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Why We Have A Waiting List

Posted on June 18, 2009 at 9:22 AM

Our Waiting List will continue to grow. Please Join, and have your name added to the list with your contact info. We are Appying for many State, local, and Gov. Grants, that will benefit many Farms that join for expansion, additional housing, increased production, and sale to local communities. By joining the Congregation there are benefits you gain, increasing the Farms abilities to survive, and be productive.

The waiting list is a part of the demonstration of our market. We believe, and predict this way of life will be the wave of the future. Every move we make is documented for historical purposes.

Each time a grant is applied for, we are able to show a bona-fide list of people wating to join.

It increases the value of the entire concept, Religion, Lifestyle, and benefits to local communities. Demonstrating to the state, and Gov. it is a beneficial and productive plan for all local communities, and surrounding areas. It's also our goal to preserve as much land as possible for many Matriarchal Communal Farms to be created, everywhere.

Our Congregation will grow and thrive, in any environment, and any location on the globe. Our goal is to unite with other Matriarch Groups globally to combine, and join forces. Our prediction for growth over the next 3 years, (even a conservative one) indicates we will expand in Leaps, and Bounds.

The more people who Join the waiting list...(remaining patient) the more money will be allotted for our programs. The website will be updated daily to inform everyone of the current status of the Farms joining, and Building schedules for More housing.

We are always looking for experienced Grant Writers to Join. If you have experience in this, please email us. This is a permanent position within the Society.

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