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Altering History...All By Yourself...

Posted on July 24, 2009 at 9:26 PM Comments comments (3)

Somewhere...Someone is making a decision that involves Mother Goddess Earth, and her people. Inevitably that one individual changes our entire course of history. The part you'll never know about. Well maybe you might know, if we can spread the word far and wide.


My research has shown me numbers that are verifiable, and profound. Compelling facts, and figures dictate moves, and motions of action."People" are the main nucleus of the body of movement, that stirs the activity. Every single "small" action equals a larger result in the future. It is one necessary component to progress, and forward advancement.


Our entire existence revolves around... "How Well We Function" as beings. Should you lack this simple balance, it throws our entire history off. Everyone is affected, and each and every one of us, alters history every day.

There are many theories, hypothesis, and speculative reports on this particular subject. Research, facts, numbers, priorities, and current events are what drives people in directions, they had not planned. Events which disturb the development of their personality. Thus altering the true course, because of, cause and effect. Literally changing ones personality, in the midst of chaos. So profound, that it has an effect that preoccupies your mind, pulling you away from your true path.


Our minds can be self programmed, and reprogrammed at any time. Your brain will believe whatever you tell it. You do not have to speak aloud, either. What you tell your brain, your mind and body will adopt, like inner gospel. You're born with this ability, but because of the paths forced upon people, we have been diverted, from actual true life. The meaning thereof.


Our goals are to correct this in a wave like fashion, now. People catch on to logic very quickly. Regardless of their current health status.There are always options, answers, directions to take, and people to connect with. Our abilities are very strong, and growing fast. The signs of the times are here now. We have already changed history for the better, and will continue indefinitely.


Mother Goddess is within all of us, in the form of a deep born power. You can acknowledge that power, or deny it. Embracing ones inner being, and adopting new habits to set your course for proper development is the correct answer to your own advancement. It is within you, and everyone else to reach their optimum level, or plateau of development.


I am not actually thinking this, before I write it. It's free flowing information that is forming as I write. Thoughts pop in, I notate them in order of importance. I have immense feeling for the people, and feel it's critical to log this in history permanently.


Insight, foresight, and hindsight, along with logic, math, statistical data, needs, and direction for success are what's driving our congregation. It's the people who call to the powers. It's the people who get to take their own stand, and once and for all speak up, and make the decision to control their own life. A real life.


True Life is waiting for our people. Our people are waiting for trueLife. I have discovered that the answer is to introduce each other."True Life" this is__(Your Name)__...__(Your Name)__...This is"True Life"'s time you met. Please feel free to merge each other into one. Love is incredibly abundant, so give/receive generously. Give love freely, regardless of what you see, witness, or experience. It has an amazing power that will be completely contagious, and viral.


In spite of the horror shows in the news, (which I refuse to watch) I choose to love life, and smile. I do not lose hope, and never give up. I am the supreme optimist, and the glass is "always" half full. I am a mover, and a shaker in the world of business, and have carried on very large prestigious meetings in law firms. With the best, and I give all my associates due merit. They really are the best in the business.The legal business that is.


It takes great strength to be in the legal business, with a good attitude, surrounded by very negative events constantly.

The strength within, the deep love of life is what takes great precedence over the negativity...if you develop it. Focus must be on the positive, and you actually laugh at negativity to ward it off. I have mastered how to repel negativity, and make it bounce right back to wherever it came from. Not to be confused with normal emotion. (such as death of a loved one, trauma, tragedy).


We, the People have a sound healthy, happy, productive path that we're supposed to be on, long ago. It is a race against time to spring into action spreading the word of "Good". The "Good" that will save our people. Beyond a shadow of doubt, with profound, monumental success. May the power of our Mother Goddess come alive within you now.


Bless all people...The power has been given to us freely...I am eternally grateful to our Mother Goddess for our gift...We are alive to share one... Ama'


Patriarchal Failure...Look Around

Posted on July 20, 2009 at 11:09 AM Comments comments (2)

Passion, and fury comes to mind when I think of what's going on right now. I want to focus on "Differentiation". How to decipher deceitful attempts to cover up previous deceitful attempts. Ones in which I consider "crimes against humanity". I am personally angry, (to put it mildly) about the endless list of horrific things being done to people, not being done for people, and all the while, bilking "The People"!

If there is one single person on this planet, that is starving, if there is one single person not being cared for, if there is one single person dying unecessarily, if there is one single person that has no home...then  you have failed. You have "Failed" miserably. How dare they stand up on TV, or in the public eye, and conveniently boast it will change, "we promise".

How does everyone feel about all the past promises, made by all these so called officials. We're not even going to leave any out. How do we like the results? Is everyone happy? I'm not, and I will not be a "lay down" deal for them. As my own history demonstrates.

Actually what you think, as a "person", a so called "citizen" with so called rights, matters are expendable. Your survival does not matter, and you will merely be another number on some minimum wage workers desk, that will be archived in some warehouse to collect dust. You will never be referred to by name, only number. You have little value, and if you do not conform to gun point medicine, you will be tagged as a rebel, at the very least.

Tyrants who control many things, have already planned how to take your money. How to tie you up financially, and how to cause you damages with their inefficient rules. You "Will" be their victim, because it's part of their plan.

Our people can only gain strength by joining together, the way it was really meant to be. If the vast majority stands up to fight, they will have no choice. Otherwise it will become a divided society, much like the movie The Stand. Good v. Evil is upon now. Attention must be paid to what is going on around you.

People still hold all the power. We are supposed to stand up, talk back, and fight for "Our" real rights. Which is the right to exist "Safely", Healthy and Nutritiously, Productively, and happily without the wreckless maniacs damaging our existence, and our beautiful planet. They had, and have no authority, or right to do this damage to our planet. There was no governing body, who oversaw the process of the massive amount of damage, and contamination they (the patriarchs) have caused. All at the hands of men.

People can now finally make an intelligent decision, through "differentiation" that this is indeed all wrong. What is being written here, will be our turning points in history. Our history that we are changing right now. Power By Numbers is our strength, and Love is our guide. Love has proved to be the only method that actually works. I have demonstrated this beyond a shadow of a doubt, over, and over. May those forces continue to grow within each and every one of us...together as one.

Blessings from Mother Goddess...Ama'

About Rev. HP D

Posted on July 12, 2009 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (5)

For the Love of many


Historical Facts and Events in my life.


I was a tom boy as a young girl, always playing in the dirt. Little did I realize then, just how connected to "that dirt" I really was. I remember thinking thoughts of how beautiful everything was. I would walk everywhere (it was safe back then) and each time I saw a beautiful flower, I always stopped to smell it, and admire it's beauty. Even as a child I appreciated flowers, and the "green" everywhere. I love, and soak up all the green. I literally take it in to my being, and become tuned with it.


I was also very rugged, bold, aggressive, and motivated to change things to the way they were meant to be. I'm not fancy, or materialistic, and I love small natural pleasures. I love my surroundings, and love the opportunity to make them better. I've always maintained a path of steady improvement.


I knew at 8 years old, applying what I learn to every day life, is what will cause advancement. I verbally stated to many people, I will save the planet, because I know what to do. Not only was I serious, but I have laid the stones in the road for others to follow. Those people today, say to me, "I never realized you were actually serious". With them witnessing this from then to now, it gives it a certain level of value, and proven destiny of my life. I knew then, what I would be doing now. I have well developed foresight, and hindsight abilities.


I saw the future in color, already happening. I was already there, as if to visit for a spell. I am also able to see our future, in the here and now. We are creating "our" tomorrow, right now. Our future will be designed, and customized to the correct way people were meant to live.

It's not so important that it's me saying this. What is important is "what" I'm saying. It doesn't matter so much that I am an Ambassador for our Mother Goddess. It's more important that her gift is reaching you. It matters not, how you got there, or why.

I am humble about my position in life. I do not need a pat on the back, or praise. What I do need is to relay what I've been given here. It is a gift of life. The true meaning of life. It is imperative this be given to the people. Our lives are not what they are supposed to be. I doubt I have to twist anyone's arm on that.

You will never hear me say a negative thing about any other deities, or gods. This is not a political campaign. This is the awakening of our people. Mother Goddess has actually adapted to our status, and has given the gift of life, and guidance to certain individuals on her planet. These certain individuals are strong enough to make an imprint on history, and guide our people to the answers that have always been there.

It wasn't until now, that the opportunity to really implement this within our people, on a voluntary acceptance level existed. It's almost as if a button was pushed, and we were gonged on the head, with the message of, "Do it now!" All humanity depends on this. Of course there are many who are ignorant to this, and will deny it, or even laugh it off as pure delusion. They will come later.

I already know how long it will take to correct this. As well as who will join now, who will join soon, and who will join later. I know that as our congregation grows we will be picking up people just like a snow ball rolling down hill. Our style of life, and belief system is contagious, and invokes love within them. It's the trigger people need, to wake up.

I take this extremely serious, and I keep things humble. I am not the type of person who abuses power. We are one, within our Mother Goddess. I am just the chosen one to relay life critical information, and guidance to our people.  This is "real" destiny from our Mother is truly a gift of life.

When I was 2, I was adopted by my step father. My biological father left my mother, and gave up rights to me. My mother ended with the adoptive father when I was 12. He basically never spoke to me again. Our family life was now a shambles, and my mother went back into the jewelry business. We survived, but things were still not good. Luckily my Mother had her Mother to help her, and both Father's Mothers. Many women who took charge in the family. They pulled it together, and maintained.

I left home when I turned 15, and never looked back. It was part of my path. Luckily I had very good friends at that time in my life, (that I still have today). I feared nothing. I was a very brave kid. My favorite thing to say as a teen was, "Don't worry about it". I hopped around for a while, North Carolina, Florida, NY, Arizona, Pa. until I landed back in NYC working with the City Marshals. I was 18 when I started in the legal business.

I never left the business either. I'll tell you why. It is in fact a terrible business to be in. It is extremely ugly, negative, and very damaging to people. I stayed because the people needed me to stay. Nobody was nice to the people. I felt that I could make a dent and change that. So I did. As ugly and negative as the debt, and legal business is, I mastered a way to make it more pleasant, and changed the entire approach to work for the people.

I was the first manager in a firm of 1800 offices in the nation, to get thank you letters, and gifts from debtors who paid me money for bad debt. I have many plaques and awards from many companies I did work for. I still hold records for the highest success rate in many of the law firms, and agencies I worked in, to this day.

The moral of the story is: everything can be flipped over to the side of love. When operating through matter what you are doing, it "will" work much better, and the results are quite astounding. I've already proven it by taking the worst business of all, and completely flipped it over to love. My demonstration on a phone call, to a complete stranger was always successful because they could feel my love, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was showing them how to fix the entire situation permanently.

I was put there on purpose, to gain strength, and knowledge for preparation of the future. I am extremely educated in several areas of business, especially law, and debt. Then came nutrition, and psychology because if you're not functioning properly, then you won't make good decisions. So they all tie together in a close knit fashion. This I discovered when I was 17.


I have no complaints as to how my life went. I knew early in life, I am on my correct path. My studies enhanced my understanding of things necessary to carry out my destiny. Being an Ambassador for what is right, and good, is something I'm very proud of. I did not allow myself to stray from my path, regardless of events that happened in my life.


I extracted strength, education, and knowledge from each event that took place.  Including anything negative. I learned how to turn it into something positive. I learned this so well, I now do it naturally. I've yet to meet a problem I can't solve. I laugh in the face of danger, and the patriarchs do not scare me. I actually scare them. I haven't met one patriarch yet who isn't nervous around me. My presence seems to be very intimidating to men in general. It has always been that way.


When I was 23, I met my real father, for the first time. We went to a local bar to play darts, and get to know each other. I did not make it difficult for him to re-enter my life. A guy at the bar was flinging coasters at me to get my attention, and my father got into a fight with him. Needless to say the poor guy never got to talk to we had to leave. Him and my mother have been together ever since. My step father still doesn't talk to me, and has never met my daughter. My half brother and sister do talk to him.


It wasn't until my real dad came back, that I got to know the other side of the family. Which is when I learned I was from a double line of Matriarchs. Much to my surprise, it hadn't even occurred to me that it could be that way. That was when I knew for sure, I was on the right path in life. Even in face of the huge opposition I was experiencing in the legal business.

I figured out my own way of making things work for me, and the people I would be encountering. Knowing in advance it was going to work. The path has now grown, and widened, and the people I'm able to wake up are joining us, on that very same path. My entire history is verifiable, documented, and all out in the open. Life was meant to be shared by everyone, as one.

Although many, (including me) feel it is wrong that the patriarchs took over by force, and violence...the fact is, I can turn that into a positive. This will enable us to gain strength, and power once and for all, permanently. People will never sway from the path again. Once our plans are implemented, and are spreading far and wide, the solid foundation will be unshakable. It is so profound, and monumental that people will be able to reach this plateau of understanding with the greatest of ease.

The patriarchs have actually handed over their power, in case anyone hadn't noticed. They lead a path of huge regret, and very damaging results from their methods. They never have a back up plan, and they never think of the people. They are self defeatist, and ignorant to what works with the people, and for the people. It's not even a consideration for them. The people are expendable in a patriarch society. The head tyrant is the only one that matters.


We are right on schedule, and gaining momentum fast. People are running towards us, and away from the tyrants.  A tyrant wouldn't be aware that he gave up his power, either. Being so preoccupied with taking, and controlling the chaos they've keeps them very busy.


I think it's great that they gave me this much power. I am smiling twice as much these days, because they have now given me the ammo I needed to accomplish the wave of correction that is now taking place. It is upon us now, the way it needed to be.


Patience, Stealth, Knowledge, application, education, implementation, infiltration, and integration all are words that apply to this current situation. Those words, (as well as others) make up who I am, who I've grown into, and who I will continue to become.


I never stop learning, or studying, and helping others. In spite of many problems I encounter.  People in my travels have witnessed this, and said to me, You never stray from your path, and, You're so ahead of your time. It's for a reason. The best reason of all...Humanity.

This is what Mother Goddess wants, and so she will have it. As her chosen Ambassador, I will make sure we get there.

Our blessings are from our Mother Goddess, Creator of all things...Embrace her within you, and you become one. I am eternally grateful for her guidance, power, and strength she has given me. ..Ama'

Ama' is in memory of our Amazon Warrior Sisters who gave us wonderful guides into the future. We are now armed with what they learned too.  We bless them, and will carry out the destiny chosen for our people.

Bless all of you, our Mother Goddess has her hands on your heart.

Why We Have A Waiting List

Posted on June 18, 2009 at 9:22 AM Comments comments (0)

Our Waiting List will continue to grow. Please Join, and have your name added to the list with your contact info. We are Appying for many State, local, and Gov. Grants, that will benefit many Farms that join for expansion, additional housing, increased production, and sale to local communities. By joining the Congregation there are benefits you gain, increasing the Farms abilities to survive, and be productive.

The waiting list is a part of the demonstration of our market. We believe, and predict this way of life will be the wave of the future. Every move we make is documented for historical purposes.

Each time a grant is applied for, we are able to show a bona-fide list of people wating to join.

It increases the value of the entire concept, Religion, Lifestyle, and benefits to local communities. Demonstrating to the state, and Gov. it is a beneficial and productive plan for all local communities, and surrounding areas. It's also our goal to preserve as much land as possible for many Matriarchal Communal Farms to be created, everywhere.

Our Congregation will grow and thrive, in any environment, and any location on the globe. Our goal is to unite with other Matriarch Groups globally to combine, and join forces. Our prediction for growth over the next 3 years, (even a conservative one) indicates we will expand in Leaps, and Bounds.

The more people who Join the waiting list...(remaining patient) the more money will be allotted for our programs. The website will be updated daily to inform everyone of the current status of the Farms joining, and Building schedules for More housing.

We are always looking for experienced Grant Writers to Join. If you have experience in this, please email us. This is a permanent position within the Society.

We're All Directly Connected Already...

Posted on June 16, 2009 at 5:34 PM Comments comments (20)

Mother Goddess doesn't have to be acknowledged to be present. She is present in everyone, and everything. You were not asked first if you would like to recieve her, you came to be, from her. All of us are "Her" Children. Some of Light...and some of Dark. She will not be denied. You can shun her with great effort, but her presence will remain with incredible strength, power and endurance.

You are from her, her desires, and deepest realms of existence. The sheer Presence of a Matriarch, (Ambassador for the Mother Goddess) is intimidating, and memorable. Energy is spread, and left upon departure. A lingering affect of her strength and power.

Many Patriarchs today try very hard to down play any upcoming Matriarchs, that may slip quietly into positions of power. A true Matriarch never gives up a battle against the opposition. Not when so many lives, and needs of the planet depend on it.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I say we're at about 7 - 8 to the Matriarch side. It happened very quietly, behind the scenes, with little recognition, or attention being paid to it. While all the men were sleeping...the women were quietly taking over. We are many now, gaining momentum.

The movement is upon us, to correct this mess we're buried in. Female leaders will correct this once and for all. For the LOVE OF THE MANY. The Right reason for the People, and the planet.

Divorce Alternatives

Posted on June 16, 2009 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Getting Divorced? OK...Hand Over ALL Your Money To The Lawyers This is a Stick Up! You Two can't get along?

OK No problem, hand over all your money, so we can go fight publicly in a Court room, about how the two of you are choosing not to get along anymore. Quick flip of the Love Switch. On again, Off again...Let's Turn It On Permanently!



We are the Prey, Lawyer's are the Vultures on stand by...watching. They specialize in liquidating Marriages. Especially ones with Lot's of cash, and assets. Prepare your Financials, and expect to be shredded fairly quickly...before you realize, and wake up.

Life basically stops abruptly, and there's not much left of your marriage to fight about. Vultures do pick the bones clean. So not to worry, they'll makeit real easy for you. Everything will be tied up, and frozen.



You joined forces with a counterpart, you felt you would be spending the rest of your life with them. Something changed, occurred, or crisis broke out. Your attitude changed, and now you feel you cannot repair what has happened. You actually can, and will...if you would be willing to consider a Mathematical Solution to the problem.

Statistics on this subject are quite alarming to say the least. I have seen the most horrendous Divorce situations in the Legal industry, and it really made me wonder why people who at one time were madly in love with each other, and today they are willing to hand over that life they worked so hard Lawyers.

A Lawyer is the only one who benefits froma divorce. It's a constant cash machine for them, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. It's a perilous path for people to "choose" to take, and there are no Warning Signs on the way. You think it's the right move, because you're so angry. The problem is the anger is intensified, and not put into proper perspective. It's actually blown out of proportion.



All situations have a resolution, and it usually starts with Love. People change, and grow,and suddenly find themselves liking different things, than they did before. It's called growing up. Nobody stays the same. If you thought it would, then surprise!...Welcome to the ever changing planet of Humans.

Nothing will ever be the same as yesterday, there will be the slightest ever so subtle change by tomorrow, and the next day. Just like a marriage. Every day marriage, and life change. Our older generations have an even more difficult time adapting to the change. People who are young are more able to want change, and adapt easier.

We are at the stage of consequences for actions, and non-actions taken by Patriarchs in charge. In our society Lawyers are prevalent for the purpose of mediating a fight of some kind. As if people couldn't work out problems amongst themselves, they proceed to create fee's for themselves, with the objective of obtaining as much as they can fromthe other side. Whatever that may be.

A Marital Liquidation is an opportunity for a Lawyer to step into the situation and obtain many fee's for navigating this conjured up fight. The one, or many fights you could have resolved with a different approach. Love usually works pretty well, and has a very lasting memorable effect.

I have yet to see a Lawyer settle any case with the approach of Love. The lawyer will actually intensify the situation to the negative side. Then it's time to play telephone. All communication will go through 2 lawyers, and be certain it will not be relayed with Love. It will be a automatic thrust into the world of Hate.

Day by day, your money will become depleted, your credit will become useless, your life will equal nothing, while you were thinking it was going to be better. The facade of evil, and temptation lures you in, and feeds on your negativity, for as long as you allow it to.

It's like this: Two people decide they cannot get along anymore. They both part, and hire Lawyers. Each Lawyer gets paid from your assets. Doesn't matter which side, it's all from the same pot. The Lawyers know in advance, what fee's they can,and will create in lieu of those assets. The more assets, the more fees. The longer they will drag it out in "The System".

Once you decide you can't get along with this wonderful person, (who shows a glowing smile in the wedding pictures) you married, and now have changed your mind? You now realize you were wrong about this person?You can't seem to communicate to each other? Now you are in hatred v. Love? You want to part, and hand your money over to Lawyers, because they deserve to have your hard earned money?

You can actually back track, and find Love again. Even when you're mad, you can still get past it. Obviously there are situations in which nobody can getpast, such as criminal. However the vast majority of the population can in deed get along, if people desire to get along.

I can take you to a place where you may have never been before. It's a place of Love,and beauty where you can be yourself, feel loved, and develop lasting relationships for your life time. There is a right way to conduct a life, and a relationship, whether it be with one, or with many.

Starting back at square one. The moment Love set in, and certain feelings deep inside began to stir. You felt that inner feeling that this is so right. You visualize yourself already with this other person, and you know it can work. You have the utmost confidence, and certainty that this is the one. It could very well be.

Now suddenly, or overtime you have come to the conclusion you think you've made a mistake,and you're both going separate ways. First in consideration of the pocket book line up is the Lawyers. Sitting on the high fence, waiting,watching for you to falter. You say the word, they swoop in, and off you go to the land of publicly created hatred. Hatred that will be seen before a Judge, and executed upon accordingly.

Now you have invited the State in which you live...into your life. What was a personal situation with a personal life, is now on public display, andyour Attorney gets paid by you, and your soul mate to exploit all ofit. This is now time for the slaying of the good soul. You are to watch your soul mate, be slayed before you. You too will pay for that slaying.

This is what you've chosen. To depart, and hand over your assets to a total stranger, and be thrust into the procedure of Hate. The system will help you right along with the Hate process. It's the norm to lose everything, destroy your family, give up your home, and have a stranger supervise your visits with your completely dysfunctional children.

This is what's acceptable in society today. There is a very abundant supply of Divorce cases to be had by the vultures. You can step into this arena any time you like, they're always ready, and waiting. As soon asyou make that critical decision to make a departure from your current life, know one thing for's going to cost you big time.

Read the Statistics on Divorce, and Marriage...before you make the leap into Hate. Educate yourself on what the consequences will be, if you should conclude you are going to make the leap into Hate. It usually brings unexpected results, you hadn't thought possible.

The leap into Hate continues, while you search high and low to find your next stupendous family. The one you had, was Not perfectly good, andwonderful. Now you are a statistic, that is in search of. Joining the ranks of the lonely, the seeking, the 2nd time around'ers. The tainted souls, a product of routine conditioning by the patriarch system currently in place.

Branded, and tagged with public records, that you just couldn't get along anymore. Now you have a whole new routine, the one that was supposed to be better.

Mathematically you initially had chemistry for your mate. Possibly the chemical balance in both of you has changed. This will definitely affect your functioning ability. The first place to start is asses you Chemical balance. This in itself can be the whole problem. Correcting it, you may suddenly find yourself feeling very differently. When chemical balance is whereit should be, appropriate feelings accompany it.

Once you have corrected the chemical balance, you can asses things more openly, and with proper firing of brain cells. It's quite possible this may be the solution for many. I have been privy to many situations involving couples, and I have found the majority of them to be in a state of improper balance.

There are other options you can try as well. Many seem to work just fine for many people. There are open marriages, where people continue to live together, but also have involvement with other people. As opposed to giving up everything you have to "TheSystem", it could be a potential solution to reaching a compromise.

There are communities, communes, and groups you can join as a team, or alone that are open settings, and you are one of many. Many people have joined groups like this, instead of getting divorced. I have read, and seen cases of East/West wing arrangements. Living separately, but together. That is a sign there is still hope, and Love present.

Love doesn't just go away, Hate replaces it. Negativity thrives constantly.It's our duty to reverse it, and turn it into positive results, andsolutions. Humans are problem solvers, it was meant to be a challenge. People change every day, so don't ever expect anyone to be the same as they were yesterday. There is no exact science, and everyone isindividual.

No matter what you think, what you look like, or how you feel...if you have a heart, and it's beating then you have Love.You just need to switch to the flip side, and work it from the angle of Love. It will work, because that's exactly how it started. You have to think back, and recapture what is still there, just covered up with mud.

Once you shake the mud off, and you have the remaining core, then you apply love, and work from there. Everyone involved is responsible for making an effort to repair, and replace negativity. That is a path one takes to implement a plan of Love. Love is a feeling, a method, a style, a trait, a warmth, and something worth dying for.

Living to Love, is how people...all people function best. Feeling Love, giving Love,and being Loved is what makes people happy, productive, assertive, and motivated to move forward. Aspiring to achieve outstanding goals, and dreams.

That is the right way to proceed forward, embracing Love, and allowing it to lead you down the path appropriate to aquality life, with whom you really want to be with. What ever the situation is, there's always room for improvement. Making that effort brings positive results back to you.

Are you 50% Angry? 75%? 100%? No matter what, you can resolve it, because it is "all" math. If you eliminate all the emotion for a moment, and boil it down to thebare facts of the entire situation, (which usually ends up being a lotsmaller, than originally thought), you have the math, and numbers.

Math has no feeling. It's cut, and dry. The equation of your relationship breaks down to each action/non action and can be deducted to your numbers either way. Writing down the numbers you come up with is a help to install it in your brain. Were you 40% wrong, or 60% right? Did you Scream 75% more than your mate? Are you 80% Honest, and your Mate is 20%? What is your equation?

Cheating can be dealt with by joining a group or society that has an open setting. There are many today. Verses Divorce, and departure of what you have, and would like to keep. It's a matter of money, with the public, and Lawyers.

Everythingis money, and you can resolve the issues yourselves. You are perfectly capable of this, and the solution will be much more satisfying than handing everything you own over to a total stranger, who really could care less how you'll be left feeling. They will drive off in their fancy car, with their fatter pockets, and you will be left holding the empty bag. They prey on's how they make money.



The moral of this hub to explore other options before you jump in bed with the public Court Rooms, Judges, and Lawyers and invite these people ofthe State you live in...into your life, and control everything you do,and everything you own. It's a form of Cryogenics effect, you are frozen.

When you thaw, reality hits, and you're no longer the same person you were, or thought you would become. You are the altered version, the new you. It's usually not what you would expect, or anticipate. You are officially now part of the Hate sector of life.You've been processed.

Just Another Divorce Case...What's Your Value?I actually know many very good, honest Lawyers. I work with them everyday. It's no secret how I feel about many things presently in place controlling our lives. Many of the Lawyers I work with, also feel the same way I do, about "The System", and about other Lawyers.

The Divorce process is an opportunity for them make fee's off yoursituation. More often than not, they are huge fee's which basically deplete the future. Your future, and your future history. Major shift in plans, and lives.

One of my plans in the near future is to form a "Marriage Troubleshooting" service. Call it a prep for divorce.The test to see if you can hack the waters. The Brutal education on the horizon of what you think is the answer, based on pure anger, and hate. Will the test of the future be sweet, or bitter?

Many of my close friends are lawyers, some for over 20 years. They know my quest, and zest for life, and are hoping many of things I've presented for many areas of life are implemented. I work with many entities on developing fraud prevention strategies, identity theft, and social security fraud, as well as other types problems.

When you step into the world of Hate, this is what Lawyers do. They cash in on the process, and you pay twice. Once for giving up the relationship, and life, and then second to the attorney. Not to mention any monthly arrangement that will be part of it too.

It's called: The Attorney Employment Act. An insurance of future fees.