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Altering History...All By Yourself...

Posted on July 24, 2009 at 9:26 PM

Somewhere...Someone is making a decision that involves Mother Goddess Earth, and her people. Inevitably that one individual changes our entire course of history. The part you'll never know about. Well maybe you might know, if we can spread the word far and wide.


My research has shown me numbers that are verifiable, and profound. Compelling facts, and figures dictate moves, and motions of action."People" are the main nucleus of the body of movement, that stirs the activity. Every single "small" action equals a larger result in the future. It is one necessary component to progress, and forward advancement.


Our entire existence revolves around... "How Well We Function" as beings. Should you lack this simple balance, it throws our entire history off. Everyone is affected, and each and every one of us, alters history every day.

There are many theories, hypothesis, and speculative reports on this particular subject. Research, facts, numbers, priorities, and current events are what drives people in directions, they had not planned. Events which disturb the development of their personality. Thus altering the true course, because of, cause and effect. Literally changing ones personality, in the midst of chaos. So profound, that it has an effect that preoccupies your mind, pulling you away from your true path.


Our minds can be self programmed, and reprogrammed at any time. Your brain will believe whatever you tell it. You do not have to speak aloud, either. What you tell your brain, your mind and body will adopt, like inner gospel. You're born with this ability, but because of the paths forced upon people, we have been diverted, from actual true life. The meaning thereof.


Our goals are to correct this in a wave like fashion, now. People catch on to logic very quickly. Regardless of their current health status.There are always options, answers, directions to take, and people to connect with. Our abilities are very strong, and growing fast. The signs of the times are here now. We have already changed history for the better, and will continue indefinitely.


Mother Goddess is within all of us, in the form of a deep born power. You can acknowledge that power, or deny it. Embracing ones inner being, and adopting new habits to set your course for proper development is the correct answer to your own advancement. It is within you, and everyone else to reach their optimum level, or plateau of development.


I am not actually thinking this, before I write it. It's free flowing information that is forming as I write. Thoughts pop in, I notate them in order of importance. I have immense feeling for the people, and feel it's critical to log this in history permanently.


Insight, foresight, and hindsight, along with logic, math, statistical data, needs, and direction for success are what's driving our congregation. It's the people who call to the powers. It's the people who get to take their own stand, and once and for all speak up, and make the decision to control their own life. A real life.


True Life is waiting for our people. Our people are waiting for trueLife. I have discovered that the answer is to introduce each other."True Life" this is__(Your Name)__...__(Your Name)__...This is"True Life"'s time you met. Please feel free to merge each other into one. Love is incredibly abundant, so give/receive generously. Give love freely, regardless of what you see, witness, or experience. It has an amazing power that will be completely contagious, and viral.


In spite of the horror shows in the news, (which I refuse to watch) I choose to love life, and smile. I do not lose hope, and never give up. I am the supreme optimist, and the glass is "always" half full. I am a mover, and a shaker in the world of business, and have carried on very large prestigious meetings in law firms. With the best, and I give all my associates due merit. They really are the best in the business.The legal business that is.


It takes great strength to be in the legal business, with a good attitude, surrounded by very negative events constantly.

The strength within, the deep love of life is what takes great precedence over the negativity...if you develop it. Focus must be on the positive, and you actually laugh at negativity to ward it off. I have mastered how to repel negativity, and make it bounce right back to wherever it came from. Not to be confused with normal emotion. (such as death of a loved one, trauma, tragedy).


We, the People have a sound healthy, happy, productive path that we're supposed to be on, long ago. It is a race against time to spring into action spreading the word of "Good". The "Good" that will save our people. Beyond a shadow of doubt, with profound, monumental success. May the power of our Mother Goddess come alive within you now.


Bless all people...The power has been given to us freely...I am eternally grateful to our Mother Goddess for our gift...We are alive to share one... Ama'


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Reply William Bond
1:57 AM on September 6, 2009 
Hi Rev

I agree with what you say, that a very positive attitude is needed if we are going to achieve anything.

It is a tough one, because if we give reasons why Women should rule the world. We have to focus on the reasons why men do such a terrible job in doing this. And this means talking about the horrors that go on in places like Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Congo, Burma, etc etc. So if we were to focus our minds too much on all this insanity we would become disheartened and depressed, so bad is it.

So the other side of the picture has to be expressed, of giving a vision of hope for the future. So we have to tell people how wonderful things will be if we allow Women to rule our world.

I know it is frustrating that patriarchy still has control over our media and education system, so that the average person is totally unaware of the possibilities of matriarchy. But we now have the internet and it is through the internet we can get our message out there.

Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
9:49 AM on July 26, 2009 
Thank you Edwin...You are blessed.
Your comments, and membership are only the start. Our future is what we make of it.

Thank you for your support, and love!

Blessings from our Mother Goddess...her strength and love are within you...Ama'
Reply subed1
7:55 AM on July 26, 2009 
i find Your words very appealing and uplifting, filled with truth and hope for the future. Thank You for Your post.