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Patriarchal Failure...Look Around

Posted on July 20, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Passion, and fury comes to mind when I think of what's going on right now. I want to focus on "Differentiation". How to decipher deceitful attempts to cover up previous deceitful attempts. Ones in which I consider "crimes against humanity". I am personally angry, (to put it mildly) about the endless list of horrific things being done to people, not being done for people, and all the while, bilking "The People"!

If there is one single person on this planet, that is starving, if there is one single person not being cared for, if there is one single person dying unecessarily, if there is one single person that has no home...then  you have failed. You have "Failed" miserably. How dare they stand up on TV, or in the public eye, and conveniently boast it will change, "we promise".

How does everyone feel about all the past promises, made by all these so called officials. We're not even going to leave any out. How do we like the results? Is everyone happy? I'm not, and I will not be a "lay down" deal for them. As my own history demonstrates.

Actually what you think, as a "person", a so called "citizen" with so called rights, matters are expendable. Your survival does not matter, and you will merely be another number on some minimum wage workers desk, that will be archived in some warehouse to collect dust. You will never be referred to by name, only number. You have little value, and if you do not conform to gun point medicine, you will be tagged as a rebel, at the very least.

Tyrants who control many things, have already planned how to take your money. How to tie you up financially, and how to cause you damages with their inefficient rules. You "Will" be their victim, because it's part of their plan.

Our people can only gain strength by joining together, the way it was really meant to be. If the vast majority stands up to fight, they will have no choice. Otherwise it will become a divided society, much like the movie The Stand. Good v. Evil is upon now. Attention must be paid to what is going on around you.

People still hold all the power. We are supposed to stand up, talk back, and fight for "Our" real rights. Which is the right to exist "Safely", Healthy and Nutritiously, Productively, and happily without the wreckless maniacs damaging our existence, and our beautiful planet. They had, and have no authority, or right to do this damage to our planet. There was no governing body, who oversaw the process of the massive amount of damage, and contamination they (the patriarchs) have caused. All at the hands of men.

People can now finally make an intelligent decision, through "differentiation" that this is indeed all wrong. What is being written here, will be our turning points in history. Our history that we are changing right now. Power By Numbers is our strength, and Love is our guide. Love has proved to be the only method that actually works. I have demonstrated this beyond a shadow of a doubt, over, and over. May those forces continue to grow within each and every one of us...together as one.

Blessings from Mother Goddess...Ama'

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Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
9:29 PM on July 26, 2009 
Thank you.

It's actually easy to see things clearly when you've done the math. It's all about numbers, with real facts, that equal the solution. From a starting point of Love.

It's wiser to Love...than to hate...grasping that concept is the key to unlocking your heart, and allowing Love in.

May all the powers within you grow beyond your dreams...Blessings from our Mother Goddess...Ama'
Reply subed1
9:52 PM on July 20, 2009 
Your insight and intellect always inspire me to try and improve. And this message gives me hope that the Matriarchy will grow and prosper. When the leader has a clear vision many will be able to follow Her to the better place.