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Global Re-Creation Plan... Matriarch Style

Posted on September 26, 2009 at 1:47 PM

A People Friendly, Earth Loving Society

(K.I.S.S.) Keep It Simple Stupid...

From A Matriarch Point Of View:

Our Country (US), along with our Ally Countries, a worthy body of people, who deserve every chance to have a happy life, being prosperous, productive, and lending support to the community they live within. Unfortunately terms are dictated to the people, which are unfavorable no matter how you sugar coat it.

Being Pro-Active in small groups, which are part of larger groups, is a good way to begin getting connected into the right circuit. That is if you're about doing something about it. If not, carry on, we'll get back to you at a later date.

The Changes needing to take place on this planet, at this time of our lives is critical for our children to survive successfully. Meaning, if we don't get this right, now (being it could take approximately the same time for the planet to heal her wounds, from the monumental damage we've caused for so long now)...we may not survive another 100 years.

At times I feel like not enough people are paying attention, and the damages are mounting by the moment. The people of this country, and our Ally Countries could definitely form a Co-operative, with a Minimum Rate Of Standard all would have to follow. In an effort to combat the transfer, and migration of various diseases, Bacteria, and Viral New comers which are inevitably spreading far, and wide. All Countries would be set up to be Self Sustaining.

The Co-op: Method Of Operation

Each Country/Region/City/County would be assessed on a Population level, production level, with all factors being included. Average Age, household size, Health issues, and more. To reach a conclusion of what can/could be produced from this area, to serve the planets people.Taking the worst extreme of desert, or baron land into consideration, Hydroponic Food Stations could be set up. Creating thousands of secure jobs for many.

Taking it to another Level, Hydroponic Food Stations could be set up every 5 Miles from each other, in any location. Creating a local, safe Food Source, and creating Jobs for many people. In turn creating a Self Sustaining environment for people to live in.

All owned land would be protected by the Peoples Land Act, which allows you do anything you like on the property You own. Of course there wouldn't be any toxic waste dumping wanted, or harmful chemicals spread into the air, and the like. As long as it is confirmed Nobody is getting hurt by your action, then it's OK.

It would be encouraged to go back to basics of life. The Black Smith, the Shoe Maker, the small Merchant type shops. That's who you want to patronize, to gain some control back for retail, and small shops, which help a community thrive. Going out of your way to support your local people, is how you prosper as a community, anywhere.

Working together, telling everyone you know to go there to the little merchant, instead of the big retailer. People patronage supports the people, as opposed to the big monopolies who eventually gain too much control, and manipulation power, by having too much money. All Small Business would have incentives, because there would be no income tax! Earn it, you keep it.

The only cost is a Donation to the Society, of 10%of whatever is earned. The Minimum Wage would be: $20 per hour, with unlimited Over Time available. Health Care would be Free for everyone.

Jobs would be created like: The Rain Forest Restoration Project, Food Stations, Environmental Solutions, Solar Energy, 100% Safe Waste Disposal, Purified Water Systems, and more environmentally friendly planet Promoting items.

These would be the main industries that would create larger groups, for very important Engineering, and Construction type jobs. Focus would be on restoring the planet to where we were over 100 years ago. The Goal.

All Doctors, Scientists, and like professionals would be paid by the Society for their services to the people. Nutrition would be the rule of thumb, not drugs.

The Lawyers...well we have a special place in our Society for the Lawyers...They get to assess the Damages of the Local areas, and all the Municipal Waste produced by the people, and report the figures to the Society. See even I have found a good use for Lawyers, can you imagine?lol

In a Prioritizing manner, all (similar to Triage at a Hospital) in order of importance: areas of sustaining life would be first, and foremost. Food, Shelter, Health, Growth, Adapting, Expanding, and prospering.

All Destruction, or extracting elements from the Earth would stop. Efforts would have to go into reverse action, to do an about face, and go back the other way. Bring it back to it's natural state. Then walk away, and leave it be.

All areas of planetary destruction of any kind would be forbidden. Trees, shrubs, and plants would be required to be planted on a daily basis, for an indefinite period of time. Or until everything already ripped out, torn down, or chopped into pieces is put back. The 2nd Goal.

All pending waste currently sitting on this planet, would be assessed by, the Lawyers of course. For establishing, and implementing new safe ways to process it. Land Fills would be eliminated, Purified Water, and other products will come from this new process.

OK so we've solved the Food issue, The famine is eliminated. The working for nothing scam is eliminated, as minimum wage is $20 per hour, and you actually get...$20 per hour! You no longer have to pay for Health Care, and your home is your own to do with as you wish.

There are no Taxes, and Nobody will come along to take anything from you. Credit Cards are completely eliminated, along with all Mortgage debt. Poof...gone.

A Bonus Point structure would be implemented in all the Countries in the Co-op. Each merchant would be able to accept your Prosperity Bonus Points, as payment. They will receive a check from that Society for the amount accrued, and spent. The Bonus points would be earned each time anything is purchased from any one merchant, large or small, anywhere within the Co-op.

The more purchases, the more Bonus Points. Working Over Time at the food Stations would earn Bonus Points as well. It's called, how to make money flow. The more money flowing, the more people thrive.

Whether it be Shiny Sea Shells, or Shiny Coins, it will allow you to thrive, and prosper without restraints, or limitations. Opening your own Merchant type Shop would have incentives, and would entitle you to assistance from the Society. All efforts would be to assist in your success, in many ways.

Our plan would be to go back to utilizing Natural Substances, as opposed to producing Man Made substances. Polluting the Air is forbidden. Shooting holes in the ionosphere is forbidden.

All areas of severe destruction would be dealt with first, in a triage manner. Incentives would be given to all people who pitch in to help re-plant in particular public areas, and in the food stations. Pay, and Additional Bonus Points would be given for incentive help.

All vehicles would be Solar Powered, eliminating the need for Gasoline. New methods for building them would be implemented. The rule is to go back to basics...Keep it simple, stupid. The elements to work with, are what is already in existence, and Wood, Water, Dirt, and Air.

Last but not least, all killing of Animals in the Countries in the Co-op will cease immediately. All environments will be assessed, and restored, and assistance will be given to all animals in danger of extinction.

Disturbing environments such as this, would be forbidden. We would sway away from eating Animals as well. It truly was not meant to be this way. Anyone can research this, and confirm it for themselves. They are the Eco-System, and will be afforded the opportunity to have protection, and representation as well.

This would be part of the adapting to eating Fruits, and Vegetables grown at the Food Stations. Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, Oats, Rice, Soups, Beans, Roots, mushrooms, and more, would be the staple for our healthy functioning Society of humans.

Children would attend School at the Food Stations. The stations would be part School, Part Society Head Quarters, and the Fresh Food Grow House. All Children get to go to School until they are 18. Continued Education will also be available following completion up to 18 years. School is Free, and Paid for by the Society.

Ok so we've addressed the main survival issues for the people, as a whole. Now we have the mass clean up to attend to. Cleaning up the planet, and eliminating toxic waste, corrosive materials, contaminants, and the like. All deadly chemicals would be forbidden. Natural components, with natural processes would have to replace them.

Few Laws would have to be implemented to protect the planet, and it's people. Although hostile, or violent behavior would not be tolerated, and dealt with swiftly, and constructively. Any Harm done to the Planet, or it's people would be forbidden.

This Society would Motivate People, Not to commit crimes against another, or against the planet.

Finally, An Eye For An Eye, would apply to a Crime that is actually carried out. Solitary Rehabilitation would be applied. Certain Health indicators would be assessed, and action would be taken to correct the situation.

Of course in the beginning during the adaptation period, people will find it slightly difficult, but inevitably fall into a very comfortable, secure, productive, prosperous routine of Living Life. The 3rd Goal.

So we've eliminated most of what people complain about, or dislike in traditional Society. We've completely shifted focus, onto what really matters, and are proceeding to take corrective action to halt any further damage. Putting back what we've destroyed...and be paid well to do it.

With no usual worries looming in the back ground. Life would be in a status of: Living. People would be able to socialize, bond, grow, and work on ideas together, for the good of the many. That's really what this is all about.

People in the current traditional Society are not flourishing, they don't have the time to socialize, and they're too tired to boot. Completely over worked, stressed out, overwhelmed, depressed, worried, and in a negative, unpleasant state of mind. I could definitely go on...but I won't.

The point to this is that if people really want something...they can get it. If they're determined enough, and fed up enough, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The power of the People is still there, it's just laying Dormant...ready to be awakened from a long slumber.

This is what I believe will work for the people, I'm sure with some degree of variation. Over all in general, it is the nucleus of what will afford people the opportunity to explore a life that is true to the definition.

Working with of course the massive damages, everywhere, before us. Unfortunately we are not starting with a clean slate, and there is much to attend to.

Our people being one large team, will enjoy working together to make it right. As would the people of the Society who have learned a better way of life. Who better to guide you, than a Matriarch, with appropriate priorities.

I'm not saying it would be easy, or with the wave of a magic wand it's all have to start somewhere. It would be prosperous, and Motivating to create incentive to carry out the task of adapting, and cleaning up the planet.

Discipline, and endurance would be a helpful necessary trait.

Humans have unbelievable strength, and ability. We've only tapped into about 30%. I believe if our people were directed, and taught to live this way, our potential for increased capacity would go up...beyond 30%. I would love to see it happen on a mass scale. It is one of my goals in life.

May all the powers of our universe become part of your realm of existence...Blessings from our Mother Goddess..Ama'


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Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
7:24 AM on October 9, 2009 
William Bond says...
If people are to be co-operative, then they will have to stop being so competitive with each other.

Competition is what creates our patriarchal society. Men are naturally competitive and if men rule our world then competition can get completely out of control. Like we see in wars, business and banking.

Thank you William. Yes this is true, that cooperation is required. So far so good. Peoples are preoccupied with the chaos going on. Focusing on the task at hand is what will bring us out of this. Regardless of what the tyrants are up to. It's become so easy now for people to see clearly. Mas destruction, war, famine, and too many more things to list, has driven them here. Turning to what is good, and right for the people.
Reply William Bond
4:50 AM on October 9, 2009 
If people are to be co-operative, then they will have to stop being so competitive with each other.

Competition is what creates our patriarchal society. Men are naturally competitive and if men rule our world then competition can get completely out of control. Like we see in wars, business and banking.