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Posted on July 12, 2009 at 11:45 AM

For the Love of many


Historical Facts and Events in my life.


I was a tom boy as a young girl, always playing in the dirt. Little did I realize then, just how connected to "that dirt" I really was. I remember thinking thoughts of how beautiful everything was. I would walk everywhere (it was safe back then) and each time I saw a beautiful flower, I always stopped to smell it, and admire it's beauty. Even as a child I appreciated flowers, and the "green" everywhere. I love, and soak up all the green. I literally take it in to my being, and become tuned with it.


I was also very rugged, bold, aggressive, and motivated to change things to the way they were meant to be. I'm not fancy, or materialistic, and I love small natural pleasures. I love my surroundings, and love the opportunity to make them better. I've always maintained a path of steady improvement.


I knew at 8 years old, applying what I learn to every day life, is what will cause advancement. I verbally stated to many people, I will save the planet, because I know what to do. Not only was I serious, but I have laid the stones in the road for others to follow. Those people today, say to me, "I never realized you were actually serious". With them witnessing this from then to now, it gives it a certain level of value, and proven destiny of my life. I knew then, what I would be doing now. I have well developed foresight, and hindsight abilities.


I saw the future in color, already happening. I was already there, as if to visit for a spell. I am also able to see our future, in the here and now. We are creating "our" tomorrow, right now. Our future will be designed, and customized to the correct way people were meant to live.

It's not so important that it's me saying this. What is important is "what" I'm saying. It doesn't matter so much that I am an Ambassador for our Mother Goddess. It's more important that her gift is reaching you. It matters not, how you got there, or why.

I am humble about my position in life. I do not need a pat on the back, or praise. What I do need is to relay what I've been given here. It is a gift of life. The true meaning of life. It is imperative this be given to the people. Our lives are not what they are supposed to be. I doubt I have to twist anyone's arm on that.

You will never hear me say a negative thing about any other deities, or gods. This is not a political campaign. This is the awakening of our people. Mother Goddess has actually adapted to our status, and has given the gift of life, and guidance to certain individuals on her planet. These certain individuals are strong enough to make an imprint on history, and guide our people to the answers that have always been there.

It wasn't until now, that the opportunity to really implement this within our people, on a voluntary acceptance level existed. It's almost as if a button was pushed, and we were gonged on the head, with the message of, "Do it now!" All humanity depends on this. Of course there are many who are ignorant to this, and will deny it, or even laugh it off as pure delusion. They will come later.

I already know how long it will take to correct this. As well as who will join now, who will join soon, and who will join later. I know that as our congregation grows we will be picking up people just like a snow ball rolling down hill. Our style of life, and belief system is contagious, and invokes love within them. It's the trigger people need, to wake up.

I take this extremely serious, and I keep things humble. I am not the type of person who abuses power. We are one, within our Mother Goddess. I am just the chosen one to relay life critical information, and guidance to our people.  This is "real" destiny from our Mother is truly a gift of life.

When I was 2, I was adopted by my step father. My biological father left my mother, and gave up rights to me. My mother ended with the adoptive father when I was 12. He basically never spoke to me again. Our family life was now a shambles, and my mother went back into the jewelry business. We survived, but things were still not good. Luckily my Mother had her Mother to help her, and both Father's Mothers. Many women who took charge in the family. They pulled it together, and maintained.

I left home when I turned 15, and never looked back. It was part of my path. Luckily I had very good friends at that time in my life, (that I still have today). I feared nothing. I was a very brave kid. My favorite thing to say as a teen was, "Don't worry about it". I hopped around for a while, North Carolina, Florida, NY, Arizona, Pa. until I landed back in NYC working with the City Marshals. I was 18 when I started in the legal business.

I never left the business either. I'll tell you why. It is in fact a terrible business to be in. It is extremely ugly, negative, and very damaging to people. I stayed because the people needed me to stay. Nobody was nice to the people. I felt that I could make a dent and change that. So I did. As ugly and negative as the debt, and legal business is, I mastered a way to make it more pleasant, and changed the entire approach to work for the people.

I was the first manager in a firm of 1800 offices in the nation, to get thank you letters, and gifts from debtors who paid me money for bad debt. I have many plaques and awards from many companies I did work for. I still hold records for the highest success rate in many of the law firms, and agencies I worked in, to this day.

The moral of the story is: everything can be flipped over to the side of love. When operating through matter what you are doing, it "will" work much better, and the results are quite astounding. I've already proven it by taking the worst business of all, and completely flipped it over to love. My demonstration on a phone call, to a complete stranger was always successful because they could feel my love, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was showing them how to fix the entire situation permanently.

I was put there on purpose, to gain strength, and knowledge for preparation of the future. I am extremely educated in several areas of business, especially law, and debt. Then came nutrition, and psychology because if you're not functioning properly, then you won't make good decisions. So they all tie together in a close knit fashion. This I discovered when I was 17.


I have no complaints as to how my life went. I knew early in life, I am on my correct path. My studies enhanced my understanding of things necessary to carry out my destiny. Being an Ambassador for what is right, and good, is something I'm very proud of. I did not allow myself to stray from my path, regardless of events that happened in my life.


I extracted strength, education, and knowledge from each event that took place.  Including anything negative. I learned how to turn it into something positive. I learned this so well, I now do it naturally. I've yet to meet a problem I can't solve. I laugh in the face of danger, and the patriarchs do not scare me. I actually scare them. I haven't met one patriarch yet who isn't nervous around me. My presence seems to be very intimidating to men in general. It has always been that way.


When I was 23, I met my real father, for the first time. We went to a local bar to play darts, and get to know each other. I did not make it difficult for him to re-enter my life. A guy at the bar was flinging coasters at me to get my attention, and my father got into a fight with him. Needless to say the poor guy never got to talk to we had to leave. Him and my mother have been together ever since. My step father still doesn't talk to me, and has never met my daughter. My half brother and sister do talk to him.


It wasn't until my real dad came back, that I got to know the other side of the family. Which is when I learned I was from a double line of Matriarchs. Much to my surprise, it hadn't even occurred to me that it could be that way. That was when I knew for sure, I was on the right path in life. Even in face of the huge opposition I was experiencing in the legal business.

I figured out my own way of making things work for me, and the people I would be encountering. Knowing in advance it was going to work. The path has now grown, and widened, and the people I'm able to wake up are joining us, on that very same path. My entire history is verifiable, documented, and all out in the open. Life was meant to be shared by everyone, as one.

Although many, (including me) feel it is wrong that the patriarchs took over by force, and violence...the fact is, I can turn that into a positive. This will enable us to gain strength, and power once and for all, permanently. People will never sway from the path again. Once our plans are implemented, and are spreading far and wide, the solid foundation will be unshakable. It is so profound, and monumental that people will be able to reach this plateau of understanding with the greatest of ease.

The patriarchs have actually handed over their power, in case anyone hadn't noticed. They lead a path of huge regret, and very damaging results from their methods. They never have a back up plan, and they never think of the people. They are self defeatist, and ignorant to what works with the people, and for the people. It's not even a consideration for them. The people are expendable in a patriarch society. The head tyrant is the only one that matters.


We are right on schedule, and gaining momentum fast. People are running towards us, and away from the tyrants.  A tyrant wouldn't be aware that he gave up his power, either. Being so preoccupied with taking, and controlling the chaos they've keeps them very busy.


I think it's great that they gave me this much power. I am smiling twice as much these days, because they have now given me the ammo I needed to accomplish the wave of correction that is now taking place. It is upon us now, the way it needed to be.


Patience, Stealth, Knowledge, application, education, implementation, infiltration, and integration all are words that apply to this current situation. Those words, (as well as others) make up who I am, who I've grown into, and who I will continue to become.


I never stop learning, or studying, and helping others. In spite of many problems I encounter.  People in my travels have witnessed this, and said to me, You never stray from your path, and, You're so ahead of your time. It's for a reason. The best reason of all...Humanity.

This is what Mother Goddess wants, and so she will have it. As her chosen Ambassador, I will make sure we get there.

Our blessings are from our Mother Goddess, Creator of all things...Embrace her within you, and you become one. I am eternally grateful for her guidance, power, and strength she has given me. ..Ama'

Ama' is in memory of our Amazon Warrior Sisters who gave us wonderful guides into the future. We are now armed with what they learned too.  We bless them, and will carry out the destiny chosen for our people.

Bless all of you, our Mother Goddess has her hands on your heart.

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Reply subed1
6:49 AM on July 19, 2009 
matriarchlifestyle says...
Click on: BrainFire Pic: Home Page: Learn more about me.

i have clicked on BrainFire and read the beautiful posting there. i do think Your life expierences and philosophy have created the foundation Goddess must create for Her strongest and best. You have percervied and endured so much and overcome every obstacle, it is wonderful that You would be willing to preach to us and share Your knowledge on how best to live our lives.
"Our blessings are from our Mother Goddess, I thank her eternally for her gift of life. Ama' "
Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
1:10 AM on July 13, 2009 
Today my mother and I own property together, and share the only grand daughter. We are still the family we started out as, but with one less man who decided to walk away from 3 little kids, and a wife.

So far only 2 men have left the family, since I was born. I'm researching now, more of my family history. As I obtain new information I'll post what's relevant, and interesting.

I'm looking for my grand parents history in Tasmania, should anyone have any tips to share.

Bless all of you...Ama'
Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
12:43 AM on July 13, 2009 
Click on: BrainFire Pic: Home Page: Learn more about me.
Reply Founder/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP
12:41 AM on July 13, 2009 
Oh there's much more to come, Ed. Thank you for being a part of our congregation. It is important that history, (past, present, and future) be corrected, and documented as we go.

Thank you for your comments. It's appreciated.

Rev. HP D

Walk Mother Earth with strength, and confidence...Her arms surround you with love...I thank her eternally for the love I feel...Ama'
Reply subed1
3:46 PM on July 12, 2009 
You weave a beautiful tale of what has been and what will be and it is clear Mother Goddess has chosen an Ambassador who will see the job through.
Thank You for enlightning us.