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Posted on September 3, 2009 at 11:45 PM

Here's an email I sent to one of our members. All members can share in it.

Joining this Congregation is an easy choice for many people. Farms in particular, combined with this concept, is a win win for them, us, and the government(s). First we eliminate the burden certain elements of people place on states, and local governments.

We cause economic cash flow wider, and with stability, through grants,production, building, expanding, jobs, and more. We house many on each farm, and the entire congregation supports all the communities surrounding the farms, plus we plan to export to other areas.

The production on the farms, the building of housing, the grow houses that will be built...will all be done by us internally, all the entities needed are already in place. I have every aspect covered,  and authorities, governments, dept of agriculture all love our plan, and concept. They are anxious to see us successful, and we've already pre-qualified for a host of very large grants. The more farms...the more grants, as well as special loans.

There is so much going on right now, it's mind boggling. Very exciting, in spite of what's looming on the horizon for America...the traditional. This entire situation going on, actually supports us in a positive way, believe it or not. The patriarchs have done soooooo much damage that when people hear of another option...they seem to be running towards it! Why wouldn't they...they sure "know" what they're running from.

Donations are definitely needed for the congregation to be able to apply for these grants. A lot of hours, time, and typing are required,as well as research to prove  our success. We need to share this information with as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

We can also help people earn money! We have 3 Work At Home programs that are incredible. Real companies, who pay daily. No nonsense.

All associates who join, do have to pass a back ground check. One of the ladies down in Florida who does the work at home job makes $2300 in residuals per week, from her other associates. She does nothing for that money now. She is not a member of the religious group, only the work at home programs. She doesn't even know about our congregation yet.

Waste Processing: Natural process

The Eggs will be included in the plan on each 50+ acre farm, globally. (See Home page; BrainFire Widget: Alternative Energy Hub) They require 10 acres per egg. I personally know the inventors/creators, "Water Authority": Dr. Riley Kinman, who own the patents on this process.

The biggest thing we need is exposure, and donations. That will help speed up the process of being able to secure the grant funding, and physically visit every farm in the nation. To prepare a major campaign on tv, radio, ustream, youtube, etc., etc.,etc. We qualify for millions in grant funds, and various loans too.Timing is everything.

The reason I'm telling you this is because this is how we grow. We work together for the same cause, and objective. Reaping the benefits together. The website will be updated with new content added weekly. Join in the forums, and add some comments of your own, add some videos,and pics. 

Every bit of help is appreciated. Thank you all for your support!

Blessings from our Mother Goddess...may your mind expand with ideas through love...Ama'

See you there. Take care,

Rev HP: D

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