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Matriarch Re-Creation Of A New Society...Start Here

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (7)
All Women Should Have At Least (3) Three Men!

Welcome to "Matriarch Sovereign" LoveGaia City

Today Will Begin A New Tomorrow


Life by natural design. Our world is changing and we must adapt. Traditional Society has failed the planet, the people, and it's wildlife. Women all over the world are now realizing it is time to take a stand, and correct all of this once and for all. You have just landed at your final destination! Where the meaning of life actually matters. Join the solution, and grow with the future that is before us. The plans are great, the future is bright, and harmonic balance is in tune. Embrace what is right, natural, healthy, productive, and reinstalls the meaning of life for all beings, as well as for our planet Earth.


Instructions for Men: The Reversal


If you are a married man, then this applies to you. All other men can apply this as well, but it is directed at married men who feel the need to go behind the backs of the Matriarchs. Whether they are acknowledged Matriarchs, or not.


Go home to your wife and inform her you have learned about a Society run by Women only. Each woman in the Society has at least 3 men each, or more. Men serve the women, and children of the Society. It is a Matriarch Sovereign that is highly desired by a large portion of the population. Tell her (instead of you disrespecting her), that you acknowledge her position in Society to be superior to yours, and you agree that she has every option to have more than one man at her disposal. Tell her if she does not want you, that you will try to either make an effort to please her, or part ways on your own. You are able beings who can decide who will take what, and how to divide what you have. As opposed to handing all of your assets over to the vultures.


Inform her that it is her, who is in charge, and that if she wishes you to leave, you will amicably. Or stay and serve as one of three. The burden upon men lessens when there are more to share life with. Three is mild, compared to how many are now single/divorced/separated, and cheating. Show her the links on this site, and inform her you are much more educated about the way things work in life, now. Which is why the sudden change of heart, and desire to NOT deceive her. Explain to her that you were ignorant, and uninformed until now. Now you will afford her, "The Goddess", her opportunity to rule, and re-create life correctly, with or without you.


Informing her you are aware of her power, superiority, and that she deserves much more than you could possibly give her. Confirming openly that you accept this, and allow her to feel comfortable with her future decisions to involve additional men in her life to serve her. You may be asked to stay, for being so noble. Serving her, and other women she is associated with, may be very pleasing to her. Once she is aware of your understanding of your position with her. She may see a side of you that intrigues her. Either way you are still accomplishing what you were setting out to do anyway. Be with another women...see the logic?


Women are the supreme being, and their lives should be geared this way. Obviously tradition has failed our current society, and we are now in a societal collapse. However all men who wish to have a life, a future, a loving existence can indeed take steps to prepare, and bring to fruition a more productive society with women ruling the planet. Which is how it was meant to be. You have to start somewhere...Start here.


Invite her to join this site, and others, to help her expand her life, and style of living. She is free to choose whichever lifestyle she likes. There is a very good chance she will absolutely love this way of living, and be grateful to you for introducing her to it. This of course is as opposed to hiring a vulture to shred your marriage, and divvy up all your hard earned money amongst his own family. The vultures are only there to swoop in, once you falter in life.


  1. Hey Men...Do you like scouring the dating sites?
  2. Are you happy with this patriarchal life your cohorts have created for you?
  3. Would you like to be able to have a fruitful life, with women who actually love you?
  4. Are you willing to do the right thing?
  5. Are you willing to make an effort to reverse this?
  6. Are you aware of the stats on all the dating sites? On a main site: 60,000 men looking for women. Yet only 6000 women looking for men! Do you see a problem with this?
  7. Has it dawned on you that we are already in a Matriarchy? I can show you stats if necessary.
  8. Do you love the option of being with Women? Then do this now, and change the future with us!


Matriarchy is the answer for all on this planet. Harmonic balance can be attained by making an effort. Got a question? Below is a "Real Time" Chat.

Humanity WILL Save The Planet and Her People

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 10:06 AM Comments comments (0)

Humanity is a society within itself, aside from the current patriarchal order that currently prevails. Humanity can steer this any way they want to. It is the people who hold the greatest power of all. The precipice is upon us, and it's time to jump into action to protect humanities Right To Survive, and the Right to Protect Earth.


Each type of society around the world whether by design, or force has it's own set of results. Prompted results that are par for the course. Many derivatives of what humanity was supposed to become have developed as a result of variables in developing civilizations currently, and in our past. Now the world is ever changing and we are too, right along with it. Everything we knew, will never be the same again. All that we have lost as a race, and alleged civilized society, will not be returning. Although we do possess the power to re establish, to correct, to improve, we allowed all of our growth to be steered to corporate profit. This is now a standard of value over and above human life, and or planetary destruction. We are gathered here today, at that very impasse called the "precipice"...the last moment of time where it can be turned around, but not without hast, and immediate action. The precipice is supposed to prompt people into action before it's too late.


To have foresight of future results, prompted by historic actions, and creations of destruction by a patriarchal society completely focused on nothing but profit. Geared only to operate as a capitalist money making factory of humans. Causing entrapment, a strangle hold, a form of dictation, enslavement, loss of purpose, depression, and so much more. It is the result of the structure within a patriarch society. We are right on schedule for the destruction of humanity and our planet, if we do not get this right, once and for all, immediately. According to our world genius, Stephen Hawking, it may already be imminent.


We are ALL currently facing radiation damage, and severe health problems no matter where you live! Anything released into our air, and atmosphere travels, and contaminates EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE! As I write this I know more death, infection, murder, rape, suicide, child molestation, and more crime than I can list is happening. A burden of this type of societal structure, par for the course, and even anticipated, and relished about by the forces who prevail at the top of heap. It's similar to a salmon swimming up stream, for people.


YOU are a "Sun Dial"! Look at the sun, and watch your shadow. Time is what humanity decides, not some clock on the wall! It is the people who hold the greatest power of all... LOVE for Each Other!...Stand in the sun to tell time, decide how to direct how your time is managed, to control our own time, and to eliminate time poorly spent, and time monopolized, or stolen from you by outside sources of mental invasion. It's OUR TIME! To stop what is absolutely wrong, and implement what is absolutely right. This is humanities mission to save our race, and our planet. The thought of so much life being born, to lose it all due our own blatant negligence would be the worst catastrophic event of all planetary history.


The negative impact of what has happened to our people, planet Earth, our economy, and our future options is what we are now living. It is a forced scenario of blatant negligence, and indifference for all life forms, that has brought us to this impasse, and conclusive end result. Mathematically this is an equation forced upon humanity with the knowledge of anticipated affect, and consequences. The consequences we are living with today...together as one people. Now since it has been clearly demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt, our carefully manipulating corporate world had failed so badly that they may have indeed caused the end of humanity, and the existence of life on planet Earth. Nobody ever blew up a 6 reactor plant, to test what it would be like. This is blind process, and unfortunately we are now all contaminated to a degree. Some more than others, and especially the weak. The elderly, and infants, and temporarily sick are at risk for affect from this. It will be gradual, and you may never actually make the connection to it. Which is usually how it's handled by the medical industry.


In my many experiences with the medical industry I have found the majority to be completely indifferent to anything outside the realm of drugs, and invasive procedures. Fifty years ago when they were doing lobotomy's, shock treatment, deprivation therapies, and other tortuous things to people, it was viewed as a scientific break through, a medical miracle, "new technology". Today these procedures are looked upon as barbaric, and absolutely inhuman. As history has demonstrated over and over again, today's procedures will be looked upon as substandard tomorrow.


I personally fault the medical industry for having a forced, taught tunnel vision approach. To not allow the real facts into what is learned, is preparation for blatant ignorance, in the developmental process. To not even acknowledge the existence of nature, natural chemical compounds, earth based healing, and obviously more, is to publicly display a choice to remain ignorant. All they're missing is the signs hanging around their necks. The FACT is YOU CANNOT make a well informed decision on ANYTHING without ALL THE FACTS. This is not emotion, opinion, hypothesis, or limited to any one person, it applies to everyone, and everything...It's called MATH. Simple, factual, indisputable MATH. You cannot argue with it, and you cannot bargain with is non negotiable, cut an dry. Should you choose to ignore the MATH, you will indeed SHORT CHANGE YOURSELF! I write these FACTS because I AM THE LIVING PROOF OF THIS! I said NO to drugs, and repeated surgeries with more thought about the damage to me, the planet, and US as a people...together.


The point to this is WE CAN TURN THIS AROUND TOGETHER! Working as ONE massive team of loving people. It's the best place to start the wave of correction that needs to take place in order to succeed in saving our planet, and the human race. People need to FOCUS on: Self sustained agriculture...FOOD, Alternative Energy, Solar transportation, safer non harmful production. A back to basics approach, utilizing natural elements instead of toxic ones.


People need to FOCUS on activities that spend TIME. Are you being productive, or are you a drone to habitual routine? Boil it down to first comes good health, then comes better thought process, and physical ability. Then comes what your purpose is, and will be. Then you move into a pro active position, and begin the journey of your part to save OUR PLANET, and RACE.


EVERYONE has a part in this, and if people ignore this, and choose not to do their part...the planet, and human race will not survive, at their own perilous hands. A rebound effect of their own actions, and choices. Love for the planet, it's precious creatures, and all of humanity can be productive on their own, if the logical methods, and simplistic adaptation are applied to their survival from this point forward.


Don't become a product, or burden upon the state, make an effort to focus on healthy solutions that are inexpensive, and adapt to what is happening now, instead of later. Time is of the essence to take preventative action for the future of all mankind, and everything that revolves around our planet, and it's inhabitants. If the PEOPLE demand better results, they WILL get them! Show LOVE not Hate! YOUR FUTURE IS AT STAKE! Respect OUR PLANET EARTH, and ALL LIFE UPON IT! The true message for humanity is Love...period...Find it...Respect it...Keep it Safe...and Never Let It Go! You will have the greatest power of all...LOVE.

KerryMaxCook: Death Row Inmate Freed After 22 Years!

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 1:16 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a fine example of how patriarchs do things. This man was sentenced to death in Tx. for a crime he did not commit. After 22 years of torturous abuse inside the prison, he is now free, and exonerated. DNA proved he was not guilty, and this evidence was withheld from the original trials. This is worst case of ptriarch methods within our prison system. 

It is a miracle that KerryMaxCook survived at all. Who helped within the prison? Only the women. Matriarchs who knew better, and protected him during his time there. This is how he survived, and was able to maintain some sort of hope for his release. Hoping for honesty within a dishonest system. Women made sure he lived to tell his story. I'm not at all surprised by this, and I'm certain had women been in charge of the whole situation from the start, he would have never gone to prison in the first place.

KerryMaxCook has endured the worst abominations, and torturous acts of violence and sexual abuse in our own prison know...the one we elected. Remember the electorial campaigns of the lovely patriarch politicians? Well these are the guys who were responsible for this crime against KerryMaxCook, and against humanity. They seem to proudly display their brute force when it's convenient but, then hide when it all falls apart. What a game they play with people's lives. I welcome the change that is happeneing now. It is way over due.

I am relieved he lived to tell his story, he has written a book called: Chasing Justice. There is the movie about this as well: Exonerated. Everyone needs to know about this monumental case of horrifying injustice angainst one of our one people. It could have been you!

KerryMaxCook will be discussing the actual events that took place within the prison, and they horrifying things they did to him. Keeping in mind that after 22 years of being abused his mental state was affected, his opinion of himself was greatly affected. He suffers from the affects of the abuse, and he is embarrassed by this. It's exactly like being held hostage for an extended period of time, you become brainwashed, and begin to act as you are told. You have no way out, and if you don't cooperate, they beat and abuse you endlessly, among other horrible things.

Unfortunately there is no  exact science to fixing the mind once it's been conditioned in this manner. He was kept as Kerrianne the sissy prison punk. Today WE are trying to help him shed these conditioned feelings, so he may salvage some what of normal life.  We celebrate his life, and survival, and will be working together to overhaul our prison system, as well as our collapsed society. 

This is the turning point in our history. Many events are happening at the hands of patriarchs. Our societal collapse has brought a wrath of evil deeds upon our people. Watch as women of our world correct this, and revamp everything quietly, while working beside these culprits.

We welcome your feed back, and comments. Please feel free to join us in the forums, on the blog, or on hubpages. (BrainFire on Hubpages)

L-O-V-E Love Over Violence Enshrined

Self Sustained Green Farm Communities: Global Plan...Go Green With!

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 8:56 AM Comments comments (3) A Nationwide Non Profit Corp. In Cooperative With Boetec Consultants, and Life Centre’s Inc.


Self Sustained Green Farm Communities: Global Plan


The Communities


Structured self sustained green communities able to provide, and reestablish social disciplines, with the system, and principles of an interdisciplinary approach. Focused on the personal, social, and economic development of, within, and for communities. Each community will produce food, jobs, housing, alternative health care, and waste management, as well as play a direct role in continuous community advancement, and development.


Rapid global expansion is necessary, and appropriate in which the need, desire, and demand of the population, is catered to as a whole. The cost effectiveness, and reliability of each aspect of the entire global expansion is indicative.


The vast development of each aspect incorporated into this structured community plan is carried out by several entities who are committed to the creation of reliable self sustained, productive communities around the world . Our purpose is to regain, and implement life enhancing methods, and processes to reinstate abilities for people to navigate consistently, and positively in our current world status. Solving world hunger, and preserving our planet, at a level of dictated urgent necessity.


The many technologies, processes, methodology, combined with the skills of highly qualified individuals is unprecedented, and historic. A most formidable nucleus of professionals committed to the goals of enhancing the lives of our people, and planet.


Community Infrastructure


Scientifically developed, and formulated to enhance our abilities to be a productive functioning society. With focus on, agriculture, nutrition and health care, renewable energy, waste management, and tourism, advancement is inevitable. It is designed to be environmentally sound, without harm to the planet, or population. Cost effective technology that affords global expansion, economic cash flow, growth in small business, and improved health through expanded and affordable means. A multidimensional methodology to correct, and improve the economic structure, and preserve the planet.

Community: Enhancement and Development Plan


The benefits to all communities will be in the areas of interaction with the many farm complexes they can visit, and play a direct role in developing. Each farm will provide their source of fresh fruits and vegetables, life centre/health care, merchant shops, amenities, farm education, tourism, pet adoption/petting zoo, entertainment, social interaction, and more. Prompting a natural automatic response of involvement by the communities. Elements of increased profits from outside corporations, (community corporate infrastructure) will also be focused on in a manner of analysis of existing, distressed, and dictated appropriately.

Agriculture: Specialty Crops


Each farm will house hundreds, to thousands of people, (depending on the size of the farm), and facilitate life enhancing, cost effective opportunities for the population to function as a loving, nurturing society. Catering to the needs of the people, and planet. Geared to enhance the development, and ability to handle the current populations burdens. Scaling to size, (dictated by need and demand), the estimate of speed in development, and ability to grow rapidly in any area globally is indicative.


Each farm will be set up according to the appropriate aspects that are dictated by each region. Indigenous agriculture will be focused on for the main crops, followed by the wide variety of specialty crops that will be produced. For areas that are not rich with crop growth, the specialty crops appropriate to the communities by an analysis of their current health care needs. Communities found to be deficient in particular areas of health, will be identified, and appropriately incorporated into the main crop produced. A cost effective approach to improving the health of the population, and focusing on their rapid advancement to sustainability.


Farm Co-Op


All communities will be provided a direct access to the farm co-op at an affordable cost. All members can have direct involvement of the many processes, and attractions implemented on and within the farms. From a working environment to a tourism environment. All farms are open twenty four hours, prompting an automatic increase of what is provided for each community. Additionally a point system will be implemented for all communities. All purchases within the farm co-op will earn points that can be used for tourism, purchases, and other redemption.


Agriculture: Production


Increased production of all specialty crops will be a main aspect of each farm. The production is increased approximately four times the current average harvest of crops. Application of improved green technology, and methods of growth have been implemented to eliminate the issue of regional, and global indigenous crop growth dictation. Any climate or region will be able to grow and produce (without limitation) all specialty crops, with focus on all nutrient deficiencies which may currently be present within the community.

All growing techniques, and grow structures have been geared to be operational twenty four hours per day/seven days per week. With low climate risk, and increased annual harvests, they are specifically designed and developed to be completely sustainable. While instituting the opportunity for rapid advancement, and swift correction of each communities ability to grow, and flourish economically, and beneficially.


Life Centre: Health Care


Life enhancing facilities catering to communities. Applying a naturally based multidimensional approach to improving health care globally. In cooperative, and complimentary to other elements of medicinal processes, and beliefs around the world. With a vast array of technologies, methods, and alternatives made available to all members of the community twenty four hours per day. Establishing a nutritious healthy lifestyle, and harmony within, and for the communities.


Combined Technologies: Scientific Cooperative


With over one hundred and fifty technologies combined globally, and working cooperatively for the purpose of reestablishing global community infrastructure, and self sustainability. Direct application of science, and social disciplines have been combined with a multidimensional, interdisciplinary approach. Focused on the solutions for rapid community development and advancement. With focus on renewable energy, waste management, purified drinking water, purified top soil, combined with agriculture, affordable housing, and stable jobs, prompts the rapid automatic advancement for communities.


Renewable Energy and Waste Management


Combined technology in renewable energy, and waste management: Application of this technology provides a sound, cost effective, eco friendly solution to our ever growing waste problem. With the abilities to provide purified drinking water, purified top soil, and energy credits which can be sold on a regular basis. The processes applied in  renewable energy technology will be affordable, and easily adaptable for communities, as well as the corporate infrastructure.


Extended Community Benefits and Bi-Products


Automatic extended beneficial results of this strategy include energy credits, establishment of eco friendly standards, life enhancing methodology, planetary preservation, and improvement, and a structure formulated to support communities around the world, regardless of their region or climate. Combined, and structured strategically to facilitate rapid advancement and growth globally., D. Sears, Copyright All Rights Reserved 2010




Love Will Unite Us As One... Joining With Logic

Posted on March 22, 2010 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Logic is the prevailing ingredient to a successful society of people. A society that is based on the needs of the people, rather than the needs of corporate profit. This is what we are, and what we stand for...the Planet, and her people...period.

It's high time we woke up and actually started taking action on behalf of the planet and people. It's over due, and critical we start now. The magnitude, the mathematics of this damage is wide spread, and incomprehensible. It makes no logical sense in any way, unless you're the one profiting from it. It destroys the planet, the people, and enhances the secondary death market to profit.

In one of my other hubs, "Death Profits...A One Way Ticket", I write about this to help educate people on what is really going on. I'm one of the nerds who study, and research many subjects people know nothing about, and or pay no attention to at all. 

Being that I had to race against the clock to educate myself in naturopathy to save my own life. Which I did, allowing me to be here today to pass on my education. Documenting it in history to guide the future properly.

I am seeing terrible things going on all over the planet. I am watching, observing, notating, and researching what is pertinent to humanities survival. The survival depends on working together, and unity. We are all children of this planet, and must remember from where we came. Our Mothers are the rulers of our race. Without them there would be no race.

Our mission is to instill better standards of operation, production, and community growth around the globe. Our website traffic demonstrate people are looking for answers, and new options for their sudden change in life. Very abrupt, and with no notice of poor management being an issue. Life just fell apart. That's how Americans see it, and they are not taking kindly to it. I'm seeing an increase in depression, violence, and death rates, among other things.

It is the most critical time in humanities existence to pay attention now. What is presently taking place, has never happened before. What do don't know will hurt you now, and danger lurks around every corner. The melt down of society is before you, and it will take you with it unless you adapt accordingly. Plans have changed.

This entire situation just reinforces what we're doing, where we're going, and the time in which we'll get there. The scales have tipped, and the timing is perfect. What do women usually do when men create a mess...they clean it up. Only this time, will be a historic turning point. We will not allow it to happen again. Prepare for take off, and hold onto your hat. In your life time you are to bear witness to the most subtle, powerful, while you were sleeping kind of take over.

In spite of what's happening in the world... there is hope... there is strength... there is 'good' power, that is non harmful to humans, or Mother Earth. It's working right now, and will never leave. Society has already been infiltrated by women, and they now hold the ultimate power, and strength to divide and conquer. It's actually par for the course if you track history like I do.

Right on schedule, only centuries It's a failed system that got in the way. However the movement is here, it's happening now, and there is no turning back. The clean-up is immense, the task at hand is insurmountable, and the event will not soon be forgotten in history. We are history... Now and forever.

We are seeking people who wish to join in strength and knowledge to unite with the ultimate plan for humanity. Imagine a society that was actually designed, created, and geared for the people, and small merchant. A beneficial, productive lifestyle that is self sustained, and positive. As opposed to being a detriment to our planet. Sound like a dream? It's not... there are all kinds of green Earth friendly communities popping up all over the place. It is the future of mankind, and Mother Earth.

Our time is now to involve all our brain power together to accomplish the greatest task of all... To save Earth, and Humanity. How much Love do you have saved up? We want you to join with us now... It's right for everyone... with Love as the guide, and driver.

Many blessings from us to you with Love.

Matriarch Growth In Current Society...We're Already There

Posted on February 24, 2010 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (2)





Don’t Fight it, Embrace it 

Marks article


Female Led Relationships, Female Superiority and the inevitable march into a Matriarchic and Gynarchy Society


Much has been written on the history of societies and the proof that Matriarchic societies existed centuries ago and still do today, these are well documented and written about by such organizations as Academy Hagia, Gifteconomy, Gynarchy Graduates, Gura Rasa and William Bond to name a few, so I won't cover that ground. I am in the process of signing up for the University Hagia 2010/2011 Modern Matriarchy course, am looking forward to reading more and listening to speakers at the conferences, as well as signing up for the Gynarchy Graduates.


I owe a lot to Barbara Wright Abernathy and Elise Sutton for some of the content contained within this article.


I read William Bond’s articles often and really like one of his introductory paragraphs, I quote him as a reference because in no way do I want to plagiarize other works on this fine subject. He states…


“If you take a cork and hold it underwater it is very easy to hold it down but it will only stay there while you keep holding it in that position. If at any time you arm gets tired or you get fed up with keeping the cork underwater and let go. The cork will automatically rise to the top. This concept gives a good metaphor of what is happening today in the politics of Female power”.


A fine analogy I think to the growth and force of Female Led Relationships, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy, no matter how much it’s pushed down or tried to make invisible, it surfaces constantly and in the not too distant future will take over our society.


All of the signs are there, according to UK government figures for 2006; the ratio of newly qualified Female to male teachers under the age of 25 was approaching seven to one. The introduction of coursework and modular exams is believed to play to traditionally Female strengths. Regarding intake the UK reported in June 2009 that Women have been entering university in greater numbers than men in recent years - with the participation rate for young Women standing at 49%, compared with 38% of young men and the overall picture shows a consistent trend in Women substantially outnumbering men and growing.


The number of degrees awarded to men is dropping and those to Females is growing, both at a high rate. In degree grades, Women are more likely to gain "good degrees" - taking first class and upper seconds together - while men are more likely to gain lower seconds and thirds. In fact one of the most intriguing aspects of the evidence is that boys' educational achievement is actually going backwards as Girls reach new academic heights.


According to projections by the National Center for Education Statistics in US, in 2017 half again as many Women as men will earn bachelor's degrees. In the early 1990s, six Women graduated from college for every five men who did so; today, the ratio is about 4-to-3. A decade from now, it will be 3-to-2—and rising, on current trends. This is not only in the western world but also in developing regions and countries. Why is this, a number of reasons really; Females tend to be more methodical while boys tend to follow high-risk strategies such as cramming the night before an exam, Females apply themselves much better to tasks, challenge their lecturers more, have much higher morals, Female brains work in different ways to men to retain information and increasing their intelligence, they understand concepts and ideas much more easily and faster.


The sheer weight of numbers has the clear consequence that it is only a matter of time before hierarchical professions such as medicine and law are dominantly feminine – and most certainly for the better. Increasing the speed of this growth further is the downturn in the economy which places an even higher premium on good degrees in the jobs marketplace, enabling more Women to launch careers that go all the way to the top. With the inevitable happening where future Female leaders smash the male-dominated networks that cling onto power.


But the future Female Supremacy is already here, where Females have secured more senior roles and particularly in the professions of law and medicine as well as running companies in senior management. The Chicago Tribune reported “The change in the medical profession has been swift and dramatic.  Since 1975 the percentage of Female doctors has nearly tripled, from 9% to 25%.  And the wave is far from cresting: 38% of doctors under age 44 are Women, and half the students in US medical schools are Women, a change that is expected to intensify”.


As further evidence of the growing stature of Women, the number of Women millionaires is soaring as they utilise their degrees and better business ability to outsmart and out-earn men. Record numbers of Women are making multi-million pound fortunes from starting their own businesses, research has revealed. As the Daily Mail in the UK reported in 2006, for the first time, about one in four people who appear in the annual list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs are Women. When the list, published each year by the magazine Management Today, started in 2004, there were 25 per cent fewer Women included than today. If this trend continues Women are on their way to beating men to becoming the country's most successful entrepreneurs over the next few years. More than one million Women in Britain are now running their own companies, according to official figures from the Office for National Statistics. In 2007, the Daily Reckoning reported that for the first time, Women account for almost half the millionaires in the UK. What makes it surprising is that the number is growing by a hefty 11% per year, which means that Women will overtake men within a very short time frame


Over in the US, in a recent study of Massachusetts businesses 42 percent of the 237 companies in the study, of which 100 were run by Women, expanded by more than 5 percent, easily outpacing the overall economy, according to a survey to be released Monday by Babson College's Center for Women's Leadership and the Commonwealth Institute.


"This tells me these Women are employing very good management skills, given the questionable economy over the last two years,'' said Aileen Gorman, executive director of the non-profit institute, which advises Women in business.


Proof of this is aptly described by Paige-Harrison in one of her articles:


“About 5 years ago, things in the workplace started to change. At companies big and small, there is a shake-up, and the culture is different.  Men are increasingly being told to move down the ladder and make room for Female bosses.  A recent client of mine told me, he felt, "a strange feeling of being marginalized," when a Woman was promoted to a management position over him. This trend began in the early 1990's and the pace has accelerated in recent years.  This trend has been facing many for a long time, but many refuse to admit to what has been happening.  To the former He-Men and Masters of the Universe, being demoted and downgraded after decades of upward mobility can be a bitter pill to swallow.  However, it is reality.


The message is clear, men had better learn to adapt. Navigating this ambiguous and unfamiliar terrain can be tricky.  Last summer, I met with a male executive who shared with me that he was devastated when he was demoted and his job was given to a younger Female.  He did retain his $125,000 salary until the end of January.  At his outplacement session it finally hit him.  It was time to move on and he needed to accept that things had changed.  For another of my male clients in banking who had survived a dizzying sequence of restructurings and mergers, he got the pink slip in early 2005.  His boss, a much younger Female delivered the news in a telephone call from Los Angeles.   He told me that she had told him that he did not understand his role, to collaborate, and that he needed to pick up and move on. 


We are at a point today where it's no big deal to have a Female boss. With a more progressive approach to diversity and a greater number of Women helming organizations, Women are beginning to feel comfortable enough to use their natural management style, which tends to be more communicative, relationship-oriented and team building in nature.  Women have greater verbal aptitude and verbal comprehension than men, and are more emotionally and spiritually intelligent.  This gives them the potential to be more understanding bosses than men.


A Female boss is a different breed of leader than her male counterpart.  When the person calling the shots is a Woman, men often feel intimidated by Female co-workers or bosses because they don't speak the same language and men are worried that they might say the wrong thing-or the right thing in the wrong way.  We are soon coming to a point when more and more Women will be in roles as the Dominant gender as the world is evolving towards a Female Dominated society”.


In July 2009 accounting giant Ernst & Young pulled out charts and graphs at a recent power lunch in Washington with Female lawmakers to argue a provocative bottom line: Companies with more Women in senior management roles make more money. The studies Ernst & Young rounded up show that Women can make the difference between economic success and failure in the developing world, between good and bad decision-making in the industrialized world, and between profit and loss in the corporate world. Their conclusion: American companies would do well with more senior Women. And it's not only one study, but at least half a dozen, from a broad spectrum of organizations such as Columbia University, McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs and Pepperdine University, that document a clear relationship between Women in senior management and corporate financial success. By all measures, more Women in a company means better performance.


Pepperdine found that the Fortune 500 firms with the best records of putting Women at the top were 18 to 69 percent more profitable than the median companies in their industries. McKinsey looked at the top-listed European companies and found that greater gender diversity in management led to higher-than-average stock performance. Gender stereotypes aren't politically correct, but the research broadly finds that testosterone can make men more prone to competition and risk-taking. Women, on the other hand, seem to be wired for collaboration, caution and long-term results.


According to a 30-year study of fund managers released last month by the National Council for Research on Women, Female investors and professional money managers used more measured strategies. They didn't take huge risks, but they also didn't lose big. Their returns were consistent. Men took larger risks and wound up with results that varied more widely. A study by the French Fund association found that funds managed by Women had more consistent results over one-year, three-year and five-year measurements.


Women are taking this senior management further and filling far more Board positions today; where Norway for instance hit its target that 40% of Boards is filled by Women by end 2009. It is also why Iceland, after its embarrassing financial mess, put major banks and its government in Female hands and Hermes, the only French company to outperform expectations during the recession, also has, you guessed it, a management structure dominated by Women. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, some of the most interesting discussions revolved around whether we would be in the same mess today if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters.


All this is reflecting in increased remuneration for Women, back in November 2007 Reuters reported that Female directors in corporate America earned median compensation of $120,000, based on the most recently available pay data, compared with $104,375 for male board members, research group The Corporate Library said in its annual director pay report.


Industry itself has noticed the rise of competency, education, skill sets and intelligence of Women where in the recent job fall-out a full 82 percent of the job losses have befallen men, who are heavily represented in distressed industries like manufacturing and construction. “Given how stark and concentrated the job losses are among men, and that Women represented a high proportion of the labour force in the beginning of this recession, Women are now bearing the opportunity of being breadwinners,” says Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the Center for American Progress.


As the male-dominated layoffs of the current recession continue into a deep and prolonged recession, this will change not only household budgets and habits; it will also challenge longstanding gender roles, which given Women’s increasing education levels will prove irreversible.


The next logical step of having Women at the head of and in senior law, medical, businesses and Boards will be to move in and take over political roles and govern countries, a move that has started in earnest in many countries around the world.


Outside of the actual business domain itself, manufacturers and service providers are increasingly targeting Women in their marketing campaigns, Jane Cunningham, founder of Female marketing consultancy Pretty Little Head - who was interviewed for a comprehensive trends survey, said: "There's an increasingly interesting commercial opportunity in marketing to Women, "Not only do they dominate household spending decisions, they are now significant in categories that have been traditionally viewed as male such as technology, cars and financial services." The report said: "Women are becoming more important in the global marketplace not just as workers, but also as consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors.


The benefits of Female Supremacy and Matriarchy is endless and the sooner this can be brought about by forward looking Women and men that understand where all this is heading, the better we will all be.


Further evidence shows that the time is much closer than we think, take for example the patriarch system in Japan where in 2008 shocking reports showed almost half of Japanese men urinated while sitting down in their toilets at home, instead of standing to piddle as is customary among males. A survey of Japanese men in their 30s to 50s by Matsushita Electric Works revealed that 49 percent sit down to wee, a staggering threefold increase on the 15 percent who reported the same proclivity when the company first conducted the poll back in 1999. “A 2004 survey showed there was clearly a growing tendency for Japanese men to sit while urinating," a Matsushita Electric Works spokesman told Sunday Mainichi. "In response to that, our company in 2006 came out with the industry's largest toilet seats to make it easier for men to sit down and relieve themselves in comfort”. This proves that companies are now manufacturing goods that support the growing feminisation of men as a reaction to the growing superiority of Women. This was further proven in late 2009 in Japan when “bras for men” were introduced and became an instant hot seller.


Men are definitely feeling the pressure; in a UK report from 2008 men discovered that their libidos are in freefall, prompting a 40 per cent increase in males seeking counselling for impotence problems. Their existential angst worsened when British men discovered that they have the most unequal paternity rights in Europe. According to Nicola Brewer, chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, fathers in the UK are seen as 'not essential for parenting'. The same month saw the publication of a medical study that proved the quality of men's sperm declines to such an extent after they hit 45 that the chances of a partner's miscarriage are doubled. It is no shock then to learn that men account for 75 per cent of all suicides. They are twice as likely to die from the 10 most common cancers that affect both sexes and, typically, develop heart disease 10 years earlier than Women.


Even more solid evidence that Matriarchy is just around the corner as reported by Reuters in 2005 where Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build the world's first "Women's town," where men get punished for disobedience. The 2.3-square-km Longshuihu village in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing municipality, also known as "Women's town," was based on the local traditional concept of "Women rule and men obey," a tourism official told Reuters.


"Traditional Women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism," the official, surname Li, said by telephone. The tourism bureau planned to invest between $26 million and $39 million in infrastructure, roads and buildings, Li said. The motto of the new town would be "Women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse Women's requests," Chinese media have reported. When tour groups enter the town, Female tourists would play the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by "kneeling on an uneven board" or washing dishes in restaurant, media reports said. The project, begun in the end of 2005, was expected to take three to five years to finish.


The tradition of taking the males surname in marriage is also showing sure signs of breaking down, more double-barrelled names appear daily in the newspaper wedding reports and in the US in 2008 Michael Buday wanted to take the last name of his wife, Diana Bijon, when they married. He eventually achieved his goal but it took two years, a lawsuit alleging sex discrimination and a change in California law before he picked up his new drivers licence in the name of Michael Bijon.Laws are being changed and this is just the beginning.


The dramatic recent changes in Women’s roles in society are of course leading to a turnaround in the whole family set up. Women will be better educated and there will be many more better educated Women than men, and consequently Women will be pairing off with lesser skilled, educated and lower earning men, leading to the natural role of men taking their place as home-makers and, where agreed with the Female, raising the children. More likely though, Women run organisations will provide young children support centres at business workplaces to provide better education and care than their fathers ever will. Allowing their offspring at a very early stage to be influenced, educated and cared for in a Female environment. Men will continue to hold lower, menial positions and be used for example in construction projects and producing/repairing automotives, aircraft and trains but under the leadership and supervision of Women.


As a punishment for destroying the global economy early in the 21st century men will be banned from owning or operating bank accounts. Mothers of boys and unpaired men will administer their bank accounts until they are paired off with a Woman at which point the Woman will assume financial control. Girls will be provided with accounts as soon as they attain their maths marks, usually at seven years old, preparing them for their financial management role ahead..


Boys from puberty will be placed in chastity by their mothers to avoid any hand/penis contact and to train them for their future submissive roles. Once paired off their Woman will maintain the chastity key and hence their freedom.


Schools will be segregated for boys and Girls so that boys do not hold back the Girls from their speed and depth of learning. Schools for Girls will focus on fast track learning to bring them to a degree level earlier and prepare them for entry into business life.


Additional courses on Female Led Relationships, Female Supremacy, Matriarchy and the role of the male will be included as well as history of the awful mess that patriarchy left the world in early in the 21st century. The schools for boys and clubs for men will be vastly increased in their current number to improve men’sobedience, cooking, cleaning, ironing, gardening, sewing skills, manicure, pedicure, massage skills and help us run the household finances.


Women will then decide how to integrate and socialise the males from their youth. The men will be educated as best as possible in these areas, as it is these skills that Women will look for when choosing suitors to pair off with or, if wanted by the Women, in marriage.


Men will also establish support groups to bond and learn from each other correct cultures and behaviours and where applicable to re-train for those positions that Women will no longer fill such as secretaries and PA's.


A truly positive side will be that money can be redirected by countries away from arming themselves with weapons to attack and defend each other, because Women in control of countries will settle disputes amicably and to everyone’s benefit without the need for violent or threatening macho behaviour. The vast saving on military spending can then be diverted to furthering Women’s education, improving further their skills and forever widening the gap between Women and men.


Socially, Women will turn the bastion of men’s society upside down by closing down the men only clubs and forming Women only clubs for instance in golf, squash, gym’s, free-mason’s, swimming, business forums, etc.


Men will retain their traditional sports of football, rugby, cricket, etc but these will be relegated to far lower levels of participation, due to men’s increased participation and focus in household management. Sponsorship to sport currently enjoyed by men based sports will be diverted (as Women will be at the head of those donating organisations) to Women based recreation activities such as monthly exotic business leader vacations, Women relaxation centres, competitions such as the male with the cleanest house, Women’s cultural societies, the establishment of clubs for men to parade and prove their skills to potential Women suitors and male discipline courses.


In their new roles men will also lose their macho image and settle down to a life of support and devotion to their paired partner. As business expands, global business will become even more important and Women will find themselves running companies that span continents and time-zones. To support this structure countries marriage laws (top lawyers and policy makers will be Women) will change allowing bigamy and thereby multiple marriages for Women, or establishing a simple process of “pairing off”, enabling them to establish homes and families in all their countries of work. The Woman as the "breadwinner" will ensure that each family unit is able to live a happy and secure life. Through their support groups men married to the same Woman will communicate and swap notes and ideas on how to provide strong, stable support to their partner.


In such a violence free world, prisons will no longer be needed, the very few men that do commit crimes against the state will be sent to retraining centres, and clearly as the new Female Superior Matriarchy society will not require such men a process of administering hormones will be applied to feminise them and roles such as beauticians or hairdressers will be provided for their post training program. Again without the cost of prisons globally, more money will be available to continue the structure and strength of a Female Led society.


In summary, this is already very much underway and will be upon us much sooner than later. Today’s economic crisis is driving the growth of competent young Females, degree educated Female senior management, the rapid decline of men and the readiness for Women to take on and be successful at Female Led Relationships, Female Superiority, Gynarchy and Matriarchy.


It is becoming clearer to men that they no longer want to be a part of or the results of a patriarch society and ready to embrace Matriarchy and Gynarchy, this author being one of them, the challenge is how we can work together with Women to make this integration smooth, fast, efficient and effective. It’s going to happen and it’s going to happen soon.

Many thanks to Mark, for his contribution, and support of our Society, etc. It's important to read, and understand what is happening here. Knowing the facts, and acknowledging the changes upon us, allows for more intelligent decisions to be made. Here I go again...It's all about the Math! I doubt I'll ever stop saying It's true, and when you stick to just the mathematics of it...You reach the conclusion of: Us...A Universal religion, society, and lifestyle in a self sustained environment. The mathematical, fool proof system of what truly works. It's not a's love, facts, and math. I prefer to stick to what is indisputable. I love that you can't argue with math. It's so cut and dry.


Helping People and Companies Survive In Todays World

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Ag-Religion The Matriarch Way

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Worship of our Mother Goddess Earth, and her people is the message received, and acted upon. It's critical people pay attention to what is happening here, on our beautiful planet. On going studies, facts, figures, and mathematics have gone into the inception of this society, religious belief, and methodology. It's not about who, or what you worship now. It's about expansion.


It's about expanding your mind, and realm of belief, to include a firm commitment of dedication,and worship for the Mother Earth, and all people. A firm commitment for life to never cause harm to the planet, or people again. To worship the ground you walk upon, and receive the wisdom that our Mother Earth retains, and makes readily available to all.


Our religion is what you would call: Ag-Religion. A self sustaining environment, system,and lifestyle, that has a positive methodology to enhance the planet,and lives of her people permanently. We're actually patenting the system, and will be implementing our project, and system on farms, and land around the globe.

This entire plan, project, and system is what will stop world hunger, and allow all people to survive in a self sustaining environment all year round, without the question of where their next meal is coming from.


Through research, and studies we've reached the conclusion that all areas of worship can, and will expand to include the worship of our Mother Goddess Earth, and all people. A Love based society, and lifestyle based on the needs of the planet, and her people.

Not only did we research this, but we also researched from the position of other religions, and we're able to conclude there is room in all areas of religious belief for Mother Goddess, and all her people. To expand, is to grow.


Ag-Religion is a Self-Sustaining Agricultural Earth enhancing environment, with areligious Mother Goddess based methodology, system, and lifestyle. Allpositive, no negative. Traditional problems of society have been eliminated.


Our Global Project can now be discussed openly, limiting the details on trademarks, patents, systems, designs, methods, is an official Non Profit Corp. Dedicated to Earth, all people, and implementing self sustaining communities around the globe.


It our goal to solve world hunger within 10 years. It can be done, we've done the math, and our home work. We had not posted anything about our global project prior to now, due to sensitive details that cannot yet be released. People starving anywhere...keeps us up at night. It's wrong, and we know it can be corrected quickly.


We are reaching out to the public in several ways to Hold Hands around the globe. By holding hands tightly with other Non Profit Groups with the same goals, we speed up the growth, advancement, and process.

Our team of professionals are working day and night to accomplish monumental goals, which benefit the entire planet, and her people. When we are able to announce, everyone has been fed, then we know we've reached our goal, and will continue maintaining it.


We are now forming Cooperative Agreements with many other types of groups who work for the same simply feed our people! People of all walks of life,are dying every few seconds around the globe, from starvation. This is completely unacceptable, and horribly indifferent.

Which is why we're working hard to implement a sensible, logical system, that provides for everyone. This will allow us to grow, and advance rapidly, considering we are in a race against time to solve this disturbing, heart breaking crime against humanity.


Our Religious group is non denominational, welcoming all faiths. We ask that you expand your love, faith, and beliefs to include our Mother Earth, and her people. We believe that may be what's missing from society today. You never have to change your religion for us, just expand to include worship of our planet, and people.


This global re-creation plan was created based on huge amounts of study, data, statistics, on going global problems, and so much more. The conclusions, discoveries, and mathematics have certain dictation factors, which help identify, and bring us to the final project, which is now ground in stone. All feedback received from all directions, has been 100% positive.


We'll be introducing new groups, we will be working with, as they join with us. All religious groups are welcomed here. Working together to solve this incredibly heart wrenching problem, is what does work.

We are launching a huge marketing/advertising campaign very shortly, it's before the board now. We're looking for many people who can help, work with us, work for us, as well as volunteer in the commitment to Love, and affording the basics in life for all people.


Our children,and adults should not be allowed to die from starvation, this is a sin upon the people, as well as our leaders. Our people, can join together to solve it once and for all...Right Now! These people cannot wait, for it to be convenient for you. They need your help now! It's worse than a matter of life and death!


Make the commitment to Life...Donate money now to help stop this crime against humanity. The Love comes back to you, and you get to save lives!


May the power to Love, strike you like a bolt of lightning, and keep the eternal flame of life burning deep within you...Many Blessings from our Mother Goddess...Ama'

Female Ruled Society Of The Past ... And The Future

by BrainFire

For as long as time can track back, there have always been female Warriors, Clan Leaders, Queens, and more. Cleopatra was one that probably stands out in many minds. She tore the tongues from the mouths of men who failed to listen.

Although I find that to be barbaric,it was common place in ancient times. Many Cultures were successfully run by women, and later killed off, or bullied out of the new patriarch systems developing at that time.

It's certainly out in the open that it's a bit hard for Men to swallow, and admit that such Beauty, and Frailty could be so Powerful. It's either accepted, or denied, but the fact remains men will submit to women/a woman at some point in their life.

Some stats that stick out from memory, 60,000 Men looking for women...v. 6000 women looking for men. 80% of every Dollar in the US is spent by a woman. Over 50% of all women are single, and not looking to mingle. (Boy I hope that changes 111,000people were surveyed in a study and the results showed the majority will not be having babies. Ummmmm we're going backwards here... Let's stop, and rewind.

The reason I'm pointing out some things that jump out at me is that the society we're claiming exists ... really doesn't anymore, new rules apply. The entire traditional, so called American dream does not exist. It could possibly exist, I suppose if you live like Grizzly Adams...cut off from the outside world.

We are already a Matriarch Society, with much mental resistance present in the air. However it's swaying while you're sleeping. Change is happening, and it's coming out from the shadows now.

I'm also a Rev. for the group, (small right now, but growing). It will continue to grow because the plans are logical, cost effective, and make sense, and were mathematically based. Worshiping the people, and the earth.


Agricultural Religious Society, and Lifestyle run by women. A Self Sustaining Lifestyle. It's a people friendly atmosphere, catering to good health, and well being. People function well, and work well together for the same cause... quality of life, and the eternal pursuit of happiness,when they are healthy.

A conceptual plan created around people, and the planet, which caters to current times, needs, and problems.

As corny as it sounds... Love really is the answer. When the major portion of negativity is eliminated, the positive remains, and can be built upon. Foundation and strength can build a great Society of people if you can penetrate their ignorance.

True Love for ones self, and others can be shared, and cherished for more than a life time. Strong, powerful entities present for as long as time goes back can be read about, and verified. It's a simple equation of the power of pure Love. Deep, and penetrating, always remembered...truly unforgettable. To capture ones heart, and keep it safe.

Living in a Ag-Religious society has it's advantages for both women, and men. There is more trust, more togetherness, more involvement in life activities, and being pro active in health. It's non materialistic, and focuses on productivity of Life. Meaning you actually "Advance" in life, for the effort you make.

It revolves around its people, and the ground they live on. Those two factors are what drives the path, and cause to secure a self sustaining environment, that runs itself.


Operating through Love, which is a huge driving force. People feel it, and adapt. Sharing a Life, does not have to be limited to one person. There can actually be many deep relations in a society, if the right attitude is adopted. Which of course is required for it to work.

It's important to know that in this type society men are loved. Although they are not in charge, they are treated with love, and affection. They do join to serve the women, and or children, and to work towards being a productive person in life, and love.

The main aspects of this Society is freedom, health, happiness, and being productive, with many to share a quality life with.

A well structured, organized, loving, caring, productive style of living.It is actually "living". Which is different from merely existing.

Positive efforts can be implemented to adapt, and adopt a new routine for quality of life, for life.


Rev. HP D. Sears

Stimulate Your Brain... Smile! :)

Happiness IS A Choice!

Today Is Where You Start Your Life...It's Actually Up To YOU!

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There are many people who are not functioning properly. They are not actually aware of it either. I see people everywhere I go, every day who are really struggling to get through daily routines. Not getting proper rest, trouble waking up in the morning, and not eating the right foods.

In the legal business it's rare to meet someone who is nutritionally complete. Most people in this business do not eat healthy, and do not live a nutritious lifestyle. They are constantly drugged by their doctors, and they believe what they're doing is right, according to their doctors. 

I call it adamant ignorance, and it's only getting worse. I personally know people who adamantly insist this is right for them. They are so convinced they cannot possibly function without these drugs, they see, and hear nothing else. My doctor doctor what I hear over and over, all the time.

I handled the department of education's student loans, from all these doctors. All the specialists, the general doctors, and the surgeons. The fact is the average grade I saw with my own eyes, was 65 and passing. These are the specialists, people hand over their lives to, and allow them to make all the critical decisions about this persons life. Which is really no longer their life anymore at that point. Once they have you, that's it. It is permanent, because the damage being done is with you for the duration of non-life. I can't say Life, because it's not. It is the opposite, and it does not get better.

None of these doctors and their cohorts will be at your funeral. They have probably calculated just how long you will live, and exactly how much money that will make them over the period of time they have you drugged. None of these drugs are compatible with the human body, and they do such incredible damage, I have trouble believing at times that it's accepted.

Verifiably, I am the living proof nutrition, and NO DRUGS, works well quickly. Along with my family members, and friends who are also educated. This is math, you can't argue with it, there's nothing to ponder, it's straight facts. I am alive because of it. There are people who've witnessed what I went through, and the very same people plus, who watched me fix it fast. 100 percent natural, no drugs. I live it, it's a better routine, I actually feel good, and my brain is firing properly. 

The point is, people are allowed to decide for themselves not to take these drugs. The news is you will live. A guide you can follow, which I found to be very good is: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing. This Book is the reference guide to begin with, and follow. It's not expensive, and can be found right on the hubs on the home page. 

Remember, it's not about what you like, it's about what your body needs in order to function. Choosing to ignore that fact, is where the path goes astray. It doesn't have to, and it can be changed. In the blink of an eye. You decide, and you adamantly say NO to all drugs. It's not the right choice. Choose life instead, and nature will bring you back to life. It can't be disputed, because I'm here, and I'm the proof.

One doctor even apologized to me, (which I thought was pretty big of him) he thought I was taking too many supplements, and when the blood work came back, he apologized. In spite of what is wrong with me, I manage it very well. It shows in the blood work, and the doctor realized he was wrong. It was a good feeling to say the least. I still follow the same path, and it has never failed me. Since 1992, to now I live, prior to that, I was bed ridden. Twenty four surgeries, and lots of medication rendered me useless. It took me seven days to come back to reality, and get up out of bed. I've been running ever since.

I have a pretty long list of things that are wrong with me physically. However none of it has stopped me yet. It's managed, and the pain is reduced drastically. I maintain everything at a functional level. Some rainy days make my back, and bones ache, but it's bearable because I am nutritionally balanced, and the body responds to it positively. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soups, pastas, and more is the right food to eat. Supplements need to be taken because everything has been compromised. From the air, to the water, and ground.

Nothing is pure anymore, after such huge amounts of contaminants. It's so vast, and spreads so far from every area that it has engulfed the planet. The planet, and her people need to detox, and start over. From the beginning, starting with the food they grow, and eat. It's actually easy with the right attitude adopted. If you think you can. It's up to you alone, what goes into your body. You should have blood work to check your nutrient levels, and start there.

Or you can sway the other way and be drugged for the duration. It's surprising more people are not protesting it. It's having extreme high deaths rates across the board. None of what is being pushed is safe, and it tells you right in their tv ads! It's alarming that people would even dare to take it. It's death on crappy platter. All of it promotes death, not life.

Your life is your own, and should be handled accordingly, and appropriately. No other person should make the decisions that will critically change your life. You alone decide that. Choosing health, is the right choice. It will heal you, and bring you back to real life, and living.

May the forces of strength fill your heart with love for yourself, eternally. Many Blessings from our Mother Goddess are upon us now...Ama'

Making A Difference Now...When It Counts

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Making The Right Moves...

We've been touching on many negative subjects lately, due to pressure on the people to make a move. Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcies, and Job Loss. These are the prevailing subjects in most families right now. I would like to shift the focus to what CAN be done, as opposed to what we've lost.

You have to walk before you run...The point is to forge ahead, in spite of the pending disaster that surrounds you. Once you've adopted this attitude, you can advance forward. Wallowing in despair is not the answer to any problem. It is a common human trait to become depressed when things fall apart. However there is a choice, and it's a good choice to make the switch to what is right.

What is right? Sustaining life is right. Growing safe food, and supplying our communities is right. Helping people find their way is right. All you have to have is a plan. The plan of life. The plan to live that life. This is where the path went astray. More focus was put, in the wrong places. Now the people are left to suffer. It's quite obvious the people were not even a consideration.

When you omit particular facts from the upbringing of your offspring, they are not armed with the necessary ammo to sustain a proper nutritional life. The FACT is we are a Plant Based being, who needs the nutrients from our Mother Earth to sustain life. Just because big industry brain washed many into believing otherwise, does not make it right!

Our Beautiful planet is in jeopardy, along with her people who are literally starving. I am witness to the endless so called government bodies, who verbally claim they care, but yet do nothing. I like to call that fluffer-Nutter....because that's what it is. There is nothing viable being done for the people of America, and or the entire planet. I am watching (from the inside) the Fall Of America. It's happening right before my eyes, and it's not getting better.

All we need to do is to join forces, with the common goals, and focus on the things in life that actually matter. People, and the planet. That's all that matters. The big pharmaceutical companies, the well accepted bilking of people for non-paying insurance, the smog-pollution industry, the fat pockets of corporate not matter. Why do they not matter? Because they never once stopped to care about the people they were poisoning. They took the money, without a thought of remorse, or care of the people.

As long as the people continue to patronize that way of life, they will absolutely have nothing. As they have right now. This is the historical impasse that needs to be identified, and embraced. Now there are options that are developing daily, within this society, and lifestyle. This is a positive, life enhancing, people promoting, planet saving way of life. No damage should have ever been allowed to happen to the planet, and our people, yet it did.

According to the medical industry...Everyone should be on these wonderful drugs they're pushing, right? The more dysfunctional you are rendered, the more momentum they can gain at over powering you, and their final stop, for you? The cemetery, compliments of the wonderful drug lords of our time. If what they say was actually true, you wouldn't have hoards of people dropping like flies on a daily basis. This is how to kill a people. It's a firm undeniable array of facts, and math that cannot be disputed.

In science, usually the simple answer is the right one. Occam's Razor, lends good application here. Aristotle said something I definitely agree with, "Nature operates in the shortest way possible". Utilizing the principle of simplicity, can expose the solutions needed to correct the problem(s).

Keeping Things Simple! It's a rule that works for everyone, and everything on this planet. Buying only fresh fruits, vegetables, and not the garbage! People need to wise up, and start paying attention to what they're putting into their bodies. This tainting of the food, is how the infiltration of good health is being attacked. If people are healthy, they cannot make money on your plight. They can't make you sicker to make more money.

If you get this fact, then it should be very easy to decide  which way to go. You either want to live, or you want to die. Which statistic would you prefer?

This is a divided population of people. One side is for the healthy, one side is for drugs. Just because you're not buying them on a street corner, does not make them safe! The men in white push way more drugs into the people of our planet, than the illegal drug lords. They kill more people too. Check out the death index, it's all there.

It's time to wake up, realize this is not what life was meant to be like, and join in the cure for humanity, and our planet now. No Farms...No Food.

May the truth of Life settle deep in your heart permanently...Many Blessings for our people...Ama'

Settle Debt For Less Than Full Balance? Beware! Get The Facts First!

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Debt Settlement: Nightmares To Come...

Some things going on in our country, are going to be detrimental to our people in the very near future. To Settle a debt for less than you owe, can leave you in a much worse situation, than imagined. By Settling debts, you are directly inviting the IRS right into your life.

Most people, if not all, are not being informed about this process. Although it is not the law firms responsibility to educate the debtor, it should be used to effect a better collection result. To keep the debt with the law firm on a stipulation of settlement. That's the safest position to be in compared to what's going on. People are lining up to pay less, not realizing what happens next, by an entity who has all the power.

In my travels I educate every person I speak to, or at least the ones who are willing to listen.  I don't like leaving things to "Chance". It's more productive to be accurate, making more intelligent decisions, and moves in life. Much like a game of Chess. Each move you make will have a result, consequence, reaction, and permanent imprint in time, and history. Never to be un-done.

This establishes incredible value on "time", and "life". It is so important to pay attention to "your" life, instead of your neighbors life, or your co-workers life, to be "On Time" for "Your" Life. If you spend your time on someone elses life, you're actually "spending" it, living someone elses life. It was not meant to be that way, but because people in general are so overwhelmed with how they are being forced to live in a situation of financial stasis, they loose reality. Driven astray from the whole point of "Life".

Spend your time on being the best person you can be, and you will be a better friend to others.

You will also be much more productive as the individual you were meant to become. Think positively, and decide what you can do for the planet, and the people. What positive results would come from that? People might learn how to work as a team again.

My prediction is the financial results from what is happening now...are going to devastate the people. I see very bad things happening to people in the future. I'm hoping this blog reaches people searching for help, and guidance.

The majority of people do not know this, and are the least suspecting victims, in the wave of negativity to come. This blog is to help educate people for free, with no strings attached. I think it would be fair to at least give people the facts, and rules behind the game they are playing in. Being armed with this information will enable people to make appropriate moves, and secure a better position financially, and in life.

From where I'm sitting, it looks like it's open hunting season on Humans. It's massive, and sweeping the nation, and abroad. In my life time, nothing like this, to this extent has ever happened. There is not one person out there who has any experience dealing with this situation. It is a massive global collapse, of a huge house of cards, that was never people oriented in the first place. Which would explain why the people now have nothing. The consequence, result, and permanent imprint on time.

The only way to move forward is to become educated on what has happened here, what is happening, and what will be happening as a result of this entire situation. The hidden truth, the untold facts, and omitted rules. Arm yourself accordingly, and you will survive. Ignore it...then they win. You give up your choice.

May the wisdom to know, be the guiding light that finds you, and brings you to the truth...Ama'

Short Sale? Beware Of The Ramifications...Must Read

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Short Sale Warning!

Before you sign papers for a Short Sale...Stop and read this, before you make a move.

I'm extremely concerned about the short sale madness that is going on.

First of all a Short Sale means: that whatever you don't pay...they pursue you legally for.

So in essence you've just given away your property below the actual value, and you're still going to be sued for the remaining balance. What a great deal for the people, right?

Why would I know this to be true? I handle them every day, all day. I believe it is a very negative result for the people, and I do not find it to be the answer to any of the problems at hand. How is that better, or even close to a solution for the people? It's not. Unfortunately our current society, (that has collapsed) is scrambling to recover from their own original actions.

I'm handling a case in NV. (one of hundreds on my desk). The balance on the loan was around $300k+, and the first mortgage was around $350k. The value on appraisal was supposedly enough to support the loans. Today?...Comparables are $64k - $120k. Not a good situation. The bank is suing the individual, and the individual does not know what they could possibly do. The conclusion is, she demands a settlement. Which is all she really can do, unless she can sell it for what she owes.

A short sale would be the wrong choice, because if she can only sell it for $64k - $120k, that means that she would still be responsible for the remaining balance on the loans. Which is already with an attorney, ready to pounce. Standard operating procedure.

The best way to resolve any delinquent mortgage situation is to find a way to incorporate income to support the debt. Try to find family, or a partner with better income. While you're negotiating for a Modification. Request Reducing the principle to $10k below the real value, 3% or less on the rate, and below half of the original payment. ($3500 pmo=$1500 pmo new pmt) A rewritten loan is much better to afford yourself the opportunity to rebuild, revamp, relocate, what ever comes next, on the schedule of life.

All Foreclosures can usually be stopped through Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a repayment plan. You must show income, and be able to make the payments. Otherwise they Dismiss it. You can file Pro-Se, meaning: you do not need an attorney to file. You can also negotiate a modification this way. This would be your: "Push comes to shove, scenario".

The joint aspect with the Short Sale madness, is the mass settling of debt. Really, Really Really Bad Move. This alone is going to have tremendous impact on the middle class, and upper middle class. To the tune of jail time possibilities. I'll explain how.

Once you settle any debt over $600 for less than the full balance, the amount you don't pay is reported to the IRS as additional income for the year. You are taxed on this additional income by way of 1099 Self Employment Tax. This will completely offset ones life.

Many of these people are unaware of this, and are jumping at the opportunity to settle their debts. They're thinking everything is just fine now. Well guess what, it's so not fine, it's scary! People are collectiong these settlements without even mere mention of this so incredibly injurious fact. A regular collection firm, whether it be a collection agency, or law firm they all have the same rules.

The IRS on the other hand, has all the power. Much more than a regular firm. This creates a personal "Invite" to the IRS, to suddenly be in your life, in an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. That's your mini-miranda statement, when you speak to people. In the the regular collection world. The IRS has the ultimate power to collect, much more than a regular firm.

The point is: Make a sensible monthly arrangement, and stick to it. Don't think by settling you are off the hook. Do not think that debt services are helping, very few are. I saw a case yesterday, where a judgment was entered against her, and they never tried to stop it, or tell her about. She still has no idea...Yet.

I see hundreds of very sad, disturbing cases on a daily basis, and it is imperative to get the people educated on how to deal with this, correctly. The way that this is being handled, is NOT correct. It's literally burying the public, in an even worse situation than already existed!

You're (3) Three Paragraphs Away From a Mortgage - Loan Modification:

Paragraph (1) One: States what happened, (short/brief/no emotion). (Including if you were given a fraudulent high rate mortgage, or loan). 80% Loss of income. Lost Business, Working only Part Time, Disabled, or on a fixed income. What ever the situation is, explain briefly.

Paragraph (2) Two: States The Appropriate Demands. Principle Reduction to $10k below the "real" Value, a 3% Rate or Less, and the Payment  cut in half of less.

Paragraph (3) Three: States how this will correct the situation, and allow you to resume making the payments on time, affording you the opportunity to re-establish yourself, and your life, in this market. It's really that simple. Providing you have an income. A Family member, or friend can also join in the ownership of the building/home. One that does have an income.

Print out 3-4 Comparables from zillow .com, (by putting your address in the search bar), include these with your letter. This is what the bank will do during foreclosure, you'll be saving that time, and doing it yourself. This is what the bank needs in order to make a decision to modify the loan. They need to know the "todays" value, in order to know how much to settle for. This is how they arrive at this decision. Your request should compare to the other homes-buildings around you that are sold, or selling. Typically they will not do an appraisal.

Everything is possible, if you know about it. Comments and Emails are welcomed here.

May the Light reach you...and the power be bestowed upon you to advance beyond what you see. Gain Our strength, and energy by joining with our Mother Goddess Earth...she empowers you.

May the Love we feel, reach your heart, and never leave...Ama'

Mass Depression Is Upon Us...Along With The IRS...

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Factually speaking...we need help. Each day that passes, many people are being affected by a collapsing economy, society, and lifestyle. It is now gone. It isn't going to get better, and it will never be like before. Not one person on the planet has any experience in dealing with this. Only certain individuals are able to adapt, and collect followers. If you stand back, and look from afar.

All day, every day I speak to people in trouble financially. I am hearing new, and unusual things from people. It's negative, unfriendly, involuntary, and depressing. People are in crisis, they have no avenues to go, and they can't qualify for any assistance. There is mass settling of debt going on everywhere, which inevitably will also bring very negative results down the road.

There is a lack of communication in corporate world, and the consumers are falling victim to all of the visible chaos. Once you settle a debt over $600.00 (six hundred dollars) you will be hearing from the IRS shortly thereafter. Steps, and measures taken:

Decision not to pay a debt: 1st stage.

Creation of the invitation to the collection/legal step into your life; 2nd stage.

Negotiation of settlements for less. 3rd stage.

IRS is notified. You are now taxed for Self Employment income. 4th stage.

The larger the amount...the larger the problem with the IRS...potential/possibility of jail time, if not paid. This will probably happen to more people who least expected it, because nobody communicated the ramifications of these types of transactions to them. I'm seeing it every day.

The IRS has the most power of all, and people really do not realize that by settling debts for less, personally invites the IRS into your life, in several ways. It will definitely yield a 1099. It will also cause an amendment of your taxes for the year, and if not paid they could potentially put you in jail. They've done it before. They have a larger percentage allowed in a garnishment on wages, and they have much more power to take your tangibles than a regular collection type situation.

The point to this is to educate people on what the actual right moves are in this economic situation. It is certainly not the right  choice to settle if you're going to end up owing the IRS major money. That would be like setting yourself up for failure.

It's wise to sign a stipulation, for a reasonable payment each month. For all debts. Once you have secured arrangements on all debt, (must be within your income structure). It's best to avoid all judgments being entered against you. If you have no assets, like a home, job, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, investments, then you have nothing they can get. In that situation, you would then qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Which you "should" take advantage of.

I've gotten the IRS to lift Tax Liens for me to put a mortgage in place for a borrower. They will allow people to secure assets during a lien situation, because it will insure, and enhance the debtors ability to pay them back. It's actually smart to do it that way. Verses jail time, and stripping them of everything they own. Which they are also known to do.

I'm certain if people were educated on what will happen if they settle all their debts for less, they would not do it. It's safer, and better to make the arrangement with the collection agency/law firm than to bring the IRS into your life, who has the ultimate power to destroy you.

I've literally seen it all, and continuing to see much worse on a daily basis. It is alarming to witness what is happening to people right before my eyes. It is not being handled properly, and it is only going to get worse. We're only in the second phase of economic global failure.

The mass level of dysfunction, and depression is monumental in our history of humankind on this planet. It's historic value, and example of what not to do, (ever again), demonstrates the entire methodology has completely failed all people. This is a huge case of mis-management.

It's sad to think, (looking back on so many wrong moves made) that the right choices, and moves were an option at the time of many critical decisions along the way. Life for our people did not matter, nor was it part of anyone's concern in making critical decisions. We are now living the consequences of poor choices, and acceptance of empty promises.

Feel free to post comments or questions, this blog is for the purpose of education, and information for the people. For the Love of the Many...

May the strength and guidance of our Mother Goddess Earth empower you...Ama'

Profit By Death...Big Business

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If you don't mind...


Please take this, and don't mind the side affects. Should it bother you...I'll call in a different drug, to combat it. I'll see you in 2 weeks. Sound familiar? Of course it does, everyone's heard this, from their doctor. Let's not mention pollution, diseases, flu, contaminated grounds, and waters, air, and plants...should I go on? That's just a brief list of what people deal with. All compliments of big business.


It's steady, it's never ending, it' always happening, it's never not happening....It's the business of Death. Death indirectly, or directly connected to your life. Death paths through Life are the trails one can take by choice. Driven to consume product, already known to be harmful. Across the board, in general, over all, we are all involved in this as a whole.

Our planet repels us, our lives are in involuntary mode, and our childrens lives are completely uncertain. Our future food source is unstable, and our local US farmers are being run out of town. Countless cases are popping up everywhere. It's sad to see what is happening all over the planet. A trickle down factor from Rampant fraud. The collateral damage.

Our people who are strong will survive this. Many will succumb to the end results of what is happening, but many will survive, and be that much stronger. A battle of smarts, and logic. What actually works, has a good chance of being implemented, should the people make this choice.

It is inevitably up to the people, and what "they" want. Not what one person in a government office wants. Should the people decide this is not the way things should go, they themselves can make the change. Nobody else.


The general public, typically does not know how to speak up, or speak out for themselves,and have it count. Therefore it's easier for a political figure to get a group to agree with a singular person, than to individually target one on one. People in general do not "know" how to take action on their behalf. This is a known fact. Hence we have attorneys.


Proper representation for the people, by the people. This is the concept at hand. It's simple, basic, caring, and people oriented. Based on priorities of actual need. That is if you want to live a fruitful, vegetarian, healthful, nature based life. Life of mankind... in harmony with Mother Goddess Earth.


Walking towards Love is a pretty easy thing to do. It's more monumental than any negative event ever encountered. It is what one will remember. It is what one will create themselves revolving around. A permanent mark in history. Either for it, or against it, it's permanent. Historically moving us to the next moment in time... to evaluate, and act upon. Each moment, only to be reflected upon, teaching us right from wrong. Educating as we go...if we're paying attention.


Right now our world revolves around taking drugs, and rendering ourselves useless. Toxic substances are not what our human bodies need. They need what is natural. Our bodies, have become experimental containers, housing toxic substances, generating statistical reports, right down to the amount of deaths. It's not my imagination that every TV commercial says: "If you have these side affects, call your doctor".

Monitoring the Death Index, (which doesn't account for every person, but close) you can see how many people are leaving us. It's about profit... in the life of death.


Grasp life like never before, and never let go...May all the forces of our Mother Goddess find you...Ama'

Global Re-Creation Plan... Matriarch Style

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A People Friendly, Earth Loving Society

(K.I.S.S.) Keep It Simple Stupid...

From A Matriarch Point Of View:

Our Country (US), along with our Ally Countries, a worthy body of people, who deserve every chance to have a happy life, being prosperous, productive, and lending support to the community they live within. Unfortunately terms are dictated to the people, which are unfavorable no matter how you sugar coat it.

Being Pro-Active in small groups, which are part of larger groups, is a good way to begin getting connected into the right circuit. That is if you're about doing something about it. If not, carry on, we'll get back to you at a later date.

The Changes needing to take place on this planet, at this time of our lives is critical for our children to survive successfully. Meaning, if we don't get this right, now (being it could take approximately the same time for the planet to heal her wounds, from the monumental damage we've caused for so long now)...we may not survive another 100 years.

At times I feel like not enough people are paying attention, and the damages are mounting by the moment. The people of this country, and our Ally Countries could definitely form a Co-operative, with a Minimum Rate Of Standard all would have to follow. In an effort to combat the transfer, and migration of various diseases, Bacteria, and Viral New comers which are inevitably spreading far, and wide. All Countries would be set up to be Self Sustaining.

The Co-op: Method Of Operation

Each Country/Region/City/County would be assessed on a Population level, production level, with all factors being included. Average Age, household size, Health issues, and more. To reach a conclusion of what can/could be produced from this area, to serve the planets people.Taking the worst extreme of desert, or baron land into consideration, Hydroponic Food Stations could be set up. Creating thousands of secure jobs for many.

Taking it to another Level, Hydroponic Food Stations could be set up every 5 Miles from each other, in any location. Creating a local, safe Food Source, and creating Jobs for many people. In turn creating a Self Sustaining environment for people to live in.

All owned land would be protected by the Peoples Land Act, which allows you do anything you like on the property You own. Of course there wouldn't be any toxic waste dumping wanted, or harmful chemicals spread into the air, and the like. As long as it is confirmed Nobody is getting hurt by your action, then it's OK.

It would be encouraged to go back to basics of life. The Black Smith, the Shoe Maker, the small Merchant type shops. That's who you want to patronize, to gain some control back for retail, and small shops, which help a community thrive. Going out of your way to support your local people, is how you prosper as a community, anywhere.

Working together, telling everyone you know to go there to the little merchant, instead of the big retailer. People patronage supports the people, as opposed to the big monopolies who eventually gain too much control, and manipulation power, by having too much money. All Small Business would have incentives, because there would be no income tax! Earn it, you keep it.

The only cost is a Donation to the Society, of 10%of whatever is earned. The Minimum Wage would be: $20 per hour, with unlimited Over Time available. Health Care would be Free for everyone.

Jobs would be created like: The Rain Forest Restoration Project, Food Stations, Environmental Solutions, Solar Energy, 100% Safe Waste Disposal, Purified Water Systems, and more environmentally friendly planet Promoting items.

These would be the main industries that would create larger groups, for very important Engineering, and Construction type jobs. Focus would be on restoring the planet to where we were over 100 years ago. The Goal.

All Doctors, Scientists, and like professionals would be paid by the Society for their services to the people. Nutrition would be the rule of thumb, not drugs.

The Lawyers...well we have a special place in our Society for the Lawyers...They get to assess the Damages of the Local areas, and all the Municipal Waste produced by the people, and report the figures to the Society. See even I have found a good use for Lawyers, can you imagine?lol

In a Prioritizing manner, all (similar to Triage at a Hospital) in order of importance: areas of sustaining life would be first, and foremost. Food, Shelter, Health, Growth, Adapting, Expanding, and prospering.

All Destruction, or extracting elements from the Earth would stop. Efforts would have to go into reverse action, to do an about face, and go back the other way. Bring it back to it's natural state. Then walk away, and leave it be.

All areas of planetary destruction of any kind would be forbidden. Trees, shrubs, and plants would be required to be planted on a daily basis, for an indefinite period of time. Or until everything already ripped out, torn down, or chopped into pieces is put back. The 2nd Goal.

All pending waste currently sitting on this planet, would be assessed by, the Lawyers of course. For establishing, and implementing new safe ways to process it. Land Fills would be eliminated, Purified Water, and other products will come from this new process.

OK so we've solved the Food issue, The famine is eliminated. The working for nothing scam is eliminated, as minimum wage is $20 per hour, and you actually get...$20 per hour! You no longer have to pay for Health Care, and your home is your own to do with as you wish.

There are no Taxes, and Nobody will come along to take anything from you. Credit Cards are completely eliminated, along with all Mortgage debt. Poof...gone.

A Bonus Point structure would be implemented in all the Countries in the Co-op. Each merchant would be able to accept your Prosperity Bonus Points, as payment. They will receive a check from that Society for the amount accrued, and spent. The Bonus points would be earned each time anything is purchased from any one merchant, large or small, anywhere within the Co-op.

The more purchases, the more Bonus Points. Working Over Time at the food Stations would earn Bonus Points as well. It's called, how to make money flow. The more money flowing, the more people thrive.

Whether it be Shiny Sea Shells, or Shiny Coins, it will allow you to thrive, and prosper without restraints, or limitations. Opening your own Merchant type Shop would have incentives, and would entitle you to assistance from the Society. All efforts would be to assist in your success, in many ways.

Our plan would be to go back to utilizing Natural Substances, as opposed to producing Man Made substances. Polluting the Air is forbidden. Shooting holes in the ionosphere is forbidden.

All areas of severe destruction would be dealt with first, in a triage manner. Incentives would be given to all people who pitch in to help re-plant in particular public areas, and in the food stations. Pay, and Additional Bonus Points would be given for incentive help.

All vehicles would be Solar Powered, eliminating the need for Gasoline. New methods for building them would be implemented. The rule is to go back to basics...Keep it simple, stupid. The elements to work with, are what is already in existence, and Wood, Water, Dirt, and Air.

Last but not least, all killing of Animals in the Countries in the Co-op will cease immediately. All environments will be assessed, and restored, and assistance will be given to all animals in danger of extinction.

Disturbing environments such as this, would be forbidden. We would sway away from eating Animals as well. It truly was not meant to be this way. Anyone can research this, and confirm it for themselves. They are the Eco-System, and will be afforded the opportunity to have protection, and representation as well.

This would be part of the adapting to eating Fruits, and Vegetables grown at the Food Stations. Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, Oats, Rice, Soups, Beans, Roots, mushrooms, and more, would be the staple for our healthy functioning Society of humans.

Children would attend School at the Food Stations. The stations would be part School, Part Society Head Quarters, and the Fresh Food Grow House. All Children get to go to School until they are 18. Continued Education will also be available following completion up to 18 years. School is Free, and Paid for by the Society.

Ok so we've addressed the main survival issues for the people, as a whole. Now we have the mass clean up to attend to. Cleaning up the planet, and eliminating toxic waste, corrosive materials, contaminants, and the like. All deadly chemicals would be forbidden. Natural components, with natural processes would have to replace them.

Few Laws would have to be implemented to protect the planet, and it's people. Although hostile, or violent behavior would not be tolerated, and dealt with swiftly, and constructively. Any Harm done to the Planet, or it's people would be forbidden.

This Society would Motivate People, Not to commit crimes against another, or against the planet.

Finally, An Eye For An Eye, would apply to a Crime that is actually carried out. Solitary Rehabilitation would be applied. Certain Health indicators would be assessed, and action would be taken to correct the situation.

Of course in the beginning during the adaptation period, people will find it slightly difficult, but inevitably fall into a very comfortable, secure, productive, prosperous routine of Living Life. The 3rd Goal.

So we've eliminated most of what people complain about, or dislike in traditional Society. We've completely shifted focus, onto what really matters, and are proceeding to take corrective action to halt any further damage. Putting back what we've destroyed...and be paid well to do it.

With no usual worries looming in the back ground. Life would be in a status of: Living. People would be able to socialize, bond, grow, and work on ideas together, for the good of the many. That's really what this is all about.

People in the current traditional Society are not flourishing, they don't have the time to socialize, and they're too tired to boot. Completely over worked, stressed out, overwhelmed, depressed, worried, and in a negative, unpleasant state of mind. I could definitely go on...but I won't.

The point to this is that if people really want something...they can get it. If they're determined enough, and fed up enough, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The power of the People is still there, it's just laying Dormant...ready to be awakened from a long slumber.

This is what I believe will work for the people, I'm sure with some degree of variation. Over all in general, it is the nucleus of what will afford people the opportunity to explore a life that is true to the definition.

Working with of course the massive damages, everywhere, before us. Unfortunately we are not starting with a clean slate, and there is much to attend to.

Our people being one large team, will enjoy working together to make it right. As would the people of the Society who have learned a better way of life. Who better to guide you, than a Matriarch, with appropriate priorities.

I'm not saying it would be easy, or with the wave of a magic wand it's all have to start somewhere. It would be prosperous, and Motivating to create incentive to carry out the task of adapting, and cleaning up the planet.

Discipline, and endurance would be a helpful necessary trait.

Humans have unbelievable strength, and ability. We've only tapped into about 30%. I believe if our people were directed, and taught to live this way, our potential for increased capacity would go up...beyond 30%. I would love to see it happen on a mass scale. It is one of my goals in life.

May all the powers of our universe become part of your realm of existence...Blessings from our Mother Goddess..Ama'


It's All About Debt...Actually Love...

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From an inside perspective, I've thought of the Collection Business as very prestigious actually. I'm not embarrassed to tell someone I do Debt Collection, as a matter of fact I'm proud. It happens to be a necessary component of business in general. Debt Collection is the end result of write off. How much a company pays in taxes. Should they de-age the account to prevent write off, they will pay taxes on this earned income.

I have always remained a professional in this business, no matter what. It is a position of power, and control that affects many individuals in the pipe line of communication. It's a very long pipe line, and many people on both sides are involved right to the end. Which is where I come in. I am the end legal process, after all the bill collectors call, and attempt to collect. By this point the debt has been charged off, and placed or sold several times over.

Typically by the point of litigation, people are so numb to the empty threats of collection agencies, they pay no attention to the actual law suit that is commencing. This time it's for real. It causes many people to end up with judgments, that really don't have to. It's not difficult to file an Order To Show Cause to get a judgment vacated, and have a new hearing set. It's usually free.

Most people do not know the inter workings of how the collection business works. In turn causing a wave a victims for some time now. It will continue, until the debt is eventually wiped out. Every dollar in America has to be accounted for.

When you "Settle For Less Than Full Balance", you still sustain damages to your over all credit report. Plus any debt over $600 that you don't pay in full...the amount you "don't" pay will be counted as "additional income" for the year, by the IRS. You will be taxed on it as a 1099, a self employed person. Especially judgments, which get picked up by the credit bureaus fairly quick.

International money plays a part too. It has an indirect strangle hold on the economy. I am in direct contact in several capacities, with collapsing business everywhere. It is disturbing, and in many situations there is nothing anyone can do. It is so out of control, it is beyond the average persons comprehension.

We are at a  turning point in human history. It is before us now. The collapse of a failed financial structure that was doomed from the start. Unfortunately at the peoples expense. Today will mark in history that a change is upon us.

People will drive the next society, with power from within. Growing numbers mean, growing power. Desire to live a life that is, "not" dictated by tyrants. This is not true life. It's a puppet show. Our people hang dangling by a string of forced movements. The puppeteers are pocketing the money taken from the puppets.

It's imperative people take back their control, and become more self efficient. If you have debt, call them up and say, "Listen, I want to settle this debt for 20% of what I owe, or I have to file bankruptcy". Or, "I want to pay my account in full, on the condition my credit report indicates it's paid in full immediately/ or was never delinquent". It's about simple negotiation, with an individual just like you. You do not need to hire any type of debt service to handle your debts. They skim their fee's off the top, and proceed to not pay your bills in a timely manner. Typically this is what I've witnessed over many years in this business.

I mention this as a blog subject, because it seems to be a profound situation right now, and needs to be addressed. People are suffering from depression, and despair over "debt". I'm telling you it's not necessary to handle it that way. It has to be dealt with as a business transaction with no emotion. If you're pushed into a corner, you file bankruptcy, if qualified. There's usually a solution, no matter what the situation may be.

Love, Faith, and Hope are what motivates me today...May those powers reach the deepest depths of your soul..Blessings from our Mother Goddess...Ama'

Bearing Witness...Impacting...Memorable

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To bear witness to what is going on in our world is very disturbing. I live with the knowledge of inside information of our people who are struggling. It's takes a certain kind of person to carry this load, and be able to function beside it. It's unforgetable, and mentally moving. It is the Collection business. It is a very important part of everyone's life, whether you have debt or not.

The rates you pay, the increases in cost over time, is all a result of how much write off there is. The more write off across the board, the higher the cost to consumers.

In the late 90's there was $115 billion dollars outstanding in credit card debt. $96 billion was delinquent. From then to now, it has only gotten worse. American people are literally buried in debt. They do not know where to turn, and there is little help available anyway. This is the wake of destruction we will carry ourselves, for a very long time. To recover from such a disaster, mountains must be moved.

I am personally seeing the fall of very powerful Attorneys, large retailers, and a variety of different types of large, and small business, especially the self employed...being wiped out, in the blink of an eye.

I spoke to an individual who owes me a huge amount of money this week. He was preparing to pay me xamt of money to confirm an arrangement. The client (who was a large company) who owed him a large amount of money...killed himself over the weekend. In a matter of a few days of negotiation to resolve things, and this is the result.

Obviously my week is not going well, and once again I am witness to horrendous things that are happening all over the world. Which adds strength to what we're doing here. This is not how it's supposed to go.

Our current existence has been altered drastically, and we need to arm ourselves with the knowledge to understand, the faith to carry on, and the love to see it through. As a whole, as one. Our strength is already installed, and ready for download, (figuratively speaking).

Applying current knowledge, and adapting is key to our growth. Joining together as one unit, with the strength of a solid plan, is our foundation. You have to start somewhere, and you must walk before you run. Patience, and persitence, driven by love is the answer waiting for everyone. Receiveing it is a mere decision.

People who had no problems...have problems now. They are experiencing things now, that are unfamiliar to them. A completely segregated element of people are now added to the mix of turmoil going on around the world. It is monumental in our history, and needs to be corrected immediately.

Many, many hours of time goes into this entire global project. Our group is growing, and people are receptive to having a productive life. Our governments are receptive to our people having productive lives. Behind the scenes, behind this website people are working hard to establish a solid presence of our methodology, and way of life.

Everyone needs to be a little more supportive of their family, their circle of friends, their coworkers, strangers, etc....we need to stick together to help each other. It was meant to be this way. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look matters who you become.

Great care is needed for the people of our planet...May that Love grab your heart, and never let go.

Blessings from our Mother Goddess...May you realize the love within you...Ama'

News and Updates!

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Here's an email I sent to one of our members. All members can share in it.

Joining this Congregation is an easy choice for many people. Farms in particular, combined with this concept, is a win win for them, us, and the government(s). First we eliminate the burden certain elements of people place on states, and local governments.

We cause economic cash flow wider, and with stability, through grants,production, building, expanding, jobs, and more. We house many on each farm, and the entire congregation supports all the communities surrounding the farms, plus we plan to export to other areas.

The production on the farms, the building of housing, the grow houses that will be built...will all be done by us internally, all the entities needed are already in place. I have every aspect covered,  and authorities, governments, dept of agriculture all love our plan, and concept. They are anxious to see us successful, and we've already pre-qualified for a host of very large grants. The more farms...the more grants, as well as special loans.

There is so much going on right now, it's mind boggling. Very exciting, in spite of what's looming on the horizon for America...the traditional. This entire situation going on, actually supports us in a positive way, believe it or not. The patriarchs have done soooooo much damage that when people hear of another option...they seem to be running towards it! Why wouldn't they...they sure "know" what they're running from.

Donations are definitely needed for the congregation to be able to apply for these grants. A lot of hours, time, and typing are required,as well as research to prove  our success. We need to share this information with as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

We can also help people earn money! We have 3 Work At Home programs that are incredible. Real companies, who pay daily. No nonsense.

All associates who join, do have to pass a back ground check. One of the ladies down in Florida who does the work at home job makes $2300 in residuals per week, from her other associates. She does nothing for that money now. She is not a member of the religious group, only the work at home programs. She doesn't even know about our congregation yet.

Waste Processing: Natural process

The Eggs will be included in the plan on each 50+ acre farm, globally. (See Home page; BrainFire Widget: Alternative Energy Hub) They require 10 acres per egg. I personally know the inventors/creators, "Water Authority": Dr. Riley Kinman, who own the patents on this process.

The biggest thing we need is exposure, and donations. That will help speed up the process of being able to secure the grant funding, and physically visit every farm in the nation. To prepare a major campaign on tv, radio, ustream, youtube, etc., etc.,etc. We qualify for millions in grant funds, and various loans too.Timing is everything.

The reason I'm telling you this is because this is how we grow. We work together for the same cause, and objective. Reaping the benefits together. The website will be updated with new content added weekly. Join in the forums, and add some comments of your own, add some videos,and pics. 

Every bit of help is appreciated. Thank you all for your support!

Blessings from our Mother Goddess...may your mind expand with ideas through love...Ama'

See you there. Take care,

Rev HP: D

How To Modify A Mortgage...Matriarch Style

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Welcome to Life is but a dream...Is it?

The tours of fact finding, and discovery which leads to secret answers within the circuit...The Economic Circuit that is. I assure you there are ways to deal with everything. Where there is a problem...There is a solution.


Find many solutions on this site. Chat, post, comment, add videos, etc. Growth is inevitable, it's happening now, and it's here for the taking. Oh...and...We're definitely Not Leaving, either. We're here to stay. The challenge is very rewarding.


I'm releasing this information because it's necessary to educate the public immediately, in order to cause a mass reversal to a positive. All people need to do is connect with us. Once positive factual information is released to the public, (basically what has been hidden for so long), as opposed to what is fed publically by media, will cause a viral spread of what actually works.


My anger grows for what they've (Banks, etc.) done to the people. It's criminal, and devastating.


My personal quest for what is "Right" starts here: Project Educate and Modify.


I am flipping mad that the banks are not being more aggressive in reaching people to afford this opportunity to right many wrongs. These are mass fraudulent crimes against our people, and so far many are being left to hold the bag...alone.


I am privy and subject to the mass monumental damage our people have suffered with mortgages, all banking needs, and their business failing everywhere. I am seeing first hand that there really is a total lack of communication in any direction you turn for help. Especially with the banks.


One of their problems is that they have hired new people, who do not know what they're doing. Many of the people within the banks have absolutely no motivation or incentive to help a consumer who calls in to modify their mortgage. They're more worried about getting to keep their job, more than anything else.


There is a mass hysteria, panic, depression, and chronic worry amongst our people. Everywhere, not limited to any one group, culture, nation, etc. All people are affected by what is currently takng place in the main stream of economics right now. In the wake of the mass spectrum of victims, it has been determined that people who are educated in this arena need to step up to the plate, and help people...for Free.


The fact is it's very simple to Modify a Mortgage. I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it. For Free.


I will also include how to go after the culprits who took your money to modify your mortgage, and didn't. We the people control this outcome, and everyone needs to wake up...smell the coffee, and get with our program. Our strength in numbers is what will accomplish the task, and bring positive results to all of us...together as one power.


I do not take kindly to our people being duped, bilked, fooled, and deceived all in lieu of some tyrants profit. One of our main goals in our religion, and society structure, is to educate people on how to be self sufficient, stick togehter, and empower themselves to be able to command, and demand improvement, and progress. Our people hold that power right now.


My passion grows deeper, due to the overwhelming negative things going on publicly. The upper middle class has now stepped into the land of collections of bad debt. New to the arena, and negativity they are in store for. It's like playing baseball for the first time, and getting slammed in the head by the ball. Quite the wake up call, to put it mildly.


The main reason I'm writing about this particular blog topic, is because I am 100% furious with the whole situation. The entire pipeline of so called professionals shows they are merely preying on consumers to cash in on their plight! It's easier to become a vulture, and join the ranks of the criminally offensive, than to do what's actually right? How dare they...How dare they even think that everyone would go alone with these horrific patterns of destruction. Time stops for nobody.


It's time...wouldn't you say? It's time to wake up, stand up, and march forward. I'm mad as hell...and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Remember "Network"? A movie that sticks out in my mind. It really is time to put a stop to this horrendous modus-operandi. It has shortened our lives, damaged our children, prevented most people from even having a life, and caused nothing but intensely negative results, growing worse by the hour.


"Three Paragraphs" To Modify Your Mortgage...That's what it takes!

Include Printed Comparables, with your (3) Paragraphs, and you're on your way.


Keep It Strictly Business! No emotion required!


Your first paragraph explains what happened. No emotion, no stress, and keep it simple to the facts. If you were forced to take a loan at a high rate in 05-07 include that as one of the reasons you went into default. If your home is really valued at less than the financed amount owed, you request the Principle be reduced to $10,000 below the real/today value. A Realtor can help with that too. You can check on zillow .com also. (they are slightly higher than true value from what I've found) But it works in spite of that.


Your second paragraph is to make your demands. You want the principle reduced to $10k less than the actual value according to comps. You want a 3% Rate, "or less". You want the Payment of your Mortgage Reduced to fit your income. Which will enable you to survive.


Your third paragraph explains how all of this will fix the situation, and afford you the opportunity to survive, make the payments, and resume a more positive abilty to advance in life productively. That's it...that's all you need to do to affect positive results for the consequences you wish to have. You are providing them with what they need to make a quick decision, and close that file, to move onto the next one.


You're actually doing the banks job, by doing this. They themselves will have to pull comps on the property. Establish how much it's really worth, pay for a foreclosure process, put it on the market/Auction block, and the bottom line is...They will get Fire Sale Value. Usually a quarter of the true value. So ineveitably you have shown them how to get more for their money, time and efforts by modifying it, allowing you to keep it, because there's a very good chance you "will" pay it on time because of this effort you've made.


It works, I've done it successfully, and it took me (2) two days to complete, and ground it in stone.


You send it out to them by Over Night Mail, as well as Certified Return Receipt (2 copies to the Bank), and you copy: the Banking commission, The FTC, The State Attorney General, Your Attorney, Consumers Affairs, all just for good measure. All by Certified Return Receipt Mail. Which falls under the Commercial Code as well. In case they do not respond, that initself will also be a violation.


The reason you do this is to add the element of extra, (just to be sure) protection from some of the authorities who may possibly do their job in protecting consumers. I do say may. Unfortunately Our governing bodies are quite lacking in their duties for a very long time now.


One important thing to remember is that you must approach a Modification from a business stand point, in order to logically make your requests. Put yourself in the banks shoes for a the investor. Look at the comps, talk to a Realtor, see what sales have happened on your block, or around your block. You want yours to match with the other sales in the area.


This is what they will go by regardless of the type of transaction they would be doing. Once they have the knowledge of the actual comps, they can proceed to liquidate the property accordingly. Whether it be to you, or whoever. They don't really look at it like a person, they look at the numbers of what it will bring monetarily. It's the only consideration it will have. You as a person are irrelevant. Another can always step in. Hence losing to foreclosure.


By following the simple steps of communication in writing, the results will follow. Of course you'll always have the example of complete dysfunction of a few banks, over all in general I'm telling you how it works from the inside. For the reasons of pure education, and fact finding tours in the world of banking, real estate, and finance.


Our people, and their homes are definitely worth fighting for. I'm going to be doing a live broadcast/recorded on this subject, to enlighten the public, (including those who may not be able to read) that Modifying a Mortgage is not difficult.This is a pressing subject, heavy on my mind. It's important to get the facts out quickly to all people who own homes.


The industry has cast a complex veil over everything, making it seem like it's so incredibly complicated. I promise it's not, it's a matter of putting the facts in writing, and causing the bank to move on those facts. They will waste no time in closing chapters of bad loans, and it will help cover them in the future as well as cover you.


Never give up a fight, when something is being wrongfully taken from you. There is a mass destruction of lives happening right now. It is not being handled properly, and most people do not know where to turn. Hence the vulture attack commencing upon them.


Sharing power and strength is what "This" is all about. Our Structure, Belief, System, Methodology, and logical approach is what you gain by joining in, in any capacity. Whether you're a Farm, single person, group, company, etc., you're increasing the power by joining, and you're enhancing it even more by becoming a member, and spreading the word far and wide.


Save the Planet...Save The People. Save The People...Save The Planet...It goes both ways as you can see. Which "is" the "point". Our survival depends on it.


May our strength empower you...Our Love capture you...and our souls bond deeply as one...Blessings from Mother Goddess to all...Ama'


Take Care, and Be Aware!

Rev. HP D.