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How To Modify A Mortgage...Matriarch Style

Posted on August 15, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Welcome to Life is but a dream...Is it?

The tours of fact finding, and discovery which leads to secret answers within the circuit...The Economic Circuit that is. I assure you there are ways to deal with everything. Where there is a problem...There is a solution.


Find many solutions on this site. Chat, post, comment, add videos, etc. Growth is inevitable, it's happening now, and it's here for the taking. Oh...and...We're definitely Not Leaving, either. We're here to stay. The challenge is very rewarding.


I'm releasing this information because it's necessary to educate the public immediately, in order to cause a mass reversal to a positive. All people need to do is connect with us. Once positive factual information is released to the public, (basically what has been hidden for so long), as opposed to what is fed publically by media, will cause a viral spread of what actually works.


My anger grows for what they've (Banks, etc.) done to the people. It's criminal, and devastating.


My personal quest for what is "Right" starts here: Project Educate and Modify.


I am flipping mad that the banks are not being more aggressive in reaching people to afford this opportunity to right many wrongs. These are mass fraudulent crimes against our people, and so far many are being left to hold the bag...alone.


I am privy and subject to the mass monumental damage our people have suffered with mortgages, all banking needs, and their business failing everywhere. I am seeing first hand that there really is a total lack of communication in any direction you turn for help. Especially with the banks.


One of their problems is that they have hired new people, who do not know what they're doing. Many of the people within the banks have absolutely no motivation or incentive to help a consumer who calls in to modify their mortgage. They're more worried about getting to keep their job, more than anything else.


There is a mass hysteria, panic, depression, and chronic worry amongst our people. Everywhere, not limited to any one group, culture, nation, etc. All people are affected by what is currently takng place in the main stream of economics right now. In the wake of the mass spectrum of victims, it has been determined that people who are educated in this arena need to step up to the plate, and help people...for Free.


The fact is it's very simple to Modify a Mortgage. I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it. For Free.


I will also include how to go after the culprits who took your money to modify your mortgage, and didn't. We the people control this outcome, and everyone needs to wake up...smell the coffee, and get with our program. Our strength in numbers is what will accomplish the task, and bring positive results to all of us...together as one power.


I do not take kindly to our people being duped, bilked, fooled, and deceived all in lieu of some tyrants profit. One of our main goals in our religion, and society structure, is to educate people on how to be self sufficient, stick togehter, and empower themselves to be able to command, and demand improvement, and progress. Our people hold that power right now.


My passion grows deeper, due to the overwhelming negative things going on publicly. The upper middle class has now stepped into the land of collections of bad debt. New to the arena, and negativity they are in store for. It's like playing baseball for the first time, and getting slammed in the head by the ball. Quite the wake up call, to put it mildly.


The main reason I'm writing about this particular blog topic, is because I am 100% furious with the whole situation. The entire pipeline of so called professionals shows they are merely preying on consumers to cash in on their plight! It's easier to become a vulture, and join the ranks of the criminally offensive, than to do what's actually right? How dare they...How dare they even think that everyone would go alone with these horrific patterns of destruction. Time stops for nobody.


It's time...wouldn't you say? It's time to wake up, stand up, and march forward. I'm mad as hell...and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Remember "Network"? A movie that sticks out in my mind. It really is time to put a stop to this horrendous modus-operandi. It has shortened our lives, damaged our children, prevented most people from even having a life, and caused nothing but intensely negative results, growing worse by the hour.


"Three Paragraphs" To Modify Your Mortgage...That's what it takes!

Include Printed Comparables, with your (3) Paragraphs, and you're on your way.


Keep It Strictly Business! No emotion required!


Your first paragraph explains what happened. No emotion, no stress, and keep it simple to the facts. If you were forced to take a loan at a high rate in 05-07 include that as one of the reasons you went into default. If your home is really valued at less than the financed amount owed, you request the Principle be reduced to $10,000 below the real/today value. A Realtor can help with that too. You can check on zillow .com also. (they are slightly higher than true value from what I've found) But it works in spite of that.


Your second paragraph is to make your demands. You want the principle reduced to $10k less than the actual value according to comps. You want a 3% Rate, "or less". You want the Payment of your Mortgage Reduced to fit your income. Which will enable you to survive.


Your third paragraph explains how all of this will fix the situation, and afford you the opportunity to survive, make the payments, and resume a more positive abilty to advance in life productively. That's it...that's all you need to do to affect positive results for the consequences you wish to have. You are providing them with what they need to make a quick decision, and close that file, to move onto the next one.


You're actually doing the banks job, by doing this. They themselves will have to pull comps on the property. Establish how much it's really worth, pay for a foreclosure process, put it on the market/Auction block, and the bottom line is...They will get Fire Sale Value. Usually a quarter of the true value. So ineveitably you have shown them how to get more for their money, time and efforts by modifying it, allowing you to keep it, because there's a very good chance you "will" pay it on time because of this effort you've made.


It works, I've done it successfully, and it took me (2) two days to complete, and ground it in stone.


You send it out to them by Over Night Mail, as well as Certified Return Receipt (2 copies to the Bank), and you copy: the Banking commission, The FTC, The State Attorney General, Your Attorney, Consumers Affairs, all just for good measure. All by Certified Return Receipt Mail. Which falls under the Commercial Code as well. In case they do not respond, that initself will also be a violation.


The reason you do this is to add the element of extra, (just to be sure) protection from some of the authorities who may possibly do their job in protecting consumers. I do say may. Unfortunately Our governing bodies are quite lacking in their duties for a very long time now.


One important thing to remember is that you must approach a Modification from a business stand point, in order to logically make your requests. Put yourself in the banks shoes for a the investor. Look at the comps, talk to a Realtor, see what sales have happened on your block, or around your block. You want yours to match with the other sales in the area.


This is what they will go by regardless of the type of transaction they would be doing. Once they have the knowledge of the actual comps, they can proceed to liquidate the property accordingly. Whether it be to you, or whoever. They don't really look at it like a person, they look at the numbers of what it will bring monetarily. It's the only consideration it will have. You as a person are irrelevant. Another can always step in. Hence losing to foreclosure.


By following the simple steps of communication in writing, the results will follow. Of course you'll always have the example of complete dysfunction of a few banks, over all in general I'm telling you how it works from the inside. For the reasons of pure education, and fact finding tours in the world of banking, real estate, and finance.


Our people, and their homes are definitely worth fighting for. I'm going to be doing a live broadcast/recorded on this subject, to enlighten the public, (including those who may not be able to read) that Modifying a Mortgage is not difficult.This is a pressing subject, heavy on my mind. It's important to get the facts out quickly to all people who own homes.


The industry has cast a complex veil over everything, making it seem like it's so incredibly complicated. I promise it's not, it's a matter of putting the facts in writing, and causing the bank to move on those facts. They will waste no time in closing chapters of bad loans, and it will help cover them in the future as well as cover you.


Never give up a fight, when something is being wrongfully taken from you. There is a mass destruction of lives happening right now. It is not being handled properly, and most people do not know where to turn. Hence the vulture attack commencing upon them.


Sharing power and strength is what "This" is all about. Our Structure, Belief, System, Methodology, and logical approach is what you gain by joining in, in any capacity. Whether you're a Farm, single person, group, company, etc., you're increasing the power by joining, and you're enhancing it even more by becoming a member, and spreading the word far and wide.


Save the Planet...Save The People. Save The People...Save The Planet...It goes both ways as you can see. Which "is" the "point". Our survival depends on it.


May our strength empower you...Our Love capture you...and our souls bond deeply as one...Blessings from Mother Goddess to all...Ama'


Take Care, and Be Aware!

Rev. HP D.



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