bodies, have become experimental containers, housing toxic substances, generating statistical reports, right down to the amount of deaths. It's not my imagination that every TV commercial says: "If you have these side affects, call your doctor".

Monitoring the Death Index, (which doesn't account for every person, but close) you can see how many people are leaving us. It's about profit... in the life of death.


Grasp life like never before, and never let go...May all the forces of our Mother Goddess find you...Ama'

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